Jihad on the Tram

A culture-enriching youth from Somalia caused a bit of a ruckus yesterday on a tram in Rome. When the Italian authorities complete their investigation, I’m certain they’ll find the unfortunate incident had nothing to do with Islam or terrorism.

[By the way: this isn’t the first time I’ve reported about a jihad attack on a tram. Compare this one with the one that occurred in Utrecht two years ago, which was far more deadly.]

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Messaggero:

Rome: Threatens passengers on tram with bar. Witnesses: “He was shouting Allahu Akhbar”

February 19, 2021

Shouting “Allahu Akhbar” and threatening passengers on the tram. It happened this morning at Piazza Vittorio, a few steps from the Terminal Station. With his face covered, a 23-year-old of Somali origin terrorized those present with an extinguisher and an iron bar, which he held in his hand.

Stolen documents recovered

The call to 112 [EU emergency number, equivalent of 911] came in the morning. Police from the Esquilino and Viminale police stations intervened immediately. In the tram, they discovered the man and told him to uncover his face. But he refused. When the police managed to block him, they seized everything, the extinguisher, iron bar, and the garment used to cover his face. Then they searched him and found more: stolen documents belonging to other persons.

The Somali was already known to police

It was not the first time that the young man has come into contact with the police, given that he had already been stopped in the past. Now, on the other hand, he will have to answer for various crimes. He has been arrested for aggravated threats, receiving stolen property, interrupting public service and carrying an illegal weapon.

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  1. Can’t do that. Would interfere with his “rights” of one sort or another (he doesn’t have any corresponding *duties*) or place him in danger of “catching Covid” (already stated in a European court as being the reason why someone couldn’t be deported).

  2. Imagine this skinny doing this in a right to carry state in the US? Yeah, no more skinny = no more problem.

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