Slaughter on a Tram in Utrecht

Three people were killed today, and five others wounded, in a terrorist attack on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Most reports give those casualty figures, but some have different numbers.

A gunman shot wildly at passengers on the tram. He was apprehended by the police, and identified as a Turk named Gökmen Tanis. Some media reports say the attacker’s motive is unclear, and that it may have been a family dispute. Others identify the shooting as “terror”.

In the street interview below from 2011, Gökmen Tanis happens to make a cameo appearance. Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The translator includes these contextual notes:

The Turkish gunman is the guy in the white shirt. His identity was confirmed on Nieuwsuur (state TV) and the talkshow Pauw & Jinek this evening — both have left-wing bias.

He looks and sounds off in this video. He doesn’t blink, and he slurs. I’m pretty sure he was drunk and/or smacked out.

The interviewer is Chantal Hanse, Playmate of the Year 2009.

Fousesquawk has some additional material on the attack:

Latest reports from Utrecht are that police have arrested 37-year-old Turkish national Gökmen Tanis. He has a previous arrest record and was known to Dutch police. There are unconfirmed reports that he had fought in Chechnya. It appears that Tanis hijacked a red Renault, which was later found and reported to the police. Reportedly, the witness saw a note in the car with the word “Allah” on the bottom.

At this time, three people are in custody including Tanis’ brother, but it is not clear if charges will be filed on the other two. There are also reports that shootings occurred at other locations, but I have seen no details on that.

In the below-linked article from De Telegraaf, we have translated that portion of the article from the Dutch:

In the neighborhood Pilsweerd, a resident sees a red Renault Clio with the motor running in front of the door. It turns out to be the vehicle that T. hijacked to flee October 24th Square. “I found that strange,” says the resident later about the suspect car. “I only heard it running, but nobody was in it. The window was also open” she points with her hands about 30 centimeters from each other. “Such a piece.” Later, when she returns from an errand and finds the car still running, she decides to take a look. “Really weird, there was also a note with the word Allah at the bottom.”

In the below article from Dagelijkse Standaard, they report that ISIS has issued propaganda online that cheers the attack and shows a poster showing a photo of the attack scene with a body lying on the ground covered by a white blanket or sheet. Superimposed is a photo of a masked sharpshooter with a rifle (not Tanis). The poster promises that they will do something worse-if Allah wills it. I have decided to post the image but with the victim blurred out. My reason is that the public must be fully aware of the threats we are facing-in the Netherlands and here as well. Again, translation is by Fousesquawk:

Repugnant: ISIS cheers the Utrecht-killer Gökmen Tanis and supports him with propaganda: “We stand behind you!”

“On the poster is a photograph of today’s attack, on which a body is shown lying next to the Utrecht tram. Over the victim lies a white blanket. Above that is the chilling text: “We will do something worse than this. bi idni Allah“. The latter (part) means: If Allah wills it. There is also a sharpshooter pictured in front of a photo-shopped Utrecht background, but this man is not Gökmen Tanis. Indeed, he did not use any sharpshooter rifle, and was — so far as the security images show — not masked.

Besides, the poster doesn’t appear to be made in the Netherlands, given the grammatically incorrect, “We are behind you”, instead of “We stand behind you”. Nothing further is known about the origin of this sickening…”

Video transcript:

03:03   What network is that, sir!?
03:06   I’m a madam. —I was talking to him. Yes, I can see you’re a madam.
03:11   [slurred speech] Half your a** is open. Everybody looks at you’re a** from behind. —Really?
03:17   Yes, half your a** is open. —Do you always dress like this? —Yes.
03:20   What a slut you are, huh. —Slut? Really?
03:23   Are you from the Pow [PowNews]. —Yes.
03:26   What a s****y network, did you know? —No, please tell me.
03:29   Always these lame remarks about Islam, about Moroccans. —Really?
03:33   …and look how you dress! Like a run-off-the-mill retired whore!
03:38   Those are democrats. you’re democrats, huh?
03:41   A** in the air, this open. —Is that right?
03:44   ”Is that right?”, don’t you know I’m right? —You don’t ask what I am, you say I’m a democrat,
03:48   but you don’t know that. —Of course you are a democrat, hey,
03:51   look how you dress. What are you then, sharia?
03:54   I am what? —What a retard she is. You’re a real retard. You have to broadcast this, yeah.
04:01   This is really a f***ing retard, this.
04:05   You can put this on [broadcast?], yeah? —Yes, I will. Thanks. Bye!
04:09   Close you’re a**. —Bye little slut! Bye, skank!
04:13   See you later!
04:16   Motherf***ing whore!

5 thoughts on “Slaughter on a Tram in Utrecht

  1. This is likely the result of the Christchurch shooting or at least Erdogan using it for political gain.

    Erdogan showed clips of the massacre as part of a political rally, New Zealand government ministers are attempting to set up a dialogue to calm things down.

    Maybe they should include some goats in the next consignment of sheep to that part of the world.

  2. Little disappointed in Prime minister Rutte. He should held his speech after this act of “enrichment “ in Islamic garb, since we all know this has nothing to do with Islam, and if it does it’s only because dirty kuffar provoked good Mohammedan through their relentless hatred and islamophobia. How are they standing with trams there? Should they be stopped from making their rounds to prevent future “incidents” like this? Knife attack in Oslo today- same question-how are we standing with knives there?

  3. GellerReport: Netherlands Eyewitnesses: Four men carried out Utrecht jihad massacre, screamed “ALLAHU AKBAR” in MULTIPLE ATTACKS

    THIRD Jihad Arrested in Coordinated Islamic Attack in Netherlands, Terror Note Found, 3 Dead, Several Wounded #war: Dutch Prime Minister: “If it is a terror attack, then we have only one answer: Our nation, democracy, must be stronger than fanaticism…”
    As opposed to early attempts to direct the media narrative: Turkish ‘terror’ suspect ‘shot a relative on Dutch tram “for family reasons” and then fired at anyone who tried to intervene’

    Katie Hopkins: Update on the ground in #Utrecht. Over-representation of Morrocans and Turkey have public response sigh relief that this attack was likely only an honor killing.

    • “As opposed to early attempts to direct the media narrative: Turkish ‘terror’ suspect ‘shot a relative on Dutch tram “for family reasons” and then fired at anyone who tried to intervene’

      Katie Hopkins: Update on the ground in #Utrecht. Over-representation of Morrocans and Turkey have public response sigh relief that this attack was likely only an honor killing.”

      Latest news is there seems to be no relationship whatsoever between shooter and victims. Victims were purely random thus making it a terrorist act.

  4. More trouble in Batavia when a radicalized hookah pipe vendor stabbed his Jewish neighbors in the famed Albert Cuyp outdoor market.

    The suspect had been away for several months, in Syria presumably, and when he returned his behavior had changed. Tarik was “reading the Koran a lot”, and stopped talking to his Jewish vendor neighbors.

    Police are unable to ascribe any motives.

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