Daughter Sacrificed, Prize Won

More than two years ago the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg made headlines for several months. Young Maria was killed by a culture-enricher named Hussein Khavari, who had previously been jailed for attempted murder in Greece, but was released early.

Master Khavari was able to game the system by coming to Europe without papers and claiming to be 17 years old. He remained 17 for at least three years after his arrival, right up to the moment he drowned Maria in the River Dreisam. He’s probably still 17 right now, as he languishes in prison, serving a life sentence. (I don’t know how long it’s likely to be before the German penal system releases him. “Life” in Norway means 21 years — up there in aurora country they have a short lifespan.)

Maria’s parents were (and presumably are) active in the welcome-refugees movement. The following essay discusses the recent awarding of a multicultural appreciation prize to the elder Ladenburgers.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from Young German:

Maria Ladenburger — Glorified as a blood-witness for a movement

Basically I’ve already stated my opinion about the behavior of murdered Maria Ladenburger’s parents. But when a few days ago I saw their grinning mugs, as they buoyantly held up straight into the camera a citizens’ award (Bürgerpreis) that was given to them by supporters of Merkel’s politics, I honestly felt sick to my stomach. It isn’t just the fact that they gained mighty financial capital — hundreds of thousands of euros — last year by naming a foundation after her. Rather, it is their ecstatic (verzückt) smile for the cameras as they were rewarded for their multicultural attitude towards citizenship. Parents of a girl who was suffocated, raped and drowned by an invading Afghan citizen after he already committed a similar offense against a young woman in Greece who survived the ordeal.

And for the fact that they so virtuously took the death of their daughter instead of even just once uttering words of discontent that certain circumstances were not what God meant them to be, but were manmade and could have been prevented, which lead to Maria’s death, they were honored by the prominent leaders in the land. They received a prize for having faithfully toed the state’s political line, for not complaining, even though they had lost their daughter as a direct consequence of Merkel’s migration politics. Either they are dumb, or evil. If they cannot understand that there is a direct connection between Maria’s death in the riverbed, the Afghani, their civil reward, the chancellor’s office and those fateful hours of 2015, then they are probably just not very intelligent, yet I doubt that. But on the other hand, if they should understand all this and are still willing to swallow it all whole, to accept it, and to be rewarded in return with prizes and metaphorical medals, because they had so willingly given up their child, then one might rapidly come up with the observation that their behavior simply is schäbig (shabby, tacky, tawdry, sordid, sleazy).

Federike Ladenburger reminds me of Mariam Farahat, the woman who was voted into the Palestinian parliament in 2006. Umm Nidal, the “mother of martyrs” as she was called, sacrificed three of her sons for jihad. Three sons whom she willingly gave away to become suicide assassins are dead. And for that she let the people celebrate her. And Clemens Ladenburger? His child is dead and he tours the Republic with a metaphorical medal on his chest that is supposed to attest to his politically correct attitude. Long ago, in darker times, the parents of so-called “blood-witnesses” received tributes and honor, prizes and flags for their slaughtered children who sacrificed themselves, or who were sacrificed, in the name of National Socialism. For their political conduct about their deceased daughter they were honored by the NS-movement. It appears to me that here and today, there are clear parallels which if you think about it more carefully, give you a stomach-ache.

Honestly, I find it hard to comprehend what is really going on in the Ladenburger’s heads, these plain middle-class (gutbürgerlich) parents. They don’t seem to suffer from any financial troubles. It is foreign to me and incomprehensible how they could react this way about the brutal death of their own daughter. Even if one doesn’t nurture a desire for revenge, this sort of victim cult is perverse to me. It seems to me that Maria Ladenburger has been glorified as some sort of blood-witness for an ideological movement. In other times and in other systems of government, she probably would’ve been wrapped into a giant swastika flag. Due to the lack of swastika flags, however, today there are foundations and prizes galore for those left behind, because they haven’t mentioned a single “bad” word or uttered “right-wing” thoughts.

The craziest thing about it all is that whenever I think of Maria Ladenburger I get very sad, because her death could have been prevented. To smile while pondering her, that is something that I would find rather hard to do. And I didn’t even personally know her. Also crazy is the fact that Susanna’s mother from Wiesbaden is acting very differently. She just wants her child back, and she wants to know how this could have happened.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking how the parents can just let go own daughter, I don’t understand what is going to thier minds , chilling, and this savage look like homosexual, …

    • Another raped and murdered 14-year girl by asylum-rejected Iraqi savage (One of Merkel’s favourite pets) who fled after the murder with the whole family back to Iraq. They bring this sick individual back to Germany; that’s Susanna, another Merkel victim.

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Such a terrible thing to say of me…, I know.

    Yet this article expresses exactly how I feel as well. The only difference is, if I’d written it there’d be a few more choice words.

    I know I know… people deal all different with their grief and the loss of a child.

    Over the years I’ve seen a handful of parents of victims acting in similar fashion in the USA throughout my studying years and later on through real life crime dramas.

    But every time I remember seeing parents not being angry and openly upset about the loss of their child, I got the sense that they just dealt with it through the strength they received from God…, or by doing good things for the prevention of possible future victims… by speaking out, by exposing evil… by actively working through their grief

    We don’t know what’s in someone’s heart. But I think when you watch people’s actions closely you can quickly gain a sense of where they’re coming from.

    Never in my life have I seen parents just “take” it. Almost giving the impression of profiteering off the body of their dead daughter, by and for the state, and Mutti.

    It’s sickening to see them smile so freely into the camera. I just do not comprehend it. Even while I totally “get” it.

    • I’ve written here before: Liberalism with its self-abnegation is a mental disease whc is destroying western civilization,

  3. I know that people are often in shock after any loss of family member or friend, but this seems so mercenary, as well as a case of deep denial in which the family is trying to believe the national narrative because otherwise there is unimaginable grief, outrage, and the dreaded realization that the government, which supposedly serves the people, instead endangers them and puts everything at risk.

    I believe that most Europeans, unfortunately, feel this way. God help them when the blinders are torn off, and they will be.

  4. The terrifying thing about this isn’t as much as these people selling the death of their child out, it’s the precedent for other parents: “celebrate the death of your child and you will be taken good care of by the state!” Now, I’m sure most parents aren’t going to buy into this. But what about the youngsters who see this?

    Imagine teenagers see cases like this and possibly prosecution of those parents who stand up against the state, what will happen in 10-15 years when they have their own children? Or maybe they are going to choose to not have children in the first place?

    Even if the tide turns rapidly, chances are one generation (or at least a part of it) is going to be suffering from this. I don’t like making such grim comments, but it is important to point the nasty stuff out too.

  5. People may be interested to consider this as a case of dealing with cognitive dissonance as described by the psychologist Leon Festinger as long ago as 1957 in this book A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Prior to the loss of their daughter, the entire family, including the daughter, considered it a “good thing” to be welcoming the refugees into Germany. Then the daughter was raped and murdered. The parents would not have been able not to think that if they as a family had not been so welcoming, their daughter might still be alive. They would feel terrible about that aspect quite independently of the grief of their loss. In their minds, there would be two contradictory thoughts: they should not have been so welcoming (their daughter might not have been killed if they had not been so welcoming) and they were welcoming. This gives rise to a terrible sense of internal conflict which can be alleviated by generating and dwelling upon those arguments and activities which support the welcoming side of the contradiction. The first would be dwelling on the “good” they had all been doing in being so welcoming in the first place, and the second, (further thoughts and activities) would be doing more of it and receiving accolades and praise from their fellow welcomers for doing so. By this means, in their own minds, one side of the contradiction (they should not have been welcoming) is overwhelmed by the other (they were right to be welcoming) and the internal conflict and, probably self blame, is much diminished. By these means, some of their suffering at least, would be alleviated.
    The type of measures that people take when presented with intense internal conflict has been well researched and acting in the manner described in this article is entirely consistent with what people typically do.

    • Thank you. That’s a logical explanation for their behavior, although the result (a cavalier attitude about the death of their daughter) seems evolutionarily illogical if large numbers of parents were to experience this particular solution to cognitive dissonance. What species could survive with this as a parental norm?

      I suppose we’ll find out.

      • To Plum,
        “the result seems evolutionarily illogical if large numbers of parents were to experience this particular solution to cognitive dissonance” would seem a fair point, providing there were indeed large numbers of people behaving in this way. However, evolution has ensured that the overwhelming majority of parents do not take risks with the lives of their children. Intensive protection is far more common than the behaviour of the Landenburgers. To be somewhat hard hearted, through their actions and the consequent death of their daughter, the parents have bestowed upon themselves a Darwin award. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Awards

  6. Wasn’t there a case of an American girl, a charity worker in Soweto(?), being stoned to death by those whom she was seeking to help, and didn’t her parents behave in a similar fashion?

  7. Jews have a name, which I have forgotten, for those Jews who entered the gas chambers still trying to convince the others that the nazis did not want to exterminate them.

  8. To lose a child through murder and rape must evoke in the parents the maximum of ferocious hate and vengeance possible. What could be worse? Evolution and survival of the fittest must have installed such a response.

    So we have an instinct that calls for a maximum response. Yet, the parents have been brainwashed so thoroughly that they can barely respond as members of our species. This is a good example of how ill a human brain can get with enough indoctrination.

  9. What fantasy an individual or couple can concoct to avoid the creeping dread that their neighborhood is about to be reduced to smoldering ruins figuratively and physically because (fill in the blank) ethnotype has moved in next door. No, double No, my survival oriented rationale soul-filled fellow citizen. People do this all the time. All kinds of people and the smarter you are faster you will get yourself and your family out of harm’s way and get out of Dodge. The pejorative “white flight” was tossed about in the 60’s ’70s and ’80s like a horrible botch on one’s character; “oh my God, you left the crumbling inner-city you proto racist Nazi”. Californians are dreaming, of slinking out of Los Angeles without being labeled a loser a coward, an ethnic-hater of the cranky build the wall persona, longing for the good old days. Cosmopolitan willpower wilts quickly in the face of conquest, it’s nature is to fold and quietly pull up your tent and move to a safe space. Maria’s parents have moved to a strange safe place inside their head. Cue the Twilight Zone music. Rod Serling narrates how in this world you get cash prizes for sacrificing your children to monsters.

  10. Both of Maria Ladenburger’s parents are lawyers working for the EU at Brussels. As far as I know the father even helped to formulate some European law on migration a few years ago. So if they reacted on the murder of their daughter like one would expect from normal parents, they might be forced to see their whole way of thinking as a lie. Maybe that would be – on top of losing their daughter – simply too much. Apart from that, I find their behaviour bizarre to say the least.

  11. My only thought were I placed in a similar situation would be that of revenge.
    Revenge on what is obviously (to me) a uniform group of hostile invaders, AND those who facilitate their invasion.
    I consider this form of attack that of a concerted attack by one group of parasites on a host society–justifying MY retaliation against that group because this one’s PERSONAL.
    I would try to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible (while industrious as possible) for as long I could get away with it.
    Methods NOT associated with murder would have to be employed here. I would have to be creative, bold, and sneaky all at once. After all, if one’s own society will not defend itself–“do it yourself” is the next option.
    Yeah, I know–‘societal breakdown’ and all that–so what’s your point? It’s ALREADY broken down, as if you haven’t noticed.

    So I’m not a nice guy. So what? My only fear now is that I’m alone.

    • Flintlock, Pssst, You really are not alone, there are Legions that think the same as you do. The Day of the Great Purge are almost here.

  12. How nicely european values are bought, attacked, raped and murdered! False egalite is viciously slaying fraternite and solidarite…

  13. i would characterize her parents as “sick” but nature made sure that they will not reproduce so, everything is ok.

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