Palestine Comes to Antwerp

The following article concerns two Palestinain brothers in Antwerp who have been harassing Jews on the street. It includes a video with an audio entirely in Arabic, so it has not been subtitled.

Gary Fouse, who translated the text, includes this explanatory note:

Michael Freilich is a member of the conservative New Flemish Alliance Party (N-VA) and the former editor of Joods Actueel, a Flemish-language Jewish news outlet in Belgium.

The translated article from Joods Actueel:

Video of Palestinian skaters harassing Jews — Millions of views

In YouTube videos we see Amjad and Adham Saleh, twin brothers from Gaza, literally making the streets and sidewalks of the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp unsafe. They ride with a Palestinian flag at high speed past people and shout, “Free Palestine”. They harass Jewish passersby, do not obey traffic rules, and are a downright danger to their fellow citizens. The videos have been viewed more than two million times.

N-VA Member of Parliament Michael Freilich condemns the behavior and warns against the importation of the Middle East conflict onto our streets. “These twin brothers are from Gaza and fled five years ago to Belgium. They were granted asylum here, housing, and a job. So it is especially regrettable they harass people, and they should know better. Jews in Antwerp are not Israeli citizens, but rather Flemish.”

Jewish Forum

The FJO (Forum of Jewish Organizations in Belgium) lodged a complaint with the UNIA and asked that the case be investigated. According to lawyers, there are several crimes, such as offenses against traffic rules, and harassment, with the aggravating circumstance that Jews were specifically targeted (anti-Semitism). And this could be described as an unauthorized demonstration. Finally, the videos concerned may raise questions about the assimilation of refugees.


Finally, Freilich extends his hand to the brothers. “It would be nice if they made a video about and with the Jewish community instead of inciting against them. Surely, given the enormous number of followers they have reached with their videos. That would be a positive message for society.”

15 thoughts on “Palestine Comes to Antwerp

  1. Gaza is judenrein (Jew free) in best Nazi fashion, so quite how it can be ‘occupied’ is a mystery to all and sundry (ecept those who are ignorant).

    The Jews of Gush Katif and the rest of Gaza were forcibly removed (by the IDF) some 15 years ago in order to appease the Palestinian Authority. Jews had lived in Gaza since biblical times

    So now we have firebombs and explosive missiles coming in from Gaza on a regular basis as a thank-you present for our pains….

    Hamas, the rulers of Gaza are vowed to exterminate all Jews (not just in Israel) so the Belgian Judiciary do not really understand the problem. See the Hamas Charter.

    Hamas is the local chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood, that supposedly ‘peaceful’ organization at the back of CAIR in the USA.

    • I still look at you Israeli’s in bewilderment at why!? Why!? Haven’t you dealt with those bloody savages yet? As for our 3rd world parasitic savages here in our western countries, we will be forced to do so as well, for it will be a matter of survival soon.

      • Unfortunately, to deal with these ‘savages’ means that many of our young men will die, Hamas is unpleasant and vocal, but they only manage to kill and maim a few people every year. It is really not worth valuable lives to remove them, however, what is stupid is that we give them money, electricity and water, in effect, sustaining their viablity, but of course, being muslims, they believe that the world owes them a living anyway, and can therefore be totally graceless and neurotic about everything.

        • Quit sending your young in and using tactics that get your people killed. That is what artillery is for. Use it to your best advantage of urban renewal.

          • Israel has that wonderful weapon Iron Dome that shoots the missiles those South Jordan squatters send over the border.

  2. Obviously, these two want to live in a zone of conflict.
    Deporting them to Gaza would seem fit and proper.

    As MC points out, I guess they’d be unhappy there, with no Jews to harass.

    • Deport? Really? How about dealing with them with a more profound and absolute solution instead of costing us an arm and a leg by the bloody costs?

      • I know of some ultra-orthodox communities in Antwerpes. Do they not have , as their brethren in Williamsburg do, own security guys that could rough up a bit those thugs who in return would call 911…. after they regain consciesness.

        • The problem here is that Jews are held to different standards than muslims, A Jew retaliating would be crucified by the judiciary where a muslim would be tolerated and given a light sentance because he is considered to be a hapless child and knows no better.

          There is still deep anti-Semitism in Europe which surfaces from time to time. This includes feeding the monster that is Islam. The EU is a dangerous (economic) enemy for Israel, the USA varies, under O it was not friendly, under T it was wonderful, I suspect that under B it will revert to O.

          This uncertainty means that Israel and Jews can only defend and never win. Both in 1967 and 1973 the wars were stopped (by outside entities) before Israel could hammer in the final nail.

          • I seem to recall you Jews are pretty darn good at retaliation sub Rosa where no one can point a finger. I suggest you start using it or things for the Jews will get far worse and it won’t be from the natives of Europe, but by the 3rd world savages that have invaded us.

          • I can’t agree more ,”G”.
            Let one or two of those thugs not return from a walk in the forest, say within a month, and these cowards will understand the message. The Samson Option en miniature.
            Sub rosa, nothing heard, nothing seen, and of course, police will establish a missing person file.
            The novel ” All Involved” by Ryan Gattis, page 293 ff shows how to do it under the radar of law enforcement and the good baron’s rules.

  3. Why Jews continue to live in countries where their civil rights and their safety are not guaranteed is a puzzlement. We have many lessons from history. There are other places to go where Jewish presence is welcomed and appreciated with Israel being the foremost among them. Let the likes of this despicable Gazan Arab replace them and see how the Flems appreciate them.

    • Because secular boxcar leftist Jews overwhelmingly vote for the very policies that are their undoing.

      • President Trump won over many of the more moderate Jews, he was able to highlight their self destructive behaviour. Only 70% now vote Dem, that is an improvement. Jews fell for the great Right hoax, and see the alt-right as Nazi, not understanding that this is a fabrication. The fear of another genocide runs deep, the Muslim world threatens and the rest of the world just smiles benevolently, when Republicans do something to make Jews actually feel welcome (as did the Dems) then the situation might change. But on the whole Republicans and conservatives tend to be hostile and accusatory; criticizing leftist ‘Jews’ but never acknowledging the stalwart work of right leaning Jews like Pamela Geller.

        • There isn’t a great right hoax, there is however the lie that the left are benevolent and are every bodies saviors, when in fact history proves them to be far more deadly than any right movement. As per usual, every body is going to pay dearly for these delusions, denials and deceit.

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