“You Really Think We Are All Stupid!”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this culture-enriching news story from Dresden:

Drugs for Sex — Judge to Syrian “Refugee”: “You really think we are all stupid!”

In February 2020, the Syrian Habash H. (28), who fled Aleppo in 2015, approached a girl (14) from the neighborhood. Via internet chat he asked her age, sent her porn pictures and a photo of his penis, offered her drugs: “I want you, what do you take?”

In front of the Dresden district court, the girl described how H. first wanted to give her cocaine, then tried to put an ecstasy tablet into her mouth. He held her, kissed her and brutally grabbed her between the legs.

Habash H. only admitted drug possession, claimed: “ I just hugged the girl in a friendly way!” Judge Markus Maier burst his collar: “You really think we are all stupid!”

He convicted him of drug trafficking and felony sexual assault with a sentence of two and a half years in prison.

Source: Bild.de

10 thoughts on ““You Really Think We Are All Stupid!”

    • “He convicted him of drug trafficking and felony sexual assault with a sentence of two and a half years in prison.”

      Here in Finland they MIGHT get that much for an actual rape.

  1. Why even jail for taxpayers money !!!, deport, deport , deport this scums , parasites, problem solved ..

  2. 2,5 years in jail for a 28 year old? Might possibly make him want to change sexual orientation, for lack of other distractions than showers. ( I know, its from the movies)

  3. I echo all other comments here:

    2 1/2 years??!!! What a joke! If I were in charge I would not even bother with jail sentences in my own country. Why waste tax payers’ money on these monsters? Jail in the West is not like jail where they come from – more like a paid holiday – and they would undoubtedly use the time to recruit/convert more like themselves. I would deport them immediately to their native country and life ban on re-entry. DNA testing to be used so they can’t just come back disguised as someone else.

  4. I know something better (after 9/11 someone wanted to do it to Bin Laden)

    Turn him into a woman (think x-rated multiplied by 1.000) and then parachute him to Taliban country in Afghanistan wearing nothing more than flimsy underwear and high heels.

  5. I look at all the comments in complete amazement, they all want to handle uncivilized 3rd world savages with civilized means, no wonder why we are in the bloody predicament we are in. All of you had better learn real quick that these bloody savages look at our civilized means as utter weakness to be exploited, which they do on a massive scale, to suck our countries to the bone like the bloody leeches they all are. I am going to let you all in on some very uncomfortable ugly truth, there is no deporting this plague and pestilence from our western shores, it costs on average of about 250,000 Euro to rid ourselves of one of these bloody savages, now multiply that number with millions of these savages, and what to do get? A bankrupted country, because it will break the banks of Europe and impractical for the numbers are to large to get rid of by western, modern,kind and so called humanitarian means. This will have to be done the good ole fashioned way with [redacted].

    • I have to partially disagree with your comment.

      If the WILL TO ACT exists, then we can do it with less money.
      Every few days a plane is going from Germany to Afghanistan with supplies and replacement soldiers for the german army in Afghanistan.
      Just exchange the german soldiers going to Afghanistan with our ahem enrichers, and we are rid of them.
      And take some soulseller ships, make them seaworthy for one last trip and put as many enrichers on them as you can and then beach that ship in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq.

      But, of course, there you are right, we need to have the Will to Act.

      Batman Begins – The Will to Act (Training Scene HD)

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