More Frothing Madness From the Coronareich

Hellequin GB has translated three new articles from PolitikStube about the latest COVID insanity in Germany. Whenever I contemplate the hellish situation in the USA right now, all I have to do is look at Germany to remind myself how much worse things could actually get.

Article #1: And so it begins… No Jab, No Work, No Pay

Care facility: Those who do not get vaccinated will be thrown out

Michael Knobel, home manager and authorized signatory for the care facility of Clus gGmbH, is taking tough action. Any employee who dares to decide for himself whether he has a vaccine injected into his body will simply be thrown out.

“The vaccination is voluntary, but I would like to inform you that the employer generally has the right to exempt employees from work who refuse to be vaccinated. In this case, no further remuneration is paid, this also applies to social security,” it says in an letter to employees.

This claim knocks the bottom out of the barrel. The employees will simply be blackmailed into getting the vaccine.

Article #2: Complete shutdown of the economy proposed

Translator’s comment: “I wonder if he plans to lock people into individual rooms in their own homes, or will he empty the jails to make room for those ‘disgusting’ people who manage to get infected with Corona?”

Leftist Ramelow wants to drive the whole economy into ruin with a complete lockdown

The Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow calls for the economy in Germany to be locked down. “We just have to take a complete break now,” he tells MDR Aktuell. “I don’t see any alternatives. The mistake we made across Germany was that we didn’t use December to actually put the general economy on a break.”

So far, restaurateurs, retailers, cultural workers and children have borne the burden of the lockdown. The left-wing politician added that infections with the coronavirus are particularly common in private life, where trust is greatest. He had misjudged this risk factor.

Article #3: No COVID test, no deportation

News from the insane asylum: deportation prisoner refuses corona test — GOES FREE

Thorsten Weiß:

Berlin 2021 — A drug addict and AIDS-infected inmate facing deportation refuses the Corona test, which is why he is not allowed to board the plane, which means that the judicial decision is nullified and the man is now at large and in hiding, because he has only been REQUESTED to go to a accommodation.

And all in the best Germany we have ever lived in. A country that sends police officers on toboggan runs to chase away children and fines issues €500 fines to pensioners on their way home with their grandchildren.

I can truly imagine a better Germany.

9 thoughts on “More Frothing Madness From the Coronareich

  1. No words anymore, pure insanity, pure insanity., I’m saying now , I said this before Germany is done !! People better wake up and see what kind of life they can prepare for their children and grandchildren, because dear Germans , this is beginning of your daily life , this times before end 2019 , and before 2015( the great Islamic invasion) its over , completely over , so that’s what your get , very , very sad ..

    • Brian, you are confused. What the Germans did in WW2 has nothing to do with the subject. namely: if you work in a care home with vulnerable people.,you must ensure that you do not infect them or else don’t work there.
      Suppose you work in a foundry and refuse to wear protective clothing. You would be asked to stop working because of the danger to yourself. Is that a violation of your freedom? No, it’s common sense.
      The care home director is protecting his vulnerable patients.

  2. Germany by all that is right, should note exist as a state.
    German Tribes and their historical barbarity should have been broken up at the end
    of World War 1. They were responsible for millions and millions of deaths in Europe.
    World War 2 came along and it goes without saying that the German Nation once again
    should have been broken up and put under regional control by the Allies.
    There barbarity will always raise it’s head whenever they get the opportunity to control others. They disgust me.

    • it would be better to execute that alcoholic madman churchill before he reached 18. He was responsible for the death of civilians in Dresden as well as in Cologne ( carpet bombing civilians) plus he throw East-Europeans to stalin on a piece of paper during the yalta conference. What a disgraceful warmonger he was…

    • should have…. ? The allies did break up the state, remember the German Democratic Republik and West Germany, both under control of the allies for decades.
      Heard about that? So what are you talking about?

  3. A man works in an iron foundry where they are handling red hot ingots of iron and one of the workers says that he doesn’t want to wear protective clothing. Has the boss the right to insist that if he continues to work in the foundry, he must follow the rules?
    Yes of course he has. The same with the example you gave. If the man doesn’t want to protect himself then he can’t work in the care facility.
    What’s wrong with that?

  4. This Bodo Ramelow, who is only the Prime Minister of one Bundesland, Thuringen, speaks as if he rules entire Germany. He always steps far beyond the maximum scope of his legal authority. In fact, he lost the lections earlier in 2020 to the FDP candidate Kamerich, who was forced to resign by Merkel due to coalition negotiations with the AfD. Here we can see how “democratic” Germany has become under the crypto-Stasi Merkel. Ramelow, like Merkel, wants to destroy German society by destroyingbthe economic basis, which is the high-level analogue technological industry. They have shown this by closing nucleat power stations, forbidding fossile fuels, promoting electric vehicles (while German industry only produces high-quality conbustion vebicles), and now by this insane corona lockdown. Allowing millions of “cultural enrichers” wbo’ll never work and form a threat to the mative Germans is another part of their evil plan. One shouldn’t be surprised? because Ramelow is a communist, and Merkel a crypto-communist who infiltrated the CDU. That the German MSM have been so “successful” in brainwashing the majority of Germans into accepting this dictatorship which systematically destroys their lives is the main cause for worry.

    • You are absolutely right with this post , Sobieski , this naive Germans will wake up but will be too late , it’s already to late , it’s is horrible what is happening in Germany under the iron curtain in They so call Bundestag!!, and this sign on Reichstag: „Nach them deutsche Volk „ !!, I guess it’s means Nothing to this traitors..

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