1848 And All That

Some of my friends sit around every evening
And they worry about the times ahead,
But everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference
And the promise of an early bed.

— Elvis Costello, from “Radio, Radio”

January 6 was a sobering moment. For many of us it was not unexpected, but it was sobering nonetheless.

We have finally reached the End of the Republic. The results of future elections will lie within parameters established by the Powers That Be. There will be no more successful “dark horse” candidates; the system has been rigged to prevent them.

On a related note, Sundance at Conservative Tree House has joined the dreamers at Power Line, although his desperate optimism takes a somewhat different tack: he proposes the founding of a new political party led by Donald Trump, which would siphon off most Republican voters, as well as a big chunk of Democrats and independents.

It’s a nice idea, and it might have worked before the widespread adoption of Dominion voting machines. But after 2020, how does such a party go about actually winning an election? The machinery to prevent that possibility is already in place. Nobody can get elected without the approval of the Deep State. Which means it will be the UniParty — Democrats plus safe (neutered) Republicans — from here on out.

We have unfortunately entered the era of TINVOWOOT: There is no voting our way out of this. We’ve used up three out of our four boxes — soap, ballot, and jury — and there’s only one left.

There has been a cavalcade of “conservatives” eager to denounce Donald Trump and the angry crowd at the Capitol. Their general theme is that “violence solves nothing.” How easily they have forgotten the means by which the Patriots of 1776 threw off the yoke of King George III and established a constitutional republic! If these modern-day talking heads had their way, we’d still be sending politely-worded lists of grievances to the queen and her ministers.

Meanwhile the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) have characterized Wednesday’s events as an “insurrection”. Well… Except for the cops, everybody at the Capitol that day was unarmed. How would our esteemed progressive brethren describe a real insurrection if one ever broke out?

Given the level of anger on the patriotic Right, some sort of future kinetic action is a distinct possibility. Whether we’re heading into a full-fledged Boogaloo or not is an open question. A shrewd, charismatic leader would seem a prerequisite for that to happen, and now that Donald Trump has abdicated the position, there’s no one else on the horizon who fits the description. For all I know, this simmering political cauldron may yet cool down and accept the New Normal that has been prepared for it.

Or maybe not. It’s still early days, so it’s hard to tell.

Regardless of how kinetic things get, what seems likely is a concerted effort to crack down on dissent. Up until now the Left has relied on the private sector — Big Tech, social media companies, and major employers — to suppress doubleplus ungood opinions held by deplorable citizens. We can expect that praxis to change now that the Woke brigades control the entire apparatus of state, especially given the public statements from their numerous spokesbeings about the need to silence us.

The past two months have proved that the Constitution is a worthless scrap of paper. Nothing remains to stop the permanent government from passing whatever laws it deems necessary to suppress “misinformation”, “intolerance”, “extremism”, “hate speech”, “white supremacy”, and all the other terms used to describe publicly expressed thoughts that run counter to the Narrative.

I’ve never used social media, and I have no employer, so up until now the storm has passed me by. When the Harris administration is fully ripened, however, I expect the government to enact new laws or regulations requiring ISPs to close down independent “hate sites” like this one. When that happens, the torches will be extinguished here at the Gates, and I will be out of business.

Depending on how frisky things get, the dénouement could happen sooner, or it could happen later. But that time will eventually come. The darkness will flow out of Mordor and cover everything, and the armies of orcs will march against us.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Obviously, I don’t intend to go gentle into that good night. Until the switch is flipped off, I will be on the job here every day, sorting through the hideous and depressing news and editing the translations.

In order to postpone the moment of reckoning for as long as possible, I intend to tighten up a bit in my moderation of comments. As you all know, Gates of Vienna’s rules require comments to be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Sometimes honored more in the breach than the observance, but still the rules.

At issue here is the second rule: comments must be temperate. As the crackdown unfolds, I expect both AI and human monitors to be scanning sites for certain expressed sentiments. When such expressions pass a given regulatory threshold, the site will be marked for shutdown.

Up until now I have been fairly relaxed about such things, but in the future I will be strict. Comments that advocate or express a desire for certain things to happen will be deleted, or suitably redacted if possible (and if I have the time). I hope thereby to delay my departure from the scene, even if just for a little while. It may be a futile exercise, but I intend to try.

I regularly read a fair number of sites where the calls for frisky behavior are fully explicit. I hold most of those sites in high esteem, and often agree with them. However, I expect them to disappear from the scene shortly after the repression really heats up. Maybe Gates of Vienna will hang on longer; maybe it won’t.

So all you frisky commenters are hereby put on notice. From a personal standpoint, I don’t always object to your remarks, and I may often agree with you. Nevertheless, we are about to enter a period when not everything that we think should be said out loud. Keep your remarks temperate. You would be well-advised to learn the virtues of prudence, self-restraint, and indirection. Elliptical speech is recommended. Deadpan irony can be particularly useful.

I intend to keep this enterprise going for as long as I can. We all need to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The mission of this blog will remain the same as it always has been. It will continue to focus on immigration, Islamization, and the collapse of Europe. However, those topics will recede in general prominence as the Big Ugly takes hold here in the USA. I’ll blog on our new Socialist Republic from time to time, as the mood takes me. And stories about it will obviously overwhelm the news feed on occasion.

And those disparate topics will sometimes overlap. Islam has not lost sight of its main objective, and will not overlook the opportunity presented by the current crisis. The Biden/Harris administration will reopen the immigration floodgates and rescind President Trump’s “travel ban” on certain Muslim countries. We can expect the sharia zones in Dearborn, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, and other metropolitan areas to grow and be consolidated. Since Muslim community leaders can reliably deliver the Islamic vote as a bloc to the Democrats, they will be encouraged and incorporated into the power structure.

I’m certain the Powers That Be consider their Muslim allies to be their useful idiots, but we’ll eventually see who’s useful to whom, and who is the idiot.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

One final thought.

If Spicy Time really does show up, it may act as a catalyst for similar ructions in other Western countries with the same sorts of social and political issues — lockdowns, the economic collapse of the middle class, mass immigration, the suppression of dissent, the criminalization of politically incorrect speech, etc.

The obvious parallel would be the Revolutions of 1848, which was the Year of the Big Ugly in 19th-century Europe. The process kicked off in — where else? — Paris, with barricades, violent rebellion, mass slaughter, the abdication of King Louis Philippe, and the formation of the Second Republic. News of the trouble in Paris inspired similar actions in Austria and Hungary. The Austrian government was forced to flee from Vienna, which was a hotbed of radicalism. Revolutionary fever swept through the Italian states, and Piedmont declared war on Austria. The Italian actions failed, but all the chaos and ferment eventually led to the unification of Italy.

For its part, Austria was forced by its internal troubles to make Hungary nominally co-equal in a federal structure, and the Austrian Empire became the Dual Empire, Austria-Hungary, under a new emperor.

The same spirit of revolution infected the German states, starting in the south and spreading eventually into Prussia. The long-term effect was to begin the unification of Germany, first as a confederation, and ultimately (thanks to the canny maneuvering of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck) as the German Empire.

That was some momentous year, that 1848.

Who knows? 2021 may be just as momentous in its own way. However, if you study up on the sequelae of 1848, you’ll discover the political forms that eventuated from the year’s events weren’t at all advantageous to people who love liberty and representative governance. Once set in motion, revolutions tend to follow their own internal logic and take an unpredictable course through slaughter and mayhem until new — usually illiberal — forms of government are set in place.

So be careful what you wish for. 1848 is not necessarily the best role model.

44 thoughts on “1848 And All That

  1. This past week has been exceptionally dark for any reasonable people, and that’s saying something considering the entirety of last year.

    • It will only get worse, and believe me it can get a whole lot worse and then some.

    • this past week I have been angered over the most meaningless things. this election fraud has affected my sense of security and my wellbeing. I feel like I’m in an alternate universe because my love and support for the Best President in History has been shattered by the evil in the democrat AND the republican party.
      Trump said ‘there;s more to come’ and i sincerely hope that he comes up with something we deplorable chumps can engage in to keep our sanity.

  2. I believe the time for temperance in moderation of comments in order to avoid becoming de-platformed has already long since passed. The Masters of the Universe likely long ago sorted the wolves from the sheep, but until now only the most influential or biggest targets were taken down. Now that they have succeeded in killing the king, there is nothing in their way to prevent them from slaughtering his loyal subjects. In the figurative sense, of course. But soon enough in the literal sense too when taking down their sites doesn’t result in immediate double-plus goodthink from the deplorables.

    I suppose it remains to each of us to personally decide how far and how much we will be pushed before availing ourselves of the last box remaining to us for the influencing of our culture, civilization, and the manner and by whom we will permit to govern us.

    • I do firmly believe we have already hit the tipping point, and it will be a series of actions by the powers that be now, that will invite responses that will be profound and absolute.

      The Republic is dead! Long live the Republic!

  3. Thank you Baron. Your website is an oasis of sensibility. Personally, I won’t miss the calls for kinetic actions. Most of them are made by keyboard blowhards and contribute nothing to a realistic discussion of maintaining individual freedom and happiness. Through this website I was introduced to Matt Bracken and thereby to theModernSurvivalist on YouTube. There is nobody better for discussions of survival techniques and an objective view on how badly things are progressing.

    I personally think Trump is a horse that’s taken us as far as he’s going to go. He was a great innovator in 2016, but he rested on his laurels, and got totally outmaneuvered by the Democrats in the 2020 elections, and then on the Jan 6 rally. The Democrats spent 4 years planning on stealing the election; Trump recognized the maneuvering, but did nothing to counter it. All his actions were post facto, trying to catch up from far, far behind. Even today, after getting bounced off Twitter, he talked about starting his own network. With any planning, he should have been collaborating with Gab or Parler to handle the massive overload on their systems once Trump took an account with them. And exactly that happened: he announced his Parler presence, and Parler.com is totally unresponsive from the massive increase in traffic.

    I know people have talked about replacing the Republican Party, but I think any new party would run into the same problems as the old: grifters, narcissists, panderers and opportunists. You’d probably get more mileage from smaller, localized interest or identity groups modeled after the black or hispanic blocs. You’d never get away with creating a white identity bloc, but you could try using a German or Irish identity grouping, and not be too choosy on who joins up. Small, cohesive blocs can be very influential within larger groups. The Democrat Party is obviously going to split between the black, Hispanic, and possibly South Asian and Muslim interests. I don’t know where the Jewish influence will be, since a large majority of Jews support the Democrats, and lots of the Democrat blocs don’t like Jews. All of these divisions are ripe for exploitation.

    Again, I express my appreciation for your dedication and work. Sometimes, with my list of things, the day ends before I get to Gates of Vienna, but you’re always in my thoughts.

    • “he announced his Parler presence”. That explains the sudden move against Parler by Apple and Google.

      While I believe that he was a net positive for America, Trump was not the 4D chess player people made him out to be.

      What’s our future? Eventually we will be pushed into the Dark Web. Using private, hidden and heavily gated (and declared illegal) networks to communicate, and accessed by illegal software.

      • We can use the alt-tech networks like Gab and Parler. These are hosted outside the US and not subject to US laws and censorship.

        • Parler is hosted by Amazon. The Parler rep/CEO maybe, was on T Carlson said if they pull it, they are offline.

          • Well, you’re more right than I was. Parler’s servier host apparently is owned by Amazon and it’s owners are definitely American. I researched Parler thanks to your post, but I didn’t do the same digging on Gab. There’s lots of discussion on Reddit. The really disturbing thing is that the techies there were 100% in favor of censorship of Trump and his supporters.

            I’ll say again I think Trump has had his run. It is a principle of business management that often the person who successfully creates a start-up business from scratch is not the best person to manage it once it becomes established. Starting a business, and working with an effective and efficient management often involves very different sets of skills. Trump’s skill was to ride the wave of populism and nationalism when no one else saw it. But, it’s here now and needs to navigate the political waters.c

          • This is a statement by one of the Parler owners on how Amazon is trying to shut them down, but they are coming online independently.


            Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight Amazon will be shutting off all of our servers in an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet. There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on the internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch. We prepared for events like this by never relying on amazons proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products.

            We will try our best to move to a new provider right now as we have many competing for our business, however Amazon, Google and Apple purposefully did this as a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited and knowing this would inflict the most damage right as President Trump was banned from the tech companies.

            This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place. We were too successful too fast. You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.

          • According to Wikipedia, Gab is hosted by Microsoft Azure.
            No country is safe as the reach of globalists are everywhere. Any service which relies on a centralised server is vulnerable.

  4. https://www.teaparty.org/mark-levin-gets-explosive-over-voting-rule-changes-explains-why-were-in-a-constitutional-crisis-460810/
    A careful study of the Constitution and Mark Levin’s comments should show that the Supreme Court was derelict in its watch over the conduct of the states as Pennsylvania’s and Michigan’s executive branches modified their standing election laws with their supreme courts giving the actions their rubber stamp. The Supreme Court of the United States could not help but be aware of what those states had done in violation of Article II of the Constitution. When the State of Texas brought complaint against Michigan and Pennsylvania seeking recourse for damages due to voter disenfranchisement the Supreme Court politely, but firmly slammed the door in Texas’ face. What followed that culminated in a Congressional Epiphany (BTW it was Epiphany) could be reasonably ascribed as the consequence of the Supreme Court’s actions. Thus, history, if there will still be one, will record that the troubles began with the Supreme Court failing to, or refusing to, perform its constituted duty. From that failure to act one could conclude that the Supreme Court was at the least derelict with respect to its obligations and duties, and could be held as an accomplice after the fact inasmuch as it was aware of what had most likely occurred but refused to take the obligatory action, or at the worst, in on the cabal from the outset having chosen convenience over good conscience.
    Yes, America is now someone else’s country and is no longer ours. Seeing the powers-that-be arrayed against the citizenry one can only mourn and lift a tearful prayer to the Lord imploring His mercies over our circumstances which were largely not of our making.

  5. One can only gasp in awe (horror) at how well this has been done, historians look back at the Nazi party’s coup d’etat and its prologue and see how AH used technology and aircraft to enhance his election ‘chances’. He fooled enough of the people, enough of the time to get absolute power, dismantle the mechanisms of democracy and rule with a rod of secret police.

    Sleepy Joe is not a fuhrer, he is more a senile fall guy, we have yet to see the real leader, I suspect it will not be Harris, it will be a ‘pseudowoke’ coffee coloured male who will ‘unite’ the country in a Statist tyranny. And America will fall for it thanks to decades of deceit, propaganda and people-programming.

    When the chips were down both President and Vice president rolled over and waved their legs in the air. When “guts and determination” were required, both backed down.

    The decision to violence is not easy for conservatives, it needs mavericks like Churchill and Pinochet, firstly to recognise the dire nature of the threat and then to wield enough raw power to release the dogs of war and take the lead in violence and terror (the left leaders are not brave, just ruthless and amoral).

    Who ‘won’ WW2? Stalin of course, he had Harry Hopkins in place to’ help’ FDR make decisions that only benefited Russia, and Russia came out of the war with Eastern Europe and China and a lot of SE Asia as vassal states, a huge net gain.

    This time, the USA is the prize, and the powers behind the Democrats (CCP maybe) have again won a huge coup.

  6. Sobering essay, but I agree with Moon is a Harsh Mistress, playing nice in the comments to maybe – and this is debatable – delay the inevitable is absurd. If we are going to face internet silence at the behest of fascist goons, then playing nice, effectively grovelling and fawning before the Democrat Thugocracy, is just wincing. All because it may buy you some time, what a month, six months, maybe not even. It’s not worth it. The sooner we face the harsh reality the better. You do not play nice with fascist lunatics, that is what the idiot Republican Party has been doing, when not being numbskulls themselves, and we see how that has worked out.

    Are people going to accept the New Normal? Unlike 1848, people have the Internet now, they have drugs, and they have gaming, so these soporifics and others will keep them in check. Keep them numbed. And as you put it a revolution will have too many unknowns, its own mob factor.

    All in all I just see a slow decline or maybe not so slow, and collapse of America itself. How and in what way this will play out, none of us know. One good thing, it will be the end of the UN.

    • I don’t consider it strategically or tactically useful to communicate one’s, ahem, frisky intentions. It is not to our advantage to signal to the PTB what we want and intend to do.

      Communications about such matters should take place only in face-to-face situations among people who have established trust over a long period of time. They should not be discussed on the internet, over the phone, or using any other form of electronic communication.

      Those who are serious about effecting meaningful systemic change should not telegraph their plans. That’s OpSec 101, to my mind.

  7. Baron:- “Appreciated” 🙂
    A remnant, as Your strength, courage, conviction, perseverance, will also allow others to think, and to build on a firm sound foundation.
    Thank you.
    Also to pace your self, look after your self in all things.

  8. You’ve pretty much described it, Baron.

    At this point, I can see two outcomes:

    (1) The “Democrats” and their coup succeed, and end up running a polity in effect on the same lines as Putin’s Russia or Erdogan’s Turkey, probably for at least a generation, until they eventually burn themselves out from their own exhaustion, in the same manner as the Soviet Communists or various South American dictatorships burned themselves out given enough time. Most ideologies eventually seem to do that – Islamism being an interesting exception so far.

    (2) Things “kick off”, i.e., patriots “learn” techniques from Islamists, and things go kinetic, probably kicked off by some specific event in an area in which they have the numbers for effective control. That would probably end in a civil war of sorts, but the endpoint would be different than the last time. This one, I suspect, would end with two separate countries. I don’t think that either side would succeed in controlling the other in a unified polity past a certain point.

    As a guess, what will determine whether (1) or (2) will happen will be the level of persecution engaged in by “Democrats” towards patriots. If it’s slow burn, (1) will be the outcome. If it’s a fast boil, (2) will be more likely.

    I would say that in the immediate, the major risk to the West has shifted from being from Islamists to being from “Democrats” (and those behind them – probably a motley crew including Islamists, statists of various stripes, likely the Chinese Communists having a major influence, etc).

    I will say that as I see it, this is the end of the American Republic as such, one way or another.

    • Yes, Putin’s Russia and Erdogan’s Turkey seem like appropriate analogies. However, there is one characteristic that makes the USA different from any previous authoritarian oligarchy and/or failed state: it controls the world’s reserve currency.

      The policies of the UniParty will eventually destroy that currency. The new administration will rev up the money-printing apparatus to an unprecedented level, if they follow through on their announced intentions. When the currency finally fails (as it must, sooner or later), what happens next is an open question. There are no analogous situations in the historical record to provide a road map for the likely shape of things to come.

      • Baron: The U.S. Dollar has maintained its value as an act of faith in the U.S. Government to pay its debts. This faith is supported by three pillars: (1) Belief in America’s system of governance; (2) The productivity of the U.S. economy; and (3) The positive impact of traditional American ideals (freedom, equality–the real kind–not the social justice kind–and compassion for the downtrodden).

        These three pillars of faith in the U.S. Dollar are being undermined, from within, and from without. The forces behind this undermining are envy and greed. The world envy’s America’s successess in the past (i.e., post-WWII, until fairly recently; Obama turned envy into scorn and disdain). Greed has pushed power seekers (political, economic, egotistical) to control the world’s levers of power (money and ideas). Also, having emerged from the long shadow of WWII’s destruction, the world’s engines of manufacturing have been rebuilt, and there’s plenty of cheap and educated labor. There goes our economic advantage.

        We’re going to have to find our own ways through this troubling situation. I look to self-reliance, family, and faith–not faith in movements, not faith in leaders, but faith in ideals that are timeless. Whether such faith is religious or philosophical, the underpinning is the same: Recognition of immutable truth.

      • I agree.

        The other thing is that the USA has largely been the protector of the West / free world. Without the USA doing that, other places will go down too – largely because they don’t realize that they haven’t been doing their OWN jobs of watching over themselves.

        • It would seem the Japanese are not going the route that we in the west are. They have seen the decline of the west and that the US cannot protect them from their age old enemy the Chinese and are taking the appropriate steps to arm up with everything they can.

          • Japan is one of the places that I think may survive this relatively unscathed.

            I suspect that India will be the closest thing to a free world superpower, by the time it’s all over.

  9. There’s no doubt the situation is evolving. Fast…

    Today, I woke up to read that @therealdonaldtrump is no longer on twitter. And his campaign emails are also down. And it’s not just him – Rush was taken down too. And Google took down Parler from Android play store. Apple are threatening to do the same on iPhones…

    All this, with almost 2 weeks still to go to the inauguration! What happens, when the Dems get down to business after January 21? Will anyone be safe? Will GoV be safe?

    The “moderate” in me says yes. This is not a Qanon stronghold, and it’s also got very sensible moderation… Nonetheless, we all need to prepare. Have backup options ready (other options for servers, maybe located in different countries), and lawyer-up too… We have to assume, that if they took down the biggest fish of them all, they’ll have no problem doing the same to the smaller ones.

    Nonetheless, I also believe this is not the time to splinter into “true conservatives”, Rinos etc. Among those Repubs who believed the election results were legitimate, there’s probably many who voted for the Donald, and are also against Big Tech censorship… why alienate them? There’s a lot that can still happen, a lot of mistakes that can be made by the Dems, and they’ll love nothing more, than for us to turn on each other, in the style that Mitt Romney experienced in that airport lately.

    If Dominion is the problem, they need to be exposed, also to the mainstream public. But using solid, undoubtable evidence and appropriate language, that they won’t be able to shut down easily with a billion-dollar lawsuit.

    These are testing times coming up. In the USA now, but they can also appear in more places, after any election. We need to get ourselves ready, and make plans for any outcomes, including the worst ones.

    • I’m not sure that exposing the fraud with 100% certainty would help at this point.

      At best, they’d make some nominal changes as a result, and do a similar thing the next time anyway.

      Not that that’s a reason to alienate people who think he lost legitimately. Look, I’m not 100% sure that there was cheating. I just think that it’s highly probable. As far as I’m concerned, it’s in a place where it meets the “balance of probabilities” standard, but not the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. Surely there must be people out there who don’t think that there was cheating, but nonetheless think that it is *possible*.

      That being said, the likes of Romney are no better than Harris Democrats. There are a few half-decent Democrat holdover from times when their party wasn’t completely corrupt, but not many. Heck, I’d almost include Sanders in that, even though I thoroughly detest his policies: I don’t think that he’d engage in outright fraud to stay in power, and that’s already a lot better than most of the rest of that lot. Sanders isn’t officially a Democrat, though, so I won’t include him in. Gabbard would be an example. Manchin might be, too. There are definitely Republicans worse than those three.

      At this point, I can easily imagine a kinetic outcome. I’m not saying that it’s *desirable*, I’m just saying that it seems like a realistic possibility. Imagine a scenario where parts of some states become “no go zones” for federal enforcement, Islamist-style. An event like another federally-run Waco Massacre could possible kick off something like that at this point.

      • “I’m not sure that exposing the fraud with 100% certainty would help at this point.”

        It would certainly help those who Dominion are going after, with their billion-dollar lawsuits…

        And it would help convince Mainstreamers to our argument, and help them to understand the protests on Epiphany Day. Because currently, their opinion is that Trump’s just being “sore loser”. And that’s even more true outside the USA, especially places like Britain, where one of the things they hate the most are sore losers… Even worse, he’s seen as inspiring an insurrection against the US and against democracy. Hence Twitter, Amazon and others have an easier time juatifying shutting down him, and his supporters.

        “That being said, the likes of Romney are no better than Harris Democrats…”

        Well, he voted in agreement with Trump 78% of the time. And voted in favour of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court… How’s that for a start. And would you expect anything like that, from a Harris Democrat?


    • sorry, but rush was not taken down by Twatter. He quit that fascist Social Media today as soon as he heard that our President was banned for life.

      • Fair enough. I read somewhere, that Twitter took him down… (A tiny example, of how fake news can easily spread)

  10. People fearful enough to seek peace and ‘stability’ at any price may well seek the statist-dictate-to-predictability. Empire is the expected avenue to a ‘recognized’ place-in-the-world for the lonely and the quislings and the overly hungry for power.
    If our ‘founding fathers and mothers’ were motivated to o’erthrow the empire, they sought freedom in the frontier edge of ‘civilization.’ Freedom of choice can be seen as dangerous, if not just unpredictable.
    Will human on the Moon or Mars or the asteroid belt be the next experiment in freedom of conscience? Could Bezos or Musk be crazy enough to promote human ‘freedom’ out there {as opposed to the Empire of Party Fundamentalism}?

  11. Thank you for your thoughtful essay and for not spinning tales of new political parties and religious re-awakenings. Rather than encourage self-censorship, let’s subvert it.

  12. I think everyone may be putting the cart before the horse here.
    There are still 11 days before the “swearing-in ceremony”.
    Much can happen in 11 days – the entire Universe was constructed in 6.
    Just as an example, if something should happen that prevents Xiden from being on that podium, at that time, on that day; The majority of Presidential Electoral votes were cast for Trump. (Harris has ZERO votes for President, she cannot step up until after Xiden, and she are sworn in)
    Of course, Trump would be immediately impeached – in the current situation, but, the game is still afoot.
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)
    America will NEVER be a socialist Country.
    Our founders had many doubts about the experiment they were undertaking, and the opposition was much better equipped than what we face today, but they never faltered in their ultimate objective even after they mutually pledged their fortunes, their lives, and their sacred honor.
    We are at the sacred honor stage, let us not fail when the darkness comes to us to demand that we denounce our commitment to stand in the light of truth and justice.
    Pull out any coin or bill, it is written there for all to see.

    In GOD we trust!

    • You mean a scenario like Xiden getting the coronavirus and dying before inauguration?

      What happens in such a case? Does it automatically go to the next up by number of votes, or to the House of Representatives for selection by the alternative per-state process in there?

      If the latter, I’ll bet you that they’ll keep Xiden locked in his basement in absolute isolation until Inauguration Day!

      Also, what happens if he’s too demented to repeat the Oath of Office? I’m hardly kidding…

  13. It is probably adolescent of me and perhaps there were infiltrators in the crowd who instigated it but I have to recognize one thing. When I saw them go in I was reminded of the line in the movie: “And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies…” Now those people are probably going to be made to regret what they did and be made an example of for everyone else but there is something heartening in seeing people are actually willing to step forward when they had a choice with nobody backing them up. No legal defense fund, no bank of attorneys. It may have been a bad idea and actually detrimental as backs are turned on those people and that sends a messages. Nobody has your back or be smarter about what you do. All Trump can do is acknowledge the emotions and disappointment and now condemn them. For good or bad, maybe it put some fear into those who thought nobody will ever do anything.

    • I wonder if Trump will “pardon” them on the way out?

      He could toss in the BLM people that attacked the federal courthouse in Portland, to make it more “defensible”.

  14. When the energy production, distribution, infrastructure gets iffy people will pay attention, until then it’s party like there’s no tomorrow, plan accordingly

  15. Today they have silenced the peoples voices, tomorrow, they shall hear the sound of rifles in response.
    The Republic is dead, long live the Republic!

    When the sorting out of this complete utter mess comes to a conclusion, none of us will recognize our current institutions as they are now. Now comes the age of the strongman and the most ruthless and hard of men, everything else is chaff. We had a good run as a Republic, but we are all to blame for this current mess, for we allowed it to happen, often with cheering and applause. The current commiecrats are going to open our borders to every 3rd worlder that can shove in here for a complete lock on power and control. With dozens of languages being spoken and left to their own 3rd world ways, conflict will result. So good people, plan accordingly, for life is going to become a very rough and brutal place shortly.

  16. Great job Sir. A while back when our lead Judge was invited to friendly shoot in the Soouthwest and found the next morning and everyone walked away without performing any examination of how that happened any we could expect to reap whatwe sow or something to follow. We are looking at it.

    • Thank you, WRSA. Check out the rest of the lyrics for the song. It’s quite apropos, and easy to find online.

  17. rottenchestnut http://www.rottenchestnuts.com/samizdat/ suggested being prepared to transition to mailing list format. it’s also important to start doing necessary prep work ahead of time, rather when the hammer falls. please consider doing something similar: opening some kind of mailing address (like protonmail or really anything else outside of u.s.) and inviting your readers to register with their respective throwaway emails for future email only distributions.

  18. I said to a friend about 4 years ago that the only safe network for conservatives could end up being VK the Russian Facebook. It is the only place where “they “ cant find us. I signed up to VKontact. Not as user friendly as Facebook and not much there but Russia can’t come and arrest you in your home for wrong think. They can spy on you but so is everyone else.

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