“There is no Difference Between Islam and Political Islam”

The following video shows excerpts from Muslim protest at the French embassy in Stockholm last Friday. The man who is interviewed couldn’t be clearer: there is no such thing as “political Islam”. He evidently agrees with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — Islam is Islam, and that’s it.

Gary Fouse, who translated the video for subtitles, provides these background notes:

The name of the speaker is Imam Muhsin Asinger, who is interviewed by Samhällsnytt. He then speaks to his followers in what seems to be a combination of Swedish and Arabic. The interview and the Koranic chants are in Arabic with Swedish subtitles, which I translated into English.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:13   “Insulting is not freedom of speech” “Let our prophet be”.
01:09   O God, deal with Islam’s enemies!
01:13   O God, destroy their unity! Oh God, strike terror in their hearts!
01:34   My brother, as you know, they attack Islam.
01:38   They attack Islam’s holiness. We must stop them according to the law.
01:47   Macron and his friends are a small group.
01:51   They and the extreme right are at war
01:55   and talk about Islam.
02:01   The least we can do is show that we stand opposed.
02:06   Even Macron said that European countries don’t agree with him.
02:13   Merkel said that this is not freedom of speech.
02:16   Freedom of speech ends when you cross another’s boundaries.
02:20   He crossed over Islam’s boundary. This is unacceptable.
02:23   What is the difference between Islam and political Islam?
02:27   According to us, dear brother…
02:30   when people come to me in the mosque or send emails,
02:35   I explain for them. Macron confuses people with talk about political Islam.
02:40   There is no difference between Islam and political Islam.
02:44   They want to divide Muslims. “He is extreme”!
02:48   Rubbish. We are all Muslims. No difference.
02:53   What do you say to all those who say that you don’t approve of Sweden,
02:57   Sweden’s freedom of speech, and Koran burning? So don’t come here. Go back to your own country?
03:01   —They are just extremists, that is a small group.
03:04   I work with Swedes. [Unintelligible] they all support us.
03:09   They are with us. The majority are with us.
03:13   Sweden doesn’t belong to extremists. Sweden for all.
03:19   We have rights and duties.
03:23   If tell us to go home,
03:27   first, they must stop supporting our leaders.
03:30   Stop giving them weapons. Then we go home. We follow the laws.
03:35   But if the laws are against Islam, never! Strike! Throw it out.
03:40   The prosecutor has determined that Koran burning is legal.
03:44   I haven’t heard anything about that. I am in contact with police.
03:49   We talked about Koran burnings.
03:52   We said, “If you don’t stop them, we will do it.”
03:55   And they said they will stop them. There will be a law.
03:59   One time they burned (a Koran), and I called the police, and the police looked for them.
04:03   There will be a law, God willing. They can say what they want.
04:07   We will never accept this. This is about our holy texts.
04:12   What would happen if they do the same against Jews?
04:15   One doesn’t dare talk about Jews. We Muslims want the same.
04:18   Though others, such as Christians, believe in criticism of religion.
04:21   Christians and others don’t care.
04:25   We want the same thing as Jews. Just as people
04:28   cannot talk about Jews, the same will be for Muslims.

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  1. Listen at 1:00 and you will hear a comment by an unseen bystander who seems to be annoyed at the canine policy of the Prophet (pbuh).

  2. “Let our prophet be”, yeow, but you and your prophet WILL NOT let kufr be! You and your prophet, slander, smear, and authorize holy murder of kufr. You and Your ideology will not stop killing kufr.

  3. I imagine there is some serious wheeling and dealing going on in some smoke filled rooms about who will get which properties post Muslim.

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