The Netherlands’ Most Wanted Man is Safe in Turkey

Sait Çınar is a “Dutchman” who ran afoul of the law in the Netherlands for some unspecified reason, possibly because he issued threats after the prophet was insulted. Now he’s safe in Turkey, from which haven he can make videos mocking the Dutch government and issuing pronouncements.

Below are two Dutch-language videos made by Sait Çınar in Turkey. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video Mr. Çınar talks at length about his most-wanted status, and exults in the fact that the Dutch government can’t touch him. Note that he seems to be saying that the Turkish government will definitely refuse to extradite him:

In the second video the brave Sait Çınar declares war on the Netherlands, or possibly on the West in general:

Video transcript #1:

00:13   Salaam aleikum, brothers. Look…
00:18   Let more people join, you understand. Look what I’m going to say,
00:21   now, at this moment, you understand. Yeah?
00:24   Wait and see what happens.
00:29   Yeah. Brothers, I’m happy that you’re following me. But you have to know one thing, yeah…
00:37   This struggle… yeah, people from the [Dutch] IRS
00:40   who are watching now… from the tax office, you understand?
00:44   from the [Dutch] government watch me now, you understand. Share this video, dude.
00:54   Be sure to share this video.
01:00   Sait Çınar has risen.
01:08   See this anger? see this anger? You see my eyes, right?
01:17   I say nothing.
01:22   “Most wanted”.
01:25   Yeah? “Netherlands’ most wanted”.
01:28   You know what I’m saying. Sait Çınar!
01:31   They [Dutch authorities] have inquiries… they’ve made inquiries here in Turkey.
01:39   You know what [Dutch PM] Rutte said: “We’re going to get this man.”
01:42   “Everything, we’re going to do everything to get him.” You understand?
01:46   You’ve heard, right? Or not? That’s how unjust the Netherlands is. Me… I’m [a] warrior!
01:52   And I’ve always said, you understand right, if I die, you understand right… yeah?
01:58   then I’ll die like a warrior. We all die…
02:02   But I’ll die like a warrior. Yeah? [?] they get a recognition.
02:06   In my grave I’ll get recognition, you understand.
02:09   The whole of the Netherlands will know what I’ve done, dude. Yeah?
02:16   You with me, here in Turkey!? You understand?
02:22   We with you.
02:27   Yeah? Remember well: Turkey will not extradite me. Yeah?
02:31   Turkey will NEVER extradite me. NEVER, remember that well.
02:35   And what you did now, I won’t say, but you know very well what you’ve done, you understand, yeah?
02:43   “Most wanted”, remember well! The most wanted person, Sait Çınar!
02:50   Remember well. Sait Çınar. The most wanted person in the Netherlands is Sait Çınar.
02:55   Will be on Guinness record. Guinness record. In the Netherlands.
03:00   You understand? “Most wanted man”, you understand?
03:03   The most wanted man Sait Çınar, you understand? It’s going on the hit list.
03:09   Yeah? They’ve [in]volved Interpol. Interpol they’ve [in]volved, yeah?
03:17   I’ve just come… I’ve just come. from high powers… I’ve just come, huh? You understand?
03:22   Yeah, you know what they said? Do what you want to do, dude. Do, you’re free, dude.
03:27   You’re free. You’re just free, you. Yeah?
03:30   “We need people like you,” yeah? “We need people like you.”
03:34   How can you insult the prophet… yeah?
03:39   You call the freedom [of] expression, yeah? This is a Muslim country. Yeah?
03:45   A Dutch… a Dutchman fires [a potato] at a [portrait of politician] Jesse Klaver…
03:53   and I’m [supposed to be] doing a death threat. Huh! Then you see, it’s unjust, you understand?
03:59   And then they involve the Interpol, you understand, huh, to arrest me.
04:05   And I just come from Interpol, you understand?
04:08   Them, man! They can’t do a mother****, can’t do s*** here!
04:12   Yeah? They just talk s***, yeah? Remember, that’s how far they went, remember well.
04:17   You’ve heard it yourself. Yeah? [Dutch PM] Rutte said,
04:20   “We’re going to do everything” — you understand — “to prosecute him”.
04:24   Yeah, you may know it, everything.
04:27   Interpol, the highest [ranking] people came here, you understand, with five [of them]…
04:31   “We’re not going to extradite you, don’t worry. Don’t worry. You’re a man.
04:37   You’re a man who opens his mouth.” You understand, right.
04:40   “You’re the one, man, who opens his mouth, you understand. You’re a man.”
04:46   All Muslims are quiet in the Netherlands. Yeah? Yeah?
04:49   All Muslims are quiet in the Netherlands. I know…
04:52   They’re quiet, just afraid. They’re afraid that everything will be taken from them.
04:56   I know it very well, yeah, people. Of course, you also want to make open your mouth. Of course!
05:02   But many people just don’t dare to, you understand.
05:05   Because you know what the Dutch government is like…
05:08   If you… you understand? Look at [rapper] Boef… look at everybody,
05:11   influencers… everybody is afraid to speak up.
05:14   You are too, at that moment, you understand, right? You have a company, yeah?
05:18   You don’t dare to open your mouth. Because if you open your mouth, you understand…
05:21   and you speak the truth, you understand, then you have to shut your mouth.
05:25   I made a new Instagram page, you understand, to come live.
05:29   I was blocked, because they don’t want Sait to speak up. Yeah?
05:33   They don’t want Sait, with his followers, to wake them up. Yeah?
05:39   So remember well: I am… they’ve involved Interpol…
05:45   I just came from the high people… yeah?
05:49   They say: “Sait, don’t worry, we won’t extradite you. You are a Turk.
05:52   You stand up for your faith,” you understand, “we respect that,” you understand, right? Yeah?
05:57   “We respect. You will never be extradited in [to] the Netherlands.” You understand?
06:01   “You are a man who opens his mouth, speaks. We watched all your videos…
06:06   We looked into who you are, and what you did,” you understand, right, yeah…
06:10   “Keep on doing what you’re doing”, you know. They can’t Instagram…
06:14   They can’t cover with social media, you understand?
06:17   They can’t do that. They can block you from all sides. So that you can’t talk. But…
06:22   Try to make it clear to your followers that they have to support you. Yeah?
06:28   Remember this: if you, if they can’t open their mouths, you understand,
06:33   that what you can do is put my portrait on your social media, you understand?
06:38   Follow this warrior who makes his mouth open for the prophet. For the Moslems!
06:43   For the people who are under-oppressed, now at this moment in the Netherlands. Yeah?
06:48   You can’t make your mouth open, but you can make me go big, you understand?
06:54   Even if they delete the Instagram, then you’ll make me go up on top again.
06:58   So what I ask from you, you understand? The more followers
07:02   I have, the more I… right, can wake you up.
07:05   The more I can touch people. Yeah? So that you know, brothers.
07:09   Yeah? Again, they’ve got Interpol [in]volved. Yeah? Interpol they’ve got [in]volved.
07:17   They’ve tax office volved… involved. Huh! Brothers, I have nothing!
07:23   I’m completely broke here. You understand, right? Don’t worry. Yeah?
07:28   And if the government says, you understand? Dude, they can’t do anything, you understand?
07:32   That man who cusses out the prophet, and then we’d extradite you!? You understand, huh?
07:36   Freedom [of] expression? I’ve said, a Dutchman shoots, right, shoots [a potato] at a um…
07:43   at a [portrait of a] delegate, you understand, at Jesse Klaver, he’s allowed to do that…
07:48   and then a delegate comes, that’s very good, but if I do it it’s just wrong.
07:54   Somebody cusses out the prophet, ridicules the… the whole Ummah, you know?
08:00   Becomes… allowed, freedom [of] expression. Brothers, dudes, you see it yourself…
08:04   People who are dark, who are foreigners, are just punished more severely. Long.
08:10   The citizens of the Netherlands, you understand, right, yeah?
08:13   Believe me… yeah… you may have done time too. You have… the same punishment…
08:18   what you’ve done… you’ve gotten extra more punishment… why, for your skin color.
08:22   yeah, maybe for your beard, you understand, right? Because…
08:25   they… don’t like it, you understand? Yeah?
08:28   So that you know, brothers. Yeah. This is what’s going on, in Turkey, you understand?
08:33   If you have seen, [PM] Rutte said, you understand, hey, listen,
08:37   we’re going to do everything we can to get this man in court.
08:40   Yeah, so again, Interpol got involved, the IRS got involved, you understand, yeah.
08:45   I just came, just came from these the people. Ah, I said my thing, you understand.
08:50   They can’t do a mother****, they can’t do s***, yeah. Just keep doing your thing, yeah.
08:54   One thing we can’t help you with, with Instagram, with Facebook we can’t help you.
08:58   Just speak the truth. Speak the truth. You understand? Yeah?
09:02   Let on the sunlight just come, you understand, everywhere, you understand, right.
09:05   Yes, that’s how… they call it… silencing people works, you understand, right?
09:10   You have to open your mouth, my brother, yeah?
09:13   I know, you can’t do that, then you make me big, you understand, right?
09:16   To post my photo, and say: I follow this ambassador Sait…
09:20   because I can go live here, you understand. That’s the only thing
09:23   you can do at the moment, you understand, right?
09:26   Yeah? So again. The most wanted man in the Netherlands, yeah…
09:34   Is Sait Çınar. Remember that well. The most wanted man is Sait Çınar.
09:40   Why? Because I speak the truth, you understand, right? And what it’s all about.
09:46   Yeah. What it’s all about, you understand. They can’t stand that.
09:50   You can see for yourself. Yeah, the same thing all over again.
09:54   Geert Wilders can say anything. Dutchman is freedom [of] expression, huh…
10:00   And Mr. Foreigner, then it’s death threat.
10:04   I’ve come up with so much evidence, and my live session on the last one was blocked just like that.
10:09   Yeah. Facebook is blocked. You understand.
10:12   And now I’ve opened this [session], and you here are proof of it.
10:15   250 people who are watching at the moment. Brothers, yeah.
10:20   I love you all, you understand. Look after yourself, I’m doing well.
10:24   But you see how the dirtiness here, you understand. Yeah, mouth closed, shut up, you understand?
10:29   Adapt in the Netherlands if not, you have to go, you understand?
10:32   It’s always been like that, you understand, right? Don’t be hypocritical
10:35   [and say] “Hey Sait, you ruined it for other people.” No.
10:38   It was like this from the beginning, you understand, right? Yeah?
10:41   It was going on already for 10, 15 years, yeah?
10:44   There’s no money coming in for the Dutch government…
10:48   So they have to fire people. They fire the foreigners first.
10:51   Fire the Muslims, you understand. They’re going to send you away one by one.
10:56   You adapt, or you can tolerate, the caricature of our prophet…
11:00   Or you can tolerate [when he] is naked, or who does something, you understand, right.
11:03   Can you tolerate it? Yes, then you can stay. If you can’t tolerate it, you don’t belong in society.
11:08   Because soon, believe me, all portraits, all billboards, will hang up Mohammed PBUH [?] cartoons.
11:17   Yeah. And if you just can’t tolerate it, then they’ll send you all away.
11:21   And not just you, your whole family. Those days will come, you understand, right?
11:25   Because there is no money. And the Netherlands [?], they have to fire people.
11:30   They have to drag people away, you understand. Those days will come.
11:36   Remember well: abide.
11:42   Ciao ciao.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I swear to Allah brothers, I’ve found the solution! Huh!
00:05   WAR MAN, WAR! HUH!
00:08   We’re going to take what is ours!
00:15   It’s sick.

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  1. The rhetoric reveals a typical muslim megalomaniac narcissist umpteeth generation inbred, and a rudimental intellect. Why else would he always repeat or ask if we understood? Becaus he knows it is gibberish and he has his pants full in Turkey. What does he live on in Turkey? Taxpayers money? No, so crime? Then Turkey will serve him right!

    • He sells counterfeit clothes, sends them to the Netherlands through his mail order company. He uses his social media to show the clothes, and do the brand thing, based on his persona (“violent, loco Turk”).

      He used to run a driving school, he bragged about having access to the dutch DMV’s exam questions, so people could pass just by rote learning for a day. He also brags about not paying taxes.
      He now sells the exam questions on USB thumb drive, also through the mail.

      Lord knows what other hustle / scams he’s running.

  2. Safe in Turkey? So he is the stuffing? So when do we put the ‘turkey’ in the oven for Thanksgiving?

    • He is more like the stuff that is excreted from the posterior of the turkey while it was still alive. A turkey’s attempt at making an image of mohammed…

  3. Today’s news:

    In the hands of the ISIS anti-terrorist fighter in Athens

    Has been in Greece since 2018 – Turkey “fills” the country with terrorists
    In the hands of the Counter-Terrorism 27-year-old jihadist accused of being a member of ISIS involved in terrorist acts and homicides.

    The young Syrian fell into the hands of the Anti-terrorist in the early morning hours of November 19 and against him, a criminal case was filed for joining the terrorist organization ISIS / DAESH, as well as for terrorist acts of direct assistance in fraudulent murder, in calm mental state, jointly and consecutively.

    During the investigation, which was carried out in a camp for immigrants, in Eleonas where he lived, digital evidence was found, which will be sent to the Forensic Laboratories for laboratory tests.

    Turkey is constantly sending jihadists to Greece and needs attention. These fighters are the “long arm” of Turkey, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan scattering them in our country, with the aim of internal destabilization.

    • The question I have for you Greeks is this? Why? Why are you Greeks sitting on your hands doing nothing against these savages? Why are you allowing them to fester like a boil until gets infected and pops instead of lancing it and dousing it with a liberal dose of disinfectant? Sheep? Or Wolf??? Which one are you?

    • Better if he died of a lack of oxygen. Preferably from the garotte drawn tight around his filthy neckbeard.

      • I personally would like to see that fat 3rd worlder given the Lord Impaler treatment myself, but that is just me. Besides, as an animal lover, somebody has to feed the buzzards and ravens.

        • I believe in inclusivity. No reason both cannot be inflicted upon his corpulent form.

          The terror threatened to be inflicted upon Winston Smith in 1984 is particularly good as well. Rats gotta eat too you know…

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