The Coronavirus Makes Me Insane!

The following video (which is audio-only) was recorded surreptitiously in a German schoolroom. If this incident is representative of the emotional state of this particular teacher, she is likely to be facing severe stress-related medical disorders in the not-so-distant future.

Coronamadness is abroad in the land. It has infected a large proportion — possibly a majority — of the population in Western countries. That’s why I expect the vaccine to be made mandatory — when strong feelings are this prevalent among the electorate, it motivates politicians to enact repressive legislation that seems to solve the issue.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …and that no one in this schoolhouse is allowed to take off their mask,
00:03   nowhere, not in the stairway, not in the bathroom,
00:06   not in the classroom, nowhere. We don’t, either, in the teachers’ lounge!
00:09   If you want to eat something, if you want to drink something,
00:12   you have to go outside [unintelligible]
00:15   [unintelligible] and then you can come back in! This. mask. will. not. be. taken. off!
00:18   So you’re not eating in the teachers lounge? [Screams:] No! Not in the teachers lounge!
00:21   I go outside, I eat outside, even if it’s cold, I don’t give a s***!
00:24   Yeah? OK? And I already gave you s*** about that once!
00:27   It won’t happen, people!
00:30   It just won’t happen. We have rules. We are in a lockdown here,
00:33   and out there in private life, one meets God knows who.
00:36   I keep my kids inside, all evening we sit at home;
00:39   no one is allowed outside. And then I come here to this school,
00:42   …and…
00:45   you all sit on top of each other and chow down food,
00:48   in a closed room without a single window open!
00:51   That makes me insane! As a matter of fact, this is so irresponsible,
00:54   this entire society is so irresponsible!
00:57   It’s enough when only one has this s***,
01:00   then suddenly all of us are gonna have it, and I will get it too, because I, too, have to
01:03   stand here now, because that is what my s*** job is! We could’ve saved ourselves
01:06   from this crap if we did that!

18 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Makes Me Insane!

  1. I do not feel the coronavirus psychosis. I just have to carry this nasty muzzle-mask in my pocket and wear it when entering the store.
    My job is not related to contact with people.
    And also the economy. At rush hour, I get home without traffic jams. This was not the case before.
    At lockdown in the spring, we walked a lot with the dogs in the park. The dogs were happy that we were at home.

    There were many sick people among relatives and friends.
    Putin is definitely not dealing with the problem.

  2. Elena in Russia is noteworthy for viewing the world through an anti-Putin lens at all times.

    Given that Russia rapidly developed an alleged vaccine I would say Putin is indeed cashing in on the Plandemic for Russian pharma, no? so he really is “dealing with problem”, no?

    Elena mentions many sick people. Making the assumption that Elena knows all their diagnoses to be Covid and how these diagnoses were made and by whom and under what Health Ministry orders and using what testing methods, we can still refer to:

    “Lethality: According to the latest immunological studies, the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of covid-19 in the general population is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries, which is comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968.”

    • Yes. My friends and relatives were diagnosed with Covid. The ambulance does not travel, and there is nowhere to hospitalize people.
      My husband’s cousin kept a covid diary on the network – she said that she lay at home with a fever for a week – the doctor did not go, the ambulance did not go. And since she is a famous woman in the city, she managed to get to the hospital. Doctors do not know how and how to treat people.

      My cousin contracted covid in the hospital while undergoing emergency surgery. Then he was sent home. He came and infected everyone there. His very elderly mother (my aunt) recently died.

      Nobody knows what kind of drug Putin claims to be a vaccine.
      Modern Russia is even worse than the USSR – shameless lies and propaganda. The USSR is just young Leninists compared to Putin’s cannibalistic regime.

      • Your cousin just tested positive is all, on a fradulent test, had nothing to do with his illness, the reason for his surgery. He did not infect everyone at home once he returned. His relatives and/or friends just tested positive on a fraudulent test. How many of them were actually sick with a cardio-respiratory complaint, none, one? How many of them were actually tested for covid?

        His very elderly mother died, so I assume then older than 80. Maybe she just died from something called old age. Nobody has survived it yet. The whole covid-1984 thing is a shameless lie. Including passing off the deaths of elderly people dying from old-age related ailments as covid dead, even though everybody dies in old age, if you make it to old age. The statistics for Russia and that matter for USA, Brazil, UK, France etc. do not show an increase in deaths from all illnesses from 2019, including among the elderly; and let me tell you it is difficult to get these stats because governments are obfuscating. But where we have them, there is no evidence of any epidemic/pandemic. Because there is none.

        People do not question the testing of which they know nothing. But different tests/assays give different results and the same assays give different results. It’s fraud in other words. It all collapses right there.

    • My husband’s older brother (a resident of St. Petersburg) had recently been ill in a very severe form – he was under mechanical ventilation. The lungs have not yet been restored. But his wife was ill in a very mild form.

      I am personally acquainted with several people who have been ill. For example, in our building where I rent an office, a woman has been ill. She travels on public transport and has contacts with people at work. But since she drank vitamin D for prophylaxis (she is a little over 50 years old), the disease was mild.

  3. The masks will make it easier to separate the sheep from the goats when the rational people have finally had enough and start to defy the covid fascists. Of course, the elitist architects of the current tyranny do not follow their own edicts since those are only for the serfs to obey. There will need to be some kind of shibboleth to easily identify such traitors. Perhaps a question of who they voted for in the farce of an election, or where they were educated and what kind of degree they have would suffice.

    • Those who do not have a vaccine will probably not be allowed to travel overseas, no going to any airport or port without a covid vaccine card showing you got the vaccine, already Ticketmaster in the USA says you are not going to their concerts without a covid vaccine. If you are living in Europe and use public transport, UK included, you may not be allowed on a bus without the requisite covid vaccine card. Expect people to not allow you into weddings, churches, funerals etc. without showing your covid card at the door. We need to prepare psychologically for the worst. This could of course include threats of imprisonment. And actual imprisonment for non-compliance. I don’t think it will come down to that, but people have lost their minds here in a way that is unprecedented in the history of mass hysteria, so there are no limits to what the gangster medical authorities are capable of. In other words, it may well come down to that. And even if not, everything else is bad enough. You may not be allowed into a library, bookstore, shopping mall, restaurant, bar, grocery etc. without a vaccine card, and then what do we do?

      • Just do what any true patriot would do; ignore the law when it is possible to do so, and use a forged or faked certificate for the times when it’s not possible to do so.


        The UK is putting money into tracking adverse drug reactions, ADRs, from the vaccines, the ones that we are told are going to be “safe”

        Leaving aside the politicians who will have themselves injected on TV with saline solution only, the normie sheeple flocking to the needle to prove their “unselfish, ethical” lack of Covidiocy to themselves and the like-minded will thus tend to suffer natural attrition from ADRs over time, no?

      • With war raging on two fronts not taking precautions creates serious opportunity for that and those who prowl the streets and in the air. Stay safe.

        • “Stay safe”, …………how virtuous and “Big Mama nagging”, reminds me of the SJW snowflake desire for “safe spaces”.

          What is “that” and what is “in the air”? Your first sentence does not obey English grammar, by the way

          If you are implying that the war on Covid (sic) and the war on Replacism due to immigration are two fronts of the same war, you are deluded.

          • You are raging on too many fronts. Seneca and Markus Aurelius mention virtue as a real winning direction.
            Spot the Muslims in an instant.

      • @Mark H: baa-baa. Sensible precautions for any virus e.g . flu are handwashing. Vitamin D seems to play a good role too, also Vitamin C. Period. But your apparent reply to Lawrence shows you have no idea of the Great Reset, the Rockefeller report of 2010 and what is going down altogether.

        If this virus were what you fear, with the authorities knowing it too, why has no country-shopping infectious illegal immigration been halted to e.g. Germay or the USA?

        • I was replying to “The Moon…” (18th, 10.18pm); nor am I as ignorant as you assume. If I decide, on the information available, that wearing masks is safer for me and others, then I’m a sheep who thinks for himself, if such creatures exist.

          As for your second para, I’m not in charge of government policy here in the UK, let alone Germany or the US!

      • I don’t begrudge you the right to wear a mask in public if you choose to do so for whatever medical reason you require. I however, do take issue with forcing that upon others whether they desire to also wear masks or not. Or with forcing individuals and businesses into bankruptcy because of the excuse of wuhan virus tyranny wielded by corrupt local and state government hypocrites.

        Identifying those who enjoy and are complicit in government tyranny by their gleeful wearing of masks and their forcing of others to do the same is legitimate when the wearing of masks has metastasized beyond a prudent health precaution into a method of control and shutting down of dissent. I am talking about those who wear masks when driving around alone in their cars, who don’t immediately remove them when exiting a store or office, and who demand that others also wear them and agitate for draconian penalties and enforcement actions against anyone who disagrees. Masks have become the new virtue signaling for many, and especially for those petty tyrants who disobey their own edicts when they think the public isn’t around or no one but their fellow elite tyrants are watching.

  4. This is SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) on a global scale. The elites of every country are in on it. Just stick together and come down hard on any dissent and we can come out of it with some real power, they think. In the meantime, keep up the SRA and drive people insane.

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