A Conspiracy to Behead

Here’s the latest update on the execution of the blasphemous infidel schoolteacher in Paris last Friday.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Le Figaro:

The assassination of Samuel Paty: A parent of a pupil and the assailant exchanged messages before the attack

These exchanges are believed to have been on the message server, WhatsApp.

by Le Figaro and AFP
October 20, 2020

The pupil’s father who had called for a mobilization on social media against Samuel Paty, the professor assassinated on Friday 16 October near his school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), exchanged messages by telephone with the assailant in the days that preceded the attack, AFP learned Tuesday from a source close to the case.

These exchanges are believed to have taken place on the message server WhatsApp, added this inside source, confirming news from BFMTV, without giving specifics as to their content.

The father of the female pupil had given his telephone number on Facebook in a message accompanying a video disseminated 8 October, in which he called for mobilization against Samuel Paty after a course on the Mohammad cartoons, which, according to him, his daughter attended. The latter, who is in the 4th year, was, indeed, part of a class in which Samuel Paty gave a course on freedom of expression on 6 October, but she was absent that day according to a source close to the case.

On 12 October he had disseminated a new video on YouTube targeting the teacher, in which the militant Islamist Abdelhakim Sefrioui appeared with him. The two men were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in this anti-terrorist investigation, along with 14 other persons, including five students.

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  1. Some press reports “The brutal slaughter of French teacher Samuel Paty has shocked France and sent a ripple effect through Europe.”. Well if Merkel Macron 9/11 Sweden and all the other Muslim atrocities only opened the gates of Vienna wider for Muslims and their well met helpers it’s difficult to see how anything short of ISIS enforcing Sharia on the streets of London Paris or New York is going to change anything. Even then I am not so sure anymore.

  2. “Two Muslim women, one veiled, are stabbed under the Eiffel Tower by white females”. The Muslim women created a provocation – as pet usual – “amid rising tensions in Paris after teacher was beheaded for Mohammed cartoons”. The sooner Europeans end this occupation the better.

  3. You can’t even trust the youts of these Islamic savages. Just another reason why we cannot allow any of them to remain in our western lands.

  4. Mosques, we must demolish all of them fast,! Muslims must be all removed from Europe, deported to Middle East,
    Islam must be banned, qurans incinerated, Muslims are out to murder us all.

    To hell with this death cult!

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