“Germany Has Degenerated Into the Dictatorship of the Left”

In the following video a young man is eloquent and forthright in his denunciation of the German version of “cancel culture”. He is not at all Woke, and it’s amazing that YouTube hasn’t yanked his channel, given the number of subscribers he has.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:06   Hello to all viewers, and welcome to this new broadcast
00:10   As you know, we are currently in a decisive phase
00:13   as far as Germany’s political future is concerned,
00:16   respectively it is so, that rarely the resistance has experienced a more decisive phase than now,
00:22   and as a result, the system is now stirring everything up
00:26   to prevent this social change from really occurring.
00:29   Because in fact there is an open call to hunt down those who think differently,
00:33   and what is even worse, freedom of expression is no longer even pro-forma defended.
00:38   More about that in this video. It should be generally known by now
00:41   that the government does not think much of its critics.
00:44   There are the usual defamations in government-related media such as ARD and ZDF
00:49   Again and again, critics are practically brought closer to the “right” and “right-wing extremists”,
00:54   or as with the Corona demonstrations, they’re all deniers, they’re all conspirators.
00:58   All of these people are being constantly devalued as humans. And we already know
01:01   that’s a kind of defamation, that’s just a kind of tactic that one says:
01:04   “Just don’t show solidarity with these people, they’re the bad guys, they’re the wrong ones,”
01:09   and so one would like to prevent independent thinking in this country.
01:13   Which is then a new dimension, since they don’t even try
01:16   to give the impression anymore that freedom of expression is a given,
01:20   because when people are openly intimidated now, when people are fired because
01:24   of their political opinions, that is now openly approved.
01:27   It is a case that is being talked about all over Germany,
01:30   the case of the cabaret artist “Lisa Eckhard”. You may find this
01:33   woman great; you may find her less so;
01:36   you may not even know her, but that is actually completely irrelevant.
01:39   Because she is a German cabaret artist who was to perform at a literature festival.
01:44   And in a democracy it shouldn’t be a problem that someone can make a appearance onstage,
01:49   and the people who think that’s a good show go there, take it in, enjoy and applaud.
01:53   But unfortunately we are heading more and more
01:56   towards a left-wing dictatorship and real opinion terror;
01:59   there is no other way of describing it. But “Lisa Eckhard”
02:02   has now been removed from this literature festival by the organizer.
02:05   Not because the organizer has a problem with her, but because the organizer
02:09   is threatened by the radical left, ANTIFA.
02:12   There are actual threats, and it is practically expected
02:15   that the event will be attacked and stormed
02:18   if Lisa Eckhard appears, that it can lead to property damage and personal injuries.
02:23   That is exactly why she has now been canceled.
02:26   And so that no one can claim again that I just made it all up,
02:30   let’s just do some fact-checking and look into the Spiegel [magazine].
02:34   Well “proven” with mainstream sources, so that nobody can say anything afterwards.
02:38   Then it says here; “The letter goes on to say that, in our opinion it is pointless
02:42   to schedule an event at which it is clear that it will be blown up
02:46   or that damage to property and people is likely. Over the past few days
02:50   we have heard throughout the neighbourhood that the protest is already forming.
02:53   In the well-known, left-dominated neighbourhood, such an event will not be tolerated.
02:58   Police protection is also out of the question, because the situation
03:02   could then escalate and even lead to street skirmishes”
03:06   So, have I heard this right now: “In this left-dominated neighbourhood, it will not be tolerated.”
03:11   I’m sorry, where are we here anyway? “This is not tolerated in this neighbourhood,”
03:15   so German law does not apply in this neighbourhood, because
03:18   it is a leftist neighbourhood; that’s how I understand it, and the laws have been suspended,
03:21   or how should I imagine that someone says, “It is not tolerated in this leftist neighbourhood”?
03:25   Why is nobody re-establishing the rule of law in this leftist neighbourhood?
03:29   Those people who utter threats, why are they not legally removed from circulation?
03:34   And I think that is actually a new dimension we see here,
03:37   that this is a real tangible scandal we are experiencing here,
03:40   because the whole thing is very reminiscent of totalitarian systems.
03:43   That people are no longer allowed to appear here on stage,
03:46   because it does not suit a radical and violent mob.
03:49   And what’s really new here: they’ve actually covered it all over the mainstream media,
03:53   so everyone can find out more about it, everyone can check it,
03:56   and I can really present it as a solid fact,
03:59   that Germany has now actually become a left-wing dictatorship.
04:03   Because the state has not enforced its monopoly on the use of force, practically nothing
04:06   is being done to affirm that this woman has a right to freedom of speech and expression.
04:10   They practically spit on us here, and the government is rolling over in the face of these
04:13   leftist extremists. Do you know how crazy this actually is? That’s exactly what you cannot do.
04:18   That is the goal of these people, who want to intimidate other people
04:22   with crime, with threats and with extremism.
04:25   In a democracy, in a constitutional state, it should be the case
04:29   that criminals are afraid if they do such things, and not that
04:33   Lisa Eckhard and the event organizer should be afraid because they are threatened by criminals.
04:36   And that’s not an isolated case, either. Dieter Nuhr’s video was deleted
04:40   by the German Research Association, and do you know why?
04:43   Because there was a leftist s*** storm, a leftist s*** storm
04:46   over the video, and they just deleted it again.
04:49   And then put it online again after Dieter Nuhr practically submitted an opinion himself,
04:53   and complained what the whole brouhaha was supposed to be about, in good German.
04:56   But to be honest, I am no longer surprised that in this country
04:59   the freedom of opinion is no longer protected proactively.
05:02   It could be that you take part in a demonstration the state
05:05   is not entirely comfortable with, and then you lose your job.
05:09   This is what happened to the basketball player “Seibou”.
05:12   Because he’s a national player who played with a club in Bonn.
05:15   Yes, I consciously say “played”, because he lost this job; he was fired
05:19   for taking part in the anti-Corona demonstration in Berlin.
05:22   And that is really harsh. You can think whatever you want about it;
05:26   you can find it good; you can find it bad, but this argument,
05:29   if you want to get rid of someone through shenanigans, that’s really disgusting.
05:32   One reason, for example: he would endanger his team because he could have gotten infected there.
05:36   Our Federal President, Frank Walter Steinmeier, on the other hand,
05:39   had himself photographed in a group without any distance or mask.
05:42   And to be honest, as Federal President you get around a lot and greet lots of people at many events.
05:47   Then he would endanger the people practically too, endanger the people
05:50   with this behavior. But that’s OK, there are no consequences.
05:53   So you can see very clearly here, that it is now really measured by two different standards.
05:58   Thilo Sarrazin has now also been finally excluded from the SPD.
06:02   The whole thing was foreseeable; it had been going on for ages, but now
06:06   we have it practically, officially decided by the highest SPD court.
06:10   And then he did not have a lot of means to prevent that.
06:14   Because the SPD wanted him to go, they threw everything into the balance.
06:18   Now you can actually record it. In a democratic party,
06:21   Or should I rather say, a formerly democratic party like the SPD,
06:25   you can no longer practically contribute to the formation of democratic opinion.
06:28   So, legitimate criticism of migration, well-founded analyses of problems that arise from migration,
06:32   are no longer allowed to be uttered; you are straight away thrown out.
06:36   This is really a problem that I see here, people are simply being “eliminated”.
06:40   It is a real hunt; the hunt is practically open against people like me, against people like you,
06:45   against every single person out there who has a different opinion from what the left wants.
06:50   And that is a huge problem. The list is endless,
06:53   be it the head of the Hessian Film Promotion, who had to leave
06:56   at the time because he had lunch with Joerg Meuthen,
06:59   be it Uwe Steimle, be it Hans Georg Maaßen, be it Xavier Naidoo.
07:02   I could go on forever, and it’s a huge problem that we have.
07:06   I myself lost a apprenticeship position in the public service because of my opinion.
07:10   And it is the same for many in Germany who are not in the media, who are not in the public eye.
07:14   And that’s why I ask you at this point to share this video and make everyone you know aware of
07:18   what is now possible in Germany. In this video all the facts, all the evidence,
07:22   all the data are collected so that everyone can see that Germany
07:26   has degenerated into the dictatorship of the Left,
07:30   and it is important to speak plainly about this point.
07:33   It is the silent majority in this country that is being suppressed.
07:36   You can see, for example, how many people demonstrated against this government.
07:41   They try to downplay all of that, they try to defame these people.
07:44   We now have 150,000 subscribers on this channel, which is an awful lot.
07:48   Look at the clicks and the ratings, it’s really unbelievable.
07:53   I thank you for the support, and it shows me that we are even more numerous.
07:58   Especially from the Left, from these people who want this left-wing dictatorship,
08:02   there is really not such a large formation, and there is not that much power.
08:05   We actually have the power; we just have to learn to use it, and I work on it every day
08:10   with these videos. You always spread it, that’s a wonderful symbiosis,
08:14   and many thanks to all those people who make this possible
08:17   by voluntarily and financially supporting my journalistic work.
08:20   I show the possible ways you can do that in the video,
08:23   which are also linked in the top comment in the video. As I said,
08:26   this is the only way my work is really possible, so a big thank-you to all of you.

5 thoughts on ““Germany Has Degenerated Into the Dictatorship of the Left”

  1. At the end he says there is a “silent majority”. He may well be right but the problem is organizing the more individualist inclined people. The Left fall line in like robots, at least until they get power. Try to get non-leftists to organize and the first day you’ll have a faction break off. I’ve thought about this and have not yet come up with a solution. The communists think as a community. They read the bullet points and mimic them. The individualist thinks and has an independently formed opinion. They are less likely to look to a commune for answers and therefore less likely to feel a need to organize with others.

  2. A bit more on the young fellow, as he battles censorship by the big tech. in Germany.
    In his Youtube videos he talks about reprisals and the pressure he faced at school just because he publicly criticized Merkel’s refugee policy.
    He was literally told by the teaching staff: “We are colorful here, if you do not like it, you do not belong here.”
    Due to his critical opinion he was exposed to interrogation methods, as in the former GDR era.
    He even lost his apprenticeship due to his political opinion.
    So far, tens of thousands are already following him in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. …
    …. He calls for civil courage. …
    …. His latest statement [circa August 2019] about the climate activist Greta Thunberg probably mobilized many climate fanatics, who demanded the deletion of his channel.
    Now his channel was deleted without any warning because of alleged “hate speech”. …..
    ….. His lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel posted on his Twitter the following:
    Important success against YouTube:
    The day before yesterday, the channel “neverforgetniki” was illegally deleted because of alleged hate speech.
    YouTube has now restored the channel before the deadline that was set by us.
    We are now reviewing claims for damages.


    And they restated his you tube channel. 🙂
    I do note that the above website is also pressured by “google non approved, unsafe site etc.” and this time got through.

  3. A book he has written, which is in German.
    My wake-up call for Germany – Neverforgetniki (German Edition)

    On Amazon I have been able to do google translate, and could get some reviews, from the “international reviews”.
    Not sure if the link will stay in English.
    There is also somehow “amazon translate” ..

    His style of using good back up sources, and just objective reporting is a winner.
    Then his understanding and putting simply and clearly the problems are very effective.

    That would be why with a good lawyer, and Utube had to reinstate him. Facts are facts.

    Almost forgotten what basic but good, reporting was about, compared to watching other media news.

    The difficult time ahead is when more people notice him, and the “attack dogs” are unleashed to smear, besmirch, just to “character assassinate”.
    Already there are attempts to drag him down.
    Many good people also support him, so take care Niklas, & thank you for calling things out as they are.

    Thanks to Baron, in gaining a glimpse of future “baton holders”. 🙂

  4. Why would the peaceful religion coexisting cultural enriching comrades want to blow anything up?
    They are rough and tough warriors and would never go after citizens enjoying a concert.
    There is immense gratitude from these poor downtrodden refugees for the host country that welcomed them.

  5. As a European , I’m very proud of this boy , Hevus a patriot Who see what is happening in His country under Merkel &CO regime , it’s so sad to see this strange quietness Of Germans , they don’t do nothing to change this horrific madness from government, and that’s scary for the country..

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