Culture-Enricher Attacks a Synagogue and a Bordello in Graz

An immigrant in the Austrian city of Graz has enriched the city’s culture by attacking a synagogue and a bordello, among other targets.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

Spread all over Graz

Synagogue-Attacker carried out further attacks

In the shocking case of the attack on Elie Rosen and the Graz Synagogue, further details have come to light. The Graz police informed Am Sonntag that the suspect thus far is believed to have committed seven criminal acts in the city area. The man who is being searched for at full speed is also under strong suspicion of having attacked a RosaLila Panthers clubhouse and thrown rocks at a bordello on Grenadier Street, where he also is said to have mocked prostitutes.

In addition, according to the police, the man committed further acts of vandalism in the city area of Graz, where among other things he sprayed pro-Palestinian slogans on house walls on the Annen Street and near the main train station. Window panes at the bordello on Grenadier Street were broken as a result of rocks being thrown.

Big wave of support

Already on Saturday and Sunday, a large wave of support formed in solidarity with the Jewish community in Austria and other victims. In the Steiermark Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer and Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl (both ÖVP) as well as their representatives, stood “shoulder to shoulder” and condemned the attacks in the sharpest terms.

Elie Rosen: “I am coming to terms with it”

On the day after the assault on him Rosen said: “I believe that every physical attack, even when there are no physical results, have a thoroughly psychological impact. I would be lying if I said I was relaxed. I am coming to terms with it.” The Jewish community and he will not allow themselves to get down.

Protection for Rosen half hour too late

In respect to the accusations that the Graz police acted too late, the authorities made clear at a press conference on Sunday that increased protection for the synagogue is already in effect. To have such a guard around the clock, a longer lead time and planning time are needed. Personal protection for Elie Rosen should have been started a half hour after the attack.

Police set up an investigation team

On Sunday police set up an investigation team in order to arrest the suspect as quickly as possible. Land police director Gerald Ortner said that the perpetrator may have attacked the synagogue for the first time on Wednesday. He explained that, “It is not just an anti-Semitic perpetrator, but also a homophobic one.”

On Sunday, images of the video surveillance were publicized, in which the suspect can be recognized. In all, seven crimes are attributed to the perpetrator.