Open Season on Gays in Dutch Asylum Centers

Muslim immigrants are notoriously intolerant of homosexuals, and are acting violently against gay migrants in Dutch asylum centers.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Fiery letter to the state secretary: “Homosexual-related violence in asylum center is hardly addressed”

Sandro Kortekaas, chairman of LGBT Asylum Support, has written a fiery letter to state secretary Broekers-Noed. According to Kortekaas, hardly anything is done against anti-homosexual violence in asylum centers. Since June there have been 60 reports, but hardly anything is done, says Kortekaas. There must be a change here, says the chairman of LGBT Asylum Support.

Kortekaas is quite clear: There is no other solution other than separate asylum centers for LGBT refugees. He made this known in a fiery letter to the state secretary.

“Since June we have received 60 reports of violence against LGBTIs in asylum centers. We have forwarded them to a hotline, but we have not heard anything further.”

Kortekaas has been involved in his crusade since 2016. But an important question must be asked: Are separate LGBT-asylum centers the solution? If these asylum centers come, then it means that the anti-homosexual mob is still in the Netherlands, with big results in the long term. The anti-homosexual sentiment will remain among these people, and it is this that must be tackled. Separate asylum centers are a temporary solution, but ultimately don’t cure the disease.

“We have been in discussion with the state secretary since 2016 on the subject of separate units for LGBTI asylum seekers. Because that works, especially for transgenders. We want every asylum center to be required to have such a unit,” says Kortekaas. “ We don’t understand why there is still no policy that each asylum center be required to have an LGBTI unit. We have reached rock bottom.”

9 thoughts on “Open Season on Gays in Dutch Asylum Centers

  1. There is, of course, another question: how are homosexuals identified? They look like everybody else. It is possible to attack, or discriminate against, homosexuals only if they parade their perversion in public.

  2. If the Dutch LGBTI want separate facilities for their ‘brethren’, this is not a problem IF THEY PAY FOR IT.

  3. Because I’m such a right-wing bastard, I’d consider a law whereby any refugee claimant gets their claim automatically denied if they’re convicted of such an assault.

    Yep, even real ones (of which there aren’t many).

    There’s a point where one has to put one’s foot down.

    That point was a long time ago, sadly.

    • I wouldn’t allow them into our western countries in the first bloody place. Yeah, you are right, we are past the point of no return where these bloody 3rd worlders are concerned, this will be solved with blood, fire and iron. As is always does.

  4. Extinction occurring at different levels in The Netherlands.

    Genocide of the white race.
    Destruction of original traditional Dutch culture.
    Killing off true Christianity or turning it into some form unrecognizable to be added into the melting pot of a world religion.

  5. A country reaches a point in its self inflicted degeneracy where it cannot see or think Straight anymore. Meanwhile enrichment goes into reverse.
    Maybe the drudgery of consuming stuff and stupid will become a clear second to stoicism and law with order that works.

  6. By the way, gay migrants are not the only ones attacked in migrant centres. There are a lot of reports of Muslims attacking people of other religions – mostly Christians and Yazidis. However, no one cares about that enough to set up separate facilities for them.
    European authorities fear so much that they may be suspected of favouring Christians that they would let them get beaten up, humiliated, raped or killed than to take any targeted measures to give them a bit of safety and security.

    I wonder why the ruling European elites have this irrational hatred of Christianity? Especially as they go out of their way to make Muslims feel welcome in European countries.

    • A specially Merkel/ Macron they are the worse , .. lock up your daughters granddaughters and wife’s , this savages don’t care they reaping everything,!! Anywhere, Merkel can burn in hell..

  7. I wish Americans would see whats happening over in European countries as far as mass muslim immigration is concerned. The left here in America wants to have a never ending flood of muslims coming in here to the states. The left here just doesnt get it. They are no longer rationale. If Joe Biden becomes President the Democrats will open the flood gates that President Donald trump has blocked since he got into office. How can leftists say they care so much about LGBTQ and womens rights but then want to fill our country with muslims. It just doesnt make sence. The left here in America will defend muslims to the end. They constantly slam Christians but stick up for barbaric muslims. Hey muslims can do whatever they want, but do it in there own countries!!

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