Yet Another Somali Success Story From Sweden

Just when you thought the cultural enrichment news from Sweden couldn’t get any more sickening, up pops Ahmed M., the recidivist child-raping “Swede”.

This story is truly stomach-turning. Sensitive readers may want to skip reading the details in the article.

The most appalling thing about the article is the paucity of the sentences handed down. The perpetrator served only fourteen months for an earlier rape of a twelve-year-old girl. And he was sentenced to only eleven years in prison for the extremely violent and sadistic rape of a nine-year-old girl, whom he very nearly strangled to death. Knowing Sweden, he’ll be back roaming the streets in six or seven years, well before his victim reaches her majority.

If there were any justice in Sweden, Ahmed M. would be expeditiously dispatched to whatever reward awaits him in the hereafter. Failing that, he would serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Or, if he were ever released from incarceration, the prison doctor would surgically remove certain portions of his anatomy to ensure he could never practice his depraved hobby again.

But there ain’t no justice in Sweden. Not as I understand the word.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Somali sentenced for bestial rape of 9-year-old girl

Dragged her by the legs on her back into the woods

July 20, 2020

Law and Justice: A 39-year-old Somali immigrant has now been sentenced to 11 years in prison for aggravated rape of a 9-year-old girl in Norrköping. The prosecutor also wanted to convict him of attempted murder because he strangled the girl.

On April w5 the 9-year-old girl was on her way home from school in a small location in Norrköping after she hurt her finger. She encountered 39-year-old Ahmed, who dragged her in some bushes and raped her at knifepoint.

Today the judgment has been handed down, to which Fria Tider gained access.

The document describes the terrible abuse of the little girl.

“Inside the small bush, he hit her on her left cheek with his open hand and held a knife to her throat. She was so scared that she peed herself. He waited until there were no cars and dragged her by her legs and on her back to a forest nearby. When they came to the forest, he showed her the knife, which was red or black. In the forest, he took off her clothes and smeared her all over with clay, even her hair and between her legs.”

The text continues:

“He also forced water and clay into her mouth and wanted her to swallow. He put on a pair of see-through gloves and tore her between her legs. He told her to put her hands behind her back and tied them with a sweater. Then he strangled her with two hands so that she could not move. She kicked with her legs and her body was trembling. She felt as if she were going to die.”

“The man then had vaginal intercourse with the girl, kissed her then ‘peed on her’,” as it says in the judgment.

“Before he left, he said that if she said anything to police or her parents, then he would kill her entire family. When he said that, he held up the knife,” writes the court.

According to Nyheter Idag, the man is originally from Somalia, but he received Swedish citizenship in 2014. Therefore he cannot be deported. The newspaper writes that he was recently convicted of aggravated sexual abuse of a child when he lured another 12-year-old girl into a cellar. There, he threatened the girl with death with a knife against her throat, forcibly removed her clothes, and then raped her. This time he also used plastic gloves.

In this latest judgment, he has also been convicted in court of extremely aggravated assault, kidnapping, and assault, for a total of 11 years in prison. He will further pay damages to the 9-year-old girl to the amount of 240,000 kronor.

The prosecutor also charged the 39-year-old with attempted murder due to the strangulation of the girl, but the district court took the view that he let go before she lost consciousness, and therefore, ruled it extremely aggravated assault, reports SvT, which omitted the rapist’s national origin.

Translator’s comment:

SvT (Swedish state TV) has reported on this case without mentioning the fact that Ahmed (further identified as Ahmed M. by Nyheter Idag) is from Somalia. In 2018 he was sentenced to one year and nine months in jail for the rape of the above-mentioned 12-year-old girl. (He was released 7 months early.) I have translated below only the pertinent paragraph from one of SvT’s articles on this case referring to his previous conviction. The defendant is described by SvT simply as a 39-year-old or a resident of Norrköping. (This is not the same SvT article linked in the Fria Tider article.)

“The 39-year-old was sentenced in the summer of 2018 to one year and nine months in prison for aggravated abuse of a child. The girl who was exposed was 12 years old at the time of the crime.”

32 thoughts on “Yet Another Somali Success Story From Sweden

  1. It is monstrous beyond words. But we keep seeing awful stories like this out of Sweden with no hint that they will make any changes. I thank God that I live in a place where I’m allowed to be heavily armed and where immigrant dirtbags have enough sense to stay away from me and my family.

    • You know I hate to say it but you have a valid point. Every weapon had its day.

  2. I am horrified by Sweden. I know they like their sex, but rape of a child is an entirely different matter. The previous sentence was far too light. This creature should be sentenced to death but I know Sweden would never do that. So how about life in prison? Or deport the [epithet] to his home country and never allow him back.

    This is so disgusting that I can’t describe how angry I am. If I were the mother of that child I’d seriously considering killing the [epithet].

    Sorry for the bad language but I’m really angry.

    • Swedish women have been known to prefer black men for their sexual partners over White indigenous Swedish men. I find that truly disgusting.

      • If white indigenous Swedish males acted more like men and less like cuckolds their women might start to prefer them again instead of orcs of every variety.

        Of course if Swedish males acted like men they would likely drive out all the orcs or put those who chose to remain in Sweden to productive use fertilizing daisys, and Swedish women would be put back in their place; especially the ones who collaborated with the invaders by engaging in fornication with them and through miscegenation. They could borrow a page from the French Resistance and their efforts to punish collaborators after their country had been liberated.

        • The feminist woke cultist should be put in collars as a reminder it is not nice to mess with the natural order of things.

        • If white indigenous Swedish males acted more like men and less like cuckolds their women might start to prefer them again instead of orcs of every variety.

          Having spent there a while already, I can tell it will eventually catch your attention how many Thai women there are even in seemingly unlikely environs, like all the way up to the coldest climate zones. Also Latin Americans are there in numbers, of which not a single male. Draw your conclusions.

      • That sounds to me like Swedish women are just bored and will dance with anyone.

    • Absolutely subscribe to your comments-the disgusting behaviour of these Middle Eastern/Paki/Bangladeshi individuals has been brought about by that awful German Chancellor Merkle who invited over 800,000 immigrants from third world countries to enter Europe. I doubt life as it was will ever return to White Christian Europe-oil and water do not mix ans that is what Europe now has to contend with. As an Englishman I feel that my country is no longer mine, no longer safe as it was, the Police have entered a new faze of control rather than mitigation and helpful protection as once was the policy of the police. Only one answer is really of any deterent to what Europe as well as Sweden is now facing and that is the return of Capital Punishment.

      • Any connection with the Swedish Church having a
        Majority of female priests for the first time in the
        History of the country?

        You can guarantee there will be no shortage of
        Welcome flags if there is a second deluge
        Of third world refugees, all brandished by deluded women and teenage girls.

        My heart bleeds for this little girl and her
        Family, she will never recover from the
        Trauma of this despicable attack.

        Where is the Viking spirit when it is needed
        These days?

        • Dealing with Swedish “Priestesses”. I imagine a Roman legion or two inviting them all for a wild weekend in some remote mosque.

        • I imagine Enoch saying, “Finally they are getting the picture which means it’s just a matter of time. Oh look they just closed another thousand mosques”.

      • Hey! Imagine you feel your country is no longer yours. That’s true for all of Western Europe. Whoever starts the ball rolling will not be alone. Women’s opinion won’t count for much.

      • Merkel invited over 2 million, now is probably double only in Germany!!, it’s tragedy for Germany and Europe, that old disgusting women still in the office and still invading whole Africa and Middle East , now little bit quietly , they breed like rabbits this savages, so in few years , it’s no longer Europe, beautiful Europe where Christian people live in harmony with this horrific, unimaginable crimes .. test in piece Europe, Germans are dumb to keep this old government in power..

      • I hate to break it to you tarien but there were millions upon millions of Muslims in Western Europe long before Angela Merkel was in ever in charge of anything, indeed relatively few the invaders can simply be ascribed to 2015, you’d have to ignore decades of policies, all she has done is the next natural iteration of what as the latest and most reckless example yet. You as an Englishman should know this, given that England has virtually no Muslim importation as a result of any EU policy but special immigrant programs from its former colonies, with Tony Blair’s government bearing the greatest responsibility for the huge numbers that have come about.

        Mohammad has been the number one baby name in your country for over a decade now. I fear you misunderstand your situation, as is obviously evident by the complete capitulation by the British government to the BLM thugs after it has left the EU, regardless of what trade deals remain in place, Britain’s own government are massive dhimmis and need no help to be so. The wind rush generation in Britain was in 1948, and most guest worker programs were enacted in the 1960s. The “life as we know it” that you refer to has been dead for a very long time., whether or not you were paying attention when it happened is erroneous.

        • I’m a woman living in Germany, so I know the situation better then You know’s bad really bad ..

        • Muslims especially were very “nice” and having civil like intercourse for a while. Then something happened. Did it have anything to do with numbers of both rotting non progressive bodies and cash? Maybe it came to the general attention of the separated Muslim column how soft and stupid the legal system especially and other institutions they are now undermining and showing zero respect for are? No matter how much they shoot bomb rape pillage plunder lie cheat and steal the gormless kafir population does nothing to be overly concerned about. Tommy Robinson this and Tommy Robinson that is nothing much to worry about. Maybe those who stay home for a while will start to reflect and eventually arrive at one great big, “Oh my God! Something. Must be done!” No wait….,

    • The only way you deal with these 3rd world savages who rape and brutalize the natives is hang them, and if you have too, put in an express lane. Dealing with uncivilized 3rd world savages with civilized means is a sure way to lose your country and your women to these savages. Prison or deporting these savages to live to fight another day is stupidity.

  3. Swedes are so pathetic it seems that the only surprise is that the parents did not freely offer their daughter for molestation. Highly surprised that there are two Swedes who conceived and then didn’t abort the collection of cells. Not surprised at all by the court decision or the actions of the orc.

  4. The sentences are grossly insufficient to deter these child rapists. Withdrawal of citizenship and return to country of origin is absolutely necessary after imprisonment.

    • I really have to laugh at your weak, naïve response. How you deter these 3rd world savages is hang them and make it a public spectacle. Dealing with uncivilized savages with civilized weak responses only invites more aggression towards you and yours. The time for niceties and pleasantries where these 3rd world savages are concerned is over, the time has come to deal with them as our ancestors did with a bloody minded vengeance and extreme prejudice. So it comes down to the question? Are you the sheep? Or will you get off your backside and be the Wolf?

  5. In my young adulthood, I used to be against the death penalty.

    Later, I realized that if a society is not even willing to put to death it’s most vile of creatures, those who carry out premeditated, or vicious murders, and those that brutally harm children, then how do we keep a straight face while raising our children to actually believe they are precious to us, and want to protect them?

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