Céline Pina: “This Madness is Contaminating us All”

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Céline Pina is a French politician and essayist who is known for her vigorous criticism of Islam. In the following video Ms. Pina discusses the ubiquitous torquing of language that has become a mainstay of political correctness in the West.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In fact, one of the other problems that is driving people crazy is that words no longer make sense.
00:05   Because today we have anti-racists who defend the fact that we consider everyone
00:10   based on the colour of their skin, and who think that if you are white, you are guilty by nature.
00:15   If you are a victim of racism, you’re a victim by nature. Nobody understands anything anymore.
00:22   Words don’t mean anything, and I think that in this great collapse of language
00:27   there is also a rise in violence, because when words have no meaning, people go crazy.
00:33   They can no longer talk to each other. What we are talking about is an impossible dialogue,
00:38   because all the words have been turned inside out like gloves. And when someone speaks up
00:43   and says anti-racist, we don’t know whether we have a pure racist who sees everything through
00:47   the colour of one’s skin or whether we have someone who is really looking for equality beyond
00:51   these questions of sex, skin colour, religion, etc.
00:56   I believe this madness is contaminating us all, unfortunately. —Thank you very much, Céline.

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  1. Right now there are some obscure less civil human being carrying on as usual. “Alah this and Alah that. Hey bros let’s rape rob or maybe just kick the hell out of some lone Kafir? iPhones ready?” Unfortunately the kafir is ready. All out of business in less than a minute. So it finally begins. When it’s all over BLM might well have a case.

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