YouTube Cracks Down

The following video by the German vlogger Unblogd discusses YouTube’s recent crackdown on “hate speech”, which took out Stefan Molyneux’s channel, among others. The purge was part of a larger Night of the Long Knives staged by Big Tech against users who dissent from the Woke party line on BLM, Coronamadness, etc.

In the video below, Unblogd refers to his earlier report on the terror incident at a Paris shopping center, which was almost immediately taken down by YouTube. Fortunately, Vlad’s version at 3Speak is still available.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   So before you do anything else right now, please subscribe to my Telegram channel, if you haven’t
00:07   already. I’ll explain in a moment why that’s so important. I had planned to do something
00:12   completely different here today, but then two things happened that I didn’t really expect.
00:16   The first thing was the — great thing YouTube censored —
00:19   that happened in Paris where a guy with a Kalashnikov was seen
00:23   and a shopping mall was completely evacuated.
00:26   I already made a video about it, but it was removed, and that brings us to the second topic.
00:32   The main topic. At the moment YouTube has gone completely nuts.
00:35   Stefan Molyneux’s channel has been deleted.
00:38   He had around one million subscribers and over 250 million clicks
00:43   on his videos, and the channel is now gone.
00:47   Overnight. The same way it happened to me.
01:04   The back story is that YouTube has currently deleted over 25,000 channels
01:08   in the fight against hate speech.
01:11   Yes, and of course Stefan Molyneux’s channel was thrown under the bus as well.
01:16   After we updated our guidelines we noticed a fivefold increase in video removals and deleted
01:23   more than 25,000 channels for violation of our hate speech guidelines.
01:29   This is a really challenging predicament.
01:32   So we can expect that it will go on like this in the coming weeks and months,
01:35   with more channels being deleted,
01:38   and YouTube will become a politically correct, totally boring platform,
01:42   with no real content anymore except
01:45   for those sh***y make-up videos and some influencers that don’t get enough attention.
01:51   So, please subscribe to my Telegram channel. I have about 18,000 subscribers.
01:56   Here on YouTube I have over 20,000 subscribers. That’s still less than half of what I had before.
02:04   That means, it’s extremely important that you follow me on Telegram.
02:07   The link will be shown here again.
02:10   Otherwise, just go to Telegram and search for UNBLOGD and subscribe to my channel.
02:15   Thanks a lot, and yeah, let’s see how long this video stays online.

5 thoughts on “YouTube Cracks Down

  1. Hmm…

    Maybe what we should be doing is encouraging the Epsilon-Minus Semi-Morons that are the gatekeepers to social media and video sites like YouTube to chimp out even more wildly than they already are and increase their banning and censorship to ludicrous speed. The faster they drive away all their traffic and the advertising dollars they attract, the faster their sites and their influence will diminish into irrelevance.

    They are busy MySpace-ing themselves but not fast enough for my liking.

  2. I left Tube after downloading 30 DVD-R worth of videos.
    They keep breaking the downloader because they are not OK with that.
    I couldn’t care less what subhuman commie RATS feel about it.

  3. Thank you Miss Piggy for your tremendous translating efforts on our behalf.
    Thank you Vlad for bringing the world to rural Pennsylvania.

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