Eric Zemmour: BLM Riots Are the “Convergence of Struggles”

In the following video from a French TV talk show, the popular commentator Eric Zemmour discusses the Black Lives Matter riots. He points out that despite being staged in such widely differing countries, they all have the same modus operandi and take the same form.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It took a long time for the media to figure it out? No, the media just wanted to let a lot of time pass.
00:04   As usual the media didn’t want to talk about it. We’d already had the same with the Cologne riots,
00:11   the rapes in Cologne, you remember? —In 2015? —In 2015, all those women on New Year’s Eve
00:15   had been raped by the migrants. So there, it’s the same thing.
00:19   But just imagine, just look at the images and turn down the sound,
00:24   OK, so if you just look at the images.
00:28   You could imagine it’s Stuttgart, but it could be in Paris. —Yes.
00:32   Then you could imagine it’s Brussels, it could be in London, or it could be in Minneapolis.
00:36   It’s all the same thing. Of course it’s the same thing, of course it’s the same political movement,
00:41   and I would even say historical, meaning the intersection, the famous convergence of struggles,
00:48   has finally arrived. That means, the leftists, the Antifa, have allied with the migrants.
00:54   And these people, the Antifa, the leftists, who dream
00:57   of beating world capitalism, who dream of beating
01:00   the white Western countries, that’s how they talk. They have found their “proletariat” which
01:06   will launch the attack on those countries. Meaning, the African, the Maghreb migrants, etc.
01:13   We can see that little by little, the class war has become a race war. Between civilizations.
01:21   Between the Christian world and the Islamic world. We can all see this is happening
01:25   and that in all countries the same thing is happening. Why is it happening?
01:30   Because we have implemented the same policy everywhere. In 2015 Mrs. Merkel brought
01:35   one million migrants from Syria, and with all the other people who joined them,
01:40   the Maghreb migrants joined in and the Africans too. Eric Zemmour, on the other hand,
01:44   even with all these migrants, which you denounce, there haven’t been many demonstrations
01:51   of rioting, of looting, that’s why everyone’s surprised. —That’s because, you have to understand,
01:56   it takes time. First they arrive. They have to get settled in, they have to be welcomed, etc.,
02:02   start a life, etc., and then little by little they make you aware of their numbers.
02:06   They are being exploited by the leftists and the Antifa and so on.
02:13   Ultimately, there’s a connection among them all. We all see it. We saw that in France with [Adama] Traoré.
02:18   That means there’s a convergence among the leftists, the racialists, the blacks and the Islamists.
02:24   So it must be the same thing in Germany. I don’t even need to go there and see.
02:29   I’m sure it’s all the same. It’s the same logic. —But why? That’s what I don’t understand.
02:34   Why are we used to this kind of rioting and violence in France, but in Germany it’s so surprising?
02:41   In Germany the country is in shock. The politicians are in shock. The politicians say
02:45   they’ve never seen anything like this. Why did it take so long? —I’ll tell you why.
02:50   In the ’60s we had two very different types of immigration; they had Turks. Turkish workers,
02:59   who didn’t become Germans, they weren’t entitled to state benefits, who were confined to their
03:06   own neighbourhoods and so on, and they were under the control of the Turkish government.
03:10   So it was very controlled. We weren’t in control of anything at all.
03:15   They were entitled to state benefits. They were given French nationality.
03:18   There was the Algerian government
03:21   that wanted to keep control, but in the end it didn’t work out so well.
03:25   The Islamists from the ’80s to the ’90s, the ’90s especially,
03:28   started to put their grain of salt there.
03:32   Germany is, if I dare say, running late. So obviously we are used to it.
03:36   We had the riots in 2005. We had other riots. We are used to it, because we’re more advanced.
03:41   We have the most important Muslim community in Europe. The Islamists we have
03:47   started their work in France very early on. Earlier than Germany.
03:50   Tariq Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood.
03:53   prefer working in France rather than in Germany.
03:56   France has been at the heart of their action for the last 30 years.
03:59   For the Germans, it’s more recent. It has been accelerated by the historic mistake of Mme Merkel,
04:04   who reasoned with the thinking of an economist that, you know, all men are consumers or producers,
04:13   so it’s either blond blue-eyed Germans or Syrians or Algerians. They’re all the same. They’ll be
04:20   the same to make the factories run and to consume and well, it’s not exactly working out like that.
04:23   So, we can see what’s starting to happen in that country.
04:27   Then there’s Sweden. In Sweden it was the same thing.
04:30   The riots in Malmö. An insane amount of delinquency. The explosion of rapes.
04:35   In the wisest country, the quietest in Europe. So, you see, and then, a last thing. Last thing.
04:41   I’m talking about Sweden. It’s by design. Like Germany, they weren’t colonizing countries.
04:47   So they aren’t people who have to pay for colonization,
04:51   and yet, you said it yourself, it’s the same images.
04:54   The same riots. The same violence. The same movements. The same faces. All the same thing.

6 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: BLM Riots Are the “Convergence of Struggles”

  1. A brilliant article. It is clear as day light that the same playbook plays out with the MSM the masters voice with the tech companies as the masters of the universe of the same playbook.

  2. The quicker the elites and the socialists bring this kind of behavior out into the streets, the earlier it can be decisively crushed by those law-abiding citizens who despise this behavior and the creeping islamization/neo-feudalism/communism of their nations.

    I have given up hope of the federal government (USA) ever taking decisive action to squash this behavior, arrest and prosecute the elites who are financing the agent provocateurs, and reassert rule of law. The task of doing this, and delivering justice to those responsible including multi-billionaire elite scum will fall to ordinary citizens who have grown fed up with the government’s lack of response. Just as the choking to death of a black thug was the spark that lit this enormous pile of tinder patiently placed by elites and their communist agitators, there will yet be a spark struck that will fall upon the pool of gasoline representing those who are fed up with what has been done to their countries by those who had been charged with guarding it against such villiany and treachery. When that day comes, the same federal government that refused to reassert its authority to provide law and order will find itself unable to assert its authority in the face of widespread armed public uprising against leftists, antifa, BLM thugs, cancel culture enablers, public officials who interfere in the uprising, college professors, media enablers, and money-grubbing rentiers of every stripe.

    • This comment is from France

      @ The Moon is a harsh mistress.
      I wish you are right and that things are going to happen as you say.

      But I doubt it. Anyway, if the revolt happens, it will not start in France, as my countrymen are currently asleep or in total denial of reality.

      Signed: A great fan of Eric Zemmour.

  3. Yeah, a convergence of struggles to turn the entire civilized world into a big POS

  4. I smell a big fat commie RAT.
    The world Soviet will be a disaster for humanity.
    The quest for the glorious people’s collective utopia will result in a huge mountain of skulls.

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