Stabby “French” Muslim Was Sick of Infidels

Last Saturday a devotee of the Religion of Peace in the French town of Romans-sur-Isère attacked seven people with a knife, killing two of them. As Breitbart reported, the perpetrator was a Sudanese migrant named Abdallah Ahmed-Osman.

In the wake of the attack, evidence emerged that Mr. Osman was a devout Muslim who was simply unable to bear living in a land of infidels for any longer. What a shock! Who would have guessed?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this German follow-up on the attack, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   After the deadly knife attack in Romans-sur-Isère, in southeastern France, the anti-terrorism
00:06   prosecutor has taken over the investigation. According to the Minister of the Interior,
00:10   Christophe Castaner, investigations are underway for murder and attempted murder
00:14   in connection with a criminal terrorist group. In Saturday’s attack, two people were killed and
00:21   five others injured, two of them seriously. According to the anti-terrorist prosecutor,
00:27   the alleged perpetrator is a 33-year-old man of Sudanese descent.
00:36   My wife called me in tears and told me that someone broke into the shop, climbed over
00:42   the counter, took a butcher’s knife and stabbed a customer we had in the shop.
00:53   During a house search, documents with a religious content were found in which the perpetrator
00:58   complained, among other things, that he lived in a country of infidels.
01:02   The man was not known to the police until now.

7 thoughts on “Stabby “French” Muslim Was Sick of Infidels

  1. Eternally vigilant citizenry and border guards would stop these stupid muslim savages and their sick supporters in theirs tracks.

  2. Talk about a no-brainer to fix. If this piece of barely human garbage is sick of living among infidels, he should have been dispatched forthwith back to the Sudan before he had a chance to commit the crime.

    • Why do people like you actually think that we are going to get rid of the 3rd world problem in western nations by deporting them? It will break the banks of Europe! This can only be solved the good ole fashioned way by using live rounds and driving them out of Europe at the point of a bayonet and those that refuse need to dealt with on the spot. You CANNOT deal with uncivilized savages with civilized means!

  3. Why didn’t they buy him a ticket home? Cheaper than the funeral but the state doesn’t pay for the funeral the families do. That’s why governments see these things as low cost options as the cost is borne by the public. For example they save money by not locking up criminals and if they stab me they still save money as I pay my own funeral.It’s the same as our mental health system; let them walk the streets and kill a few people each year. No cost to the govt and they saved billions on not having mental hospitals.

    • Well arm the heck up and defend yourself! Nobody in government is going to save you! That is the part you don’t get nor understand, you are on your own, so deal with it on your own, one 3rdf worlder at a time.

  4. At the risk of drawing a bit of flak, I’d like to put in a plug for understanding the refugee. Here is a low-IQ, uneducated, unskilled tribal African suddenly thrown into a technological society. He has lost his country, his tribe, his family, his elders, and any work he might have had. Now, he just sits all day and takes handouts. He doesn’t “turn” to Islam; he’s a Muslim, which is a religion for low-IQ, low productive individuals.

    Where I’m going is that by the time he is admitted to a Western country like France, the damage is already done. The French leaders, presumably intelligent and presumably educated (somewhat) should have eliminated the possibility of people like him coming into the country. We’re calling for the low-level individual to be punished, but the really irresponsible people who knew, and had the tools, to know what they were doing just continue in their plush positions.

    Similarly, I’m not completely comfortable with the murder conviction of Muhammad Noor, the Somali policeman who shot a white woman in Minneapolis in cold blood. This is an individual whose flaws were apparent to all who looked: low impulse control, low intelligence, quick temper, hatred of women, total incompetence in the requirements of being police. Yet, the police chief under pressure from the major admitted this blatantly unqualified individual as a cop, and then ran for cover when he reacted the same way he has always reacted. From whom should we expect more: the police chief and mayor, or the obviously unqualified and impulsive cop?

    I’d be perfectly happy to let Noor out of prison on the condition he goes back to Somalia and the mayor and police chief take his place in prison.

    • Noor was hired because of affirmative action and political pressure from Skinny special interests groups and CAIR. Enough of this prison nonsense, would you let a rabid animal run lose or destroy it? As for these politically appointed police chiefs in commiecrat run cities? What the heck else do you expect? This is why black crime is running rampant and will never be addressed until the citizens say enough is enough and deal with the crime problem themselves.

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