Bill Maher: “We SHOULD Blame China”

Our long-time reader and commenter Mark H. sent the tip for this video, saying, “I know Bill Maher’s not your usual type of ‘guest’, but it may be worth posting.”

It’s definitely worth posting. And for the record: Bill Maher’s politics is about as far from mine as it could possibly get, but I still like to listen to him. He’s clearly intelligent, not afraid to go against the cultural cant of our times, and is often quite funny. And I sometimes even find myself agreeing with him.

I definitely agree with him on what he calls “virus-shaming” — that is, the PC crackdown against “racists” who refer to China when describing the Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. the ChiCom flu.

Vlad gives him a 90% rating on this video:

It isn’t from the farmer’s market most likely. Horseshoe bat Corona virus doesn’t have HIV inserts. The Wuhan Flu does. But he still knocks it out of the park even if he doesn’t manage to land it in the sunroof of his wife’s car.

WARNING: Mr. Maher uses foul language in this clip:

22 thoughts on “Bill Maher: “We SHOULD Blame China”

  1. Bill Maher is indeed a turbo-liberal, but he’s a “I-call-like-I-see-it” liberal, rather than somone towing the party line.

  2. There are people out there who would rather die from the Chi-Com Virus than admit Trump might be correct about hydroxychloroquine.

    • Yes, I can see that even Dr Fauci. All trying to imply it’s dangerous. I took it for about 5 years with no problems. They are all lying, they want people to die so they can say I told you so and also get funding for their research foundation when a cheap cure is already available. They can’t bear to see all that money pass them by and go to India who makes tonnes of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). See Gates is buying in as well.
      There’s big money to be made in the “Virus Industry”.

  3. China and their Oriental Muslim counterparts is constantly irrationally blaming the West for no reason. Of course we should blame China and their foul, oppressive Chinese communities for causing so much mess and damage to the world. Chinese is one of the worst east Asian groups when it comes to cults and being draconians. Their Chinese infiltrate almost all religious organization and made it worst for us.

  4. Well said Bill.
    It is not racist to say it the virus came from China when it is fact. It is not racist to say their Chinese tendencies to be abusive is is very common around the world.
    Their Chinese behaving badly and blaming others is very common in their foul Chinese societies. Their Chinese communities has inflicted so much evil and should be investigated. It is not the first time their overpopulated arrogant Chinese communities has tried to cover up their endless Chinese prank and nastiness on us.

  5. PC is castration. We passed our balls to our enemies. It’s been a long time coming.

    • Thank you ECAW for pointing out this historical fact. The Spanish gets blamed and named for this pandemic simply because they publicised it at the time. Talk about shooting the messenger!

    • It was called Spanish ‘flu as their press reported it, not being subject to the wartime censorship of the combatants.

      The origin was almost certainly the tens of thousands of Chinese labourers imported by the British and French, hence the outbreaks in the trenches and at the British army base at Aldershot. They had been shipped to Vancouver, then by train across Canada (which is probably how someone carried it to Kansas) and by sea to Europe.

      The Chinese had a lower fatality rate, and the disease was reported there in 1917, but likely began earlier; hence the higher degree of immunity.

      • Mark, I thought the effect of Maher’s righteous fury was lessened somewhat by his failure to look up Wikipedia about the “Spanish” Flu.

        We know that one place it definitely didn’t originate in was Spain. There seem to be a few contenders for the honour including now Austria. The Chinese are being blamed because they didn’t get it as badly as others which seems a bit unfair (dog that didn’t bark in the night etc), and why did it show up in Kansas but not Canada?

        Kansas seems to have at least a strong a claim as anyone else and I recently watched a BBC documentary in which they fingered only one suspect, Kansas, presenting it as fact throughout. I have to ask, when did the BBC ever lie to you?

  6. I loved this video but I’d like to see someone just once condemn the Chinese for cooking and eating animals alive. There’s no need to cook a dog ALIVE if you must cook a dog at all.
    No one ever talks about this.

    • you may see that one, by the name of David Cole , author of: shaming the chinese , in Taki’s Magazine, where he tears apart chinese culinairy habits.
      I do not want to divert our readers here to other sources, but TM is worth a look now and then, being totally anti PC and very civilized.

    • You’re right, plum, this must be condemned—totally, unequivocally, forcefully. No hiding behind “culture” to excuse this cruelty.

      We don’t talk about it because it’s unspeakable, truly unspeakable, beyond the ken of any thinking, compassionate, human being.

      Most of us can’t bear to think of this horror at all. Is it really true? I know there are videos, but I can’t watch.

    • Dogs are – our friends. Eating a dog is as close to cannibalism as you can get (caninalism).

      Cooking a dog alive is on par with genocide to me. That’s where I draw a line – if a “culture” allows that it is not a culture at all.

  7. Maybe we should take a page from the hurricane naming playbook and name these outbreaks after people. This one would be the Jinping virus. That might get some attention.

  8. It’s been pretty evident that the antics of the Democrats leave little room for Onion articles or comedy routines. In fact, several comedians think they’re being funny just by citing Trump actions and calling him names. Same as Rachel Maddow, who is also not funny in the least, but just very, very weird.

    So, Maher is at least as good a comedian as a political commentator, and recognized he’s going to have to get off the beaten track of reading Washington Post headlines unfiltered.

    By the way, listening to Stefan Molyneux, I got the information that bats were not sold in the wet market in Hunan. The only possible vector for bats was the biological research lab in Hunan, which by the way, appears to have been torn down and its files destroyed.

    If Maher really wants to live dangerously, he should take an apartment at the top of that skyscraper the Chinese built in a week. Then, he could see the Chinese efficiency he admires close up.

    • Their Chinese are very efficient when it comes to bullying people to believe their pretentious, toxic Chinese societies are somehow “civilized”..
      We know they can’t be trusted to contain or manage any virus that they may have wilfully spread from their filthy China.
      Those nasty Chinese migrants from Asia should had been stopped from invading the West with their toxic Chinese culture ages ago. Their Chinese tell lies all the time to bully and to profit from us and we should not let their Chinese greedy agenda threatened us with another virus again.

  9. Bill Mahr looked dead into the camera and didn’t blink when he stated
    “I’m “Hoping” For “A Crashing Economy” So We Can Get Rid Of Trump, “Bring On The Recession”

    I don’t understand why supposedly good conservative patriots still look to Hollywood for validation. These people get paid to lie. They are professional liars and yet folks who say the are Christian, love America and hate communism will go home throw their feet up and flip through the channel to watch these wretched, God hating, Satan worshiping whores that have sold their soul for the – as one commenter put it – for the limosine life.

    • Any and every website that has the Twitter, Facebook icon and use discus cannot be trusted; they are part of the system and have lined up to the great trough for their portion from Longshanks table.
      Just because people are dying does not change the fact that a great show is being put – Kabuki theater.

      I read an article about Bernie dropping out and the headline was something in the neighborhood of ‘Proof Socialism Doesn’t/Won’t Work in America.’
      We’ve been USSofA since the first great depression.

  10. It’s long been a common practice to name a disease after the place where it was first observed or after the person who first observed it. Any negative connotation arising from that is a separate phenomenon entirely.

    There are many examples beyond those that Bill Maher mentioned: There’s the Coxsackie virus, named after a town in NY state; the Royal Free disease, named after a hospital in London; Legionnaires’ disease, so-named because it was first identified in a branch of the American Legion; and medical conditions named after those who first observed them, such as Burkitt’s lymphoma, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, and no end of others.

    In the case of viruses an early name might later be supplanted with a scientific name, as with the Wuhan virus—it’s now COVID 19. But as far as I know the Coxsackie virus remains so named – is that town offended? Was it racist to give its name to a virus?

    There are PC reasons for this “virus shaming” of course: No culture/ethnicity can be singled out in a negative way, except Western culture. But beyond that, there are the practical consequences of diverting attention (blame, in this case?) away from China and the cultural practices there that we now know contribute to the birth of dangerous viruses. Renaming this virus takes the focus off China. That must please the Chinese Communist Party.

  11. Why has it taken several months for me to learn (from a Bill Maher video posted on a non-MSM website) that in 2007 medical researchers in Hong Kong, presumably Chinese themselves, stated that the high incidence of SARS- like viruses in Horseshoe bats combined with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China was a time bomb?

    The connection between SARS-like viruses prevalent in Chinese Horseshoe bats and the cultural predilection of southern Chinese, i.e. people in provinces like Wuhan, for eating Horseshoe bats should have been something that prompted the Communist dictatorship to close down “wet markets” 13 years ago and failing any such action something the World Health Organisation should have been agitating for in those 13 years. Perhaps Italy wouldn’t have permitted three hundred thousand illegal Chinese immigrants, mostly from Wuhan, to enter their country and set-up illegal clothing and leather goods sweatshops in northern Italy knocking off copies of Italian designer brands?

    This phenomenon of Chinese people eating bats possibly/likely/probably infected by dangerous viruses should have been widely disseminated by the MSM across the world for well over a decade. Especially in light of the SARS and swine-flu epidemics emanating from the same region. It may have influenced the immigration and travel-visa regimes in Western countries.

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