Knife Jihad in Romans-sur-Isere

A culture-enriching knife-wielding “refugee” went on a rampage today in southern France, killing two people and wounding five others while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”. Here’s the story from Radio France Internationale:

Two Dead in France Stabbing Attack

A man went on the rampage with a knife in a town in southeastern France on Saturday, killing two people and wounding five in what President Emmanuel Macron called “an odious act”.

The reasons behind the attack remain unclear although Interior Minister Christophe Castaner spoke of the suspect’s “terrorist journey”.

The assailant, understood to be a refugee from Sudan, was arrested after the attack in the town of Romans-sur-Isere.

Armed with a knife, the suspect went into a tobacco shop where he attacked the owner, town mayor Marie-Helene Thoraval told AFP.

“His wife got involved and she was wounded as well,” she said.

The assailant then went into a butcher’s shop where he took another knife before heading to the town centre where he entered another store.

“He took a knife, jumped over the counter, and stabbed a customer, then ran away”, the shop owner Ludovic Breyton told AFP.

“My wife tried to help the victim but in vain.”

According to witnesses cited by the local radio station France Bleu Drome Ardeche, the attacker shouted “Allah Akbar!” as he attacked his victims.

David Olivier Reverdy, assistant national secretary of the National Police Alliance union, said the assailant had called on police to kill him when they came to arrest him.

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14 thoughts on “Knife Jihad in Romans-sur-Isere

  1. The attacker yelled “Allah Akbar!”?

    Well that is a relief to hear. At least now we know the assailant was only crazy since islam wasn’t involved.

    • Yep.

      A bearded Turban-and-Djellba-wearing, Koran-carrying man, Crescent-on-Green-flag-waving Imam could scream in clear Arabic-accented English “In the name of the prophet Muhammad, Islam and Allah I kill all you infidels!” While stabbing and throwing acid at people and carving كافر‎ into their corpses, and continually announce himself as a warrior for the prophet after being arrested (shooting him would be “inhumane”)…and we would immediately know it was a freak-out attack from an unstable denizen with clear signs of mental illness with an unknown motive and an unrelated background that isn’t the public’s concern, and his name just happens to be Mohammad Bin Islamajihadabad.

  2. Memo to National Police Alliance union:

    Muslim killers sincerely WANT to be killed by police because they are promised by the Koran (9:111) that they pass straight to Paradise, without being weighed in the balance, if they “kill and are killed”. Being killed is not enough: they have to kill as well.

    “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah , so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an.”

    It might be puzzling to a Western mind, but this is Islamic mainstream teaching.

    • We should oblige these suicidal jihadis whenever possible. It’s not our fault that Paradise is a fantasy, and they’re trading their one and only life for nothing. Evil, superstitious fools!

  3. Workplace violence comrade. Move along, nothing to see here.
    Keep calm and Allahu Ackbar.

  4. The Jews have an interesting tradition during Passover week of leaving a place for the Nazirite Elijah at their dinner table. This is done in the hope he will come and induce God to intervene against the murder of Jews, like he has done before. This leap of faith warrants a response from God. There is a promise in Amos 3:7-12 that God will build a network of activity in the prophets which will someday be coordinated together and used to induce God to intervene against murder in the world. The blood of Christians killed by Rome and the blood of murdered Nazirite John the Baptist was used in petitions to God, and then God responded by revealing the prepared prophetic strategy against murder. God did not forget them and used their blood to ignite a response against murderers. I am a Nazirite, so I’ll try to show up in the coming days and piece it together in front of God so the word of Amos can come true today. Then, Christians and Jews can use their book better and produce some evidence they will triumph over their accusers and killers.

    • The Catholics have an interesting tradition during Holly Week..
      Beginning today as Palm Sunday.
      Jesus entering Jerusalem and being recognize by Jews as a MESSIAH !

  5. As noted in the comments, the terrorist was perhaps praying that he be killed, so he could pass straight to “jannat” and enjoy the unlimited erections and concubines there promised by Allah in Quran.

    And btw, this has NOTHING to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, didn’t you know?

    • That is quite a sick “religion” that motivates it’s followers to do evil things in this life with the promise of sexual rapine in the next for eternity.

      Myself, I prefer the promises of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with Paradise consisting of a stripper factory and a beer volcano, and no commandment to slaughter infidels in order to enter into it.

  6. More Diversity + Proximity = Conflict in action. One has to wonder when the retaliatory measures by the regular folks or police units whose hands are tied, begin to Purge these 3rd world Vermin from their midst and really put the fear of God(not allah) into them? I am venturing a guess is that it is long past due.

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