Eric Zemmour defends Viktor Orbán’s Emergency Powers

In the following video, the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour defends the emergency powers that were recently granted to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by Parliament. His new powers are deemed necessary to protect the country from the Wuhan Coronavirus, especially the threat from illegal immigration,

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You’ve even said it yourself, he wins elections. Democratically.
00:05   You’ve said yourself he has the parliamentary majority. —Yes, exactly.
00:11   So, he has the right to undertake constitutional reforms.
00:15   This is exactly what Sarkozy did in 2007. Vast reforms.
00:19   He made vast reforms to the constitution, because he had a majority in both houses of parliament.
00:23   So there is absolutely nothing scandalous there.
00:26   Secondly, when you compare the Orbán of today with
00:29   the Orbán of fifteen years ago, it is completely legitimate.
00:32   The Orbán of fifteen years ago is the product of anti-communism.
00:35   He fought against the communists.
00:38   Today, it has nothing to do with that. Today he’s protecting
00:42   his nation from immigration, from Islam, and from people like
00:46   Soros who want to transform all nations into
00:50   multicultural societies. From his point of view he has total right to fight against this.

5 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour defends Viktor Orbán’s Emergency Powers

  1. Let me clarify it for everyone. Orbán did not received some kind of dictator power and status. The original rule in the Constitution (Basic Law) was, that in a case of emergency the government shall receive power to make decision without asking every time the Parliament. Normally such authorization would last 15 days and then the government should ask for again the Parliament. Now the new law is created to eliminate this 15 day limit, but it contains that such permission can be revoked by the Parliament and it only applies to the fight against the COVID19 virus pandemic. The reason they made this, because the opposition openly tried to block any defensive move against the virus. (I think in the USA they call this filibuster) The opposition or as we call them “orphans of Uncle George” tried to blackmail the government, used the media opportunity to call Orbán mass murderer, who wants to eliminate old people, a thief who steals the masks and horde it to himself, and other usual nonsense. It clear their goal to delay the government, hoping for more infected and death, so they can blame Orbán and setting a movement in motion to initiate a coup or at least a civil war. (YES, seriously!)
    The new law by the way states it, that the government can only make decisions related to the virus and the defense against it, until the pandemic is subsided. The authorization can be revoked at any time by the Parliament, which is NOT DISMISSED AND CLOSED DOWN, despite what the western media outlets are stating. That lie had to be added by the opposition to make their plight to their allies in the west more believable.

    • Viktor Orban knows that the tentacles of George Soros are long and strong and he is a highly focused sociopath. Soros has been trying to bring nations down for years using his billions in every way possible. Make sure you know who his running buddies are (like Bill Gates) for, whether naive or knowledgeable, they run with the devil.

  2. Nah, clearly Orban is Hitler. Just you wait until his Blitzkrieg of Slovakia.

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