In Bosnia, the Barbarians are Inside the Gates

I posted last month about a Serbian-German man named Irfan Peci. I gave a thumbnail bio of him then, but here it is again: Mr. Peci was born in Serbia, and in the early 1990s, when he was still very small, his family moved to Germany to escape the Balkan wars. As a young man he was recruited by the local Al Qaeda affiliate in Germany, and worked for their propaganda organization. He was eventually arrested and imprisoned by the German authorities. While he was still in prison he was de-radicalized, and when he left prison became an undercover agent within Al Qaeda for the German government. After he was exposed, he wrote a book about his experiences and started producing videos.

Mr. Peci understands Bosnian, so he is able to sift through videos and written material from Bosnia and present it to German-speaking audiences. For the following video he compiled a series of clips from Bosnia in which culture-enrichers vandalize property, take part in armed marches, and commit brutal criminal violence, including against each other.

The thousands of migrants now massed in Bosnia are attempting to force their way into Croatia, after which they will be in the EU, and can then proceed through Slovenia and Austria to get to the Promised Land in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So here you see a few of these “peaceful” refugees.
00:07   Actually, it’s more like a mob of Islamic warriors, rather than
00:15   poor refugees needing protection. They are walking around here
00:20   armed with wooden sticks. With wooden sticks.
00:25   They’re aggressive and dominant, walking through the streets screaming
00:30   “Allahu Akhbar” and other Islamic sayings.
00:35   So do these people look like poor refugees? Carrying wooden sticks?
00:41   Have any of you seen anything like this before?
00:47   That’s something you don’t see in the German news concerning the refugees in Bosnia.
00:53   You’re never going to find scenes like these here.
01:16   Here we see how these refugees haven’t the slightest fearfulness
01:20   when it comes to the police, and they even attack the Bosnian police.
01:25   The Bosnian police don’t use a velvet glove like the police in Germany.
01:29   They resort to a violent response far earlier
01:33   in order to defend themselves. They don’t stand around watching very long,
01:38   but it also shows how aggressive these migrants can be.
01:43   I don’t need to say very much about this scene. Here again, we see
01:48   a mob of twenty people attacking one person. Beating that person.
01:55   The police have difficulty getting the situation under control, because it’s very chaotic.
02:28   No respect for the property of others. Here they’re busting up
02:32   a few windows and just taking their time strolling away,
02:37   like that’s the most normal thing in the world. So I have to ask again:
02:43   do they look like peaceful refugees in need of sanctuary?
02:51   There are hundreds of videos like these floating around on the internet.
02:56   This is in Bosnia where migrants are camping out.
03:01   And these are everyday scenes now. As you can see,
03:06   It’s just like images we are familiar with from their countries. Regions such as
03:12   Pakistan, Bangladesh, and so on. You know those images from the news
03:18   where some mob is beating someone with sticks.
03:23   The raw violence that we here in Europe are no longer familiar with.
03:29   For these people it’s normal and they are bringing it with them.
03:32   This doesn’t look like Bosnia anymore. It looks like Bangladesh.
03:41   As usual, we have here a large number of people
03:45   beating up one person. For whatever reason. I have no idea.
03:49   Maybe he didn’t feel like praying with them or some other reason.
03:54   I have no idea, but anyway, these kinds of scenes show
03:59   how aggressive and violent these people are. It’s insane.
04:04   There are two police officers standing right there, and this guy just
04:09   continues beating the victim with a stick. The victim who’s already on the floor.
04:37   So scenes like these have now become normal everyday occurrences,
04:42   and there are enough scenes like these also in Germany.
04:47   Especially in Germany, also in Austria, but for the most part in Germany.
04:52   We really don’t need an additional 10,000, or even
04:56   100,000 of these kind of aggressive, violent young men coming to Germany,
05:02   so they can continue carrying out their conflicts.
05:10   Here you see the ruthlessness. Right in the middle of the street.
05:14   They couldn’t care less about the cars driving by or any pedestrians
05:18   who might be affected. They’re just throwing rocks at each other. Absolutely ruthless.
05:26   This is a Bosnian news report after there was yet another mass brawl.
05:32   Refugees, a few migrants were also arrested.
05:39   So this is just unfortunately the daily routine there now.
05:46   Here’s another nice example. Two against one,
05:51   right in the middle of the street. Totally ruthless.
05:56   Who aren’t interested in whether anyone else is affected.
06:01   They are just punching each other like lunatics.
06:16   So one of them just decides to rip up a plant, and it doesn’t interest him
06:20   who it belongs to or anything. He just need to get something
06:24   in his hands to hit the other guy with.
06:28   The other guy gets a giant rock to knock his brains in. Just insane.
06:49   In my opinion, these kinds of people are not able to be integrated.
06:53   One must protect one’s own population from these kinds of psychos.
06:58   That can be done by not allowing them to enter the country.
07:05   Here’s another report, one of several reports, about another mass brawl
07:13   that took place in a refugee camp. It could only be
07:17   brought under control with a massive police presence.
07:29   Here we see how a violent mob of migrants breaks through the Bosnian border.
07:36   They can only be stopped at the Croatian border by
07:43   the disciplined and consistent approach of the Croatian police.
07:52   Working together with the Bosnian police. And they don’t care.
07:57   These migrants don’t care about laws, justice, order or anything else.
08:03   They want to get to Germany or Austria and will do what ever they have to.
08:09   They will even use violence in order to reach their goal.
08:16   Here’s one of the countless videos of five people beating up one person,
08:22   for whatever reason. Ruthless and don’t care about their surroundings.
08:30   They don’t care and it doesn’t matter where they are
08:34   or if they are just guests, so to speak, in this country.
08:37   I’m not even sure that term could be used in this case. That just says it all about these people.
08:58   Here’s another fight. I could make this video an hour long,
09:03   but at some point it gets boring. This is just a tiny fraction of the videos
09:10   that people from Bosnia have uploaded and share on the internet.
09:16   Unfortunately, it shows what it is like there now every day.
09:29   All conflicts are solved with fists, and that is the only way
09:33   these people know how to solve conflicts in their home countries.
09:42   Here again. Even by settling conflicts physically, there are certain rules that one
09:48   adheres to. For example, anyone that’s on the ground isn’t kicked
09:55   or kicked in the head and so on. As we’ve seen, these kinds of primitive people
10:02   don’t adhere to rules, and are capable of extreme violence.
10:08   These kinds of scenes prove what of kind of people they are and
10:15   that they don’t belong here. For that reason, the borders need to be closed.
10:21   Otherwise, these kinds of scenes will become our new normal, if they aren’t already.
10:34   This video series is just the beginning of a much bigger project,
10:39   which includes traveling to Bosnia.
10:43   In Bosnia on location, I’ll be filming with a professional camera team
10:49   in order to make my own report. A documentary, where we talk
10:56   to migrants ourselves, asking them where they come from and where they are heading.
10:59   To examine their motivations and not just show
11:02   certain replies from them, but really grill them about their position
11:09   concerning Islam and so on, in order to bring some light to the topic.
11:17   I’ve seen certain videos, and I’m sure you’ve seen them too,
11:22   where there are hundreds of Muslim migrants marching around armed
11:27   with wooden sticks screaming Allahu Akhbar as they move through Bosnian villages.
11:39   In that case, it is justifiable to ask the question: Who are these people?
11:44   What is their mindset? Are they conservative Muslims or
11:49   even Muslim extremists? That’s something we need to find out.
11:53   So that’s the kind of research we want to do and what we want to investigate.
11:59   Many of the scenes in this video are really shocking. I don’t want to limit myself
12:07   to just translating and showing you Bosnian news reports.
12:15   My intention is to go there on location, to film and speak with the migrants myself
12:20   and with the local population to hear what they
12:25   have to say, which will be translated, since I speak the language. It will be translated for you.
12:33   I’ll also speak with local authorities, the police force and politicians
12:37   and so on. To collect as many different angles as possible.
12:40   That would include speaking with all the NGOs that are active there,
12:44   especially those from Germany, but from Austria as well.
12:47   Just to find out what they are doing there exactly and what kind of people they are.
12:50   So all that is what we are planning to do for this report, and of course we don’t have
12:54   someone paying us to do this. We are financing this ourselves. So without any obligation,
13:03   anyone who wants to support this project or wants to be a part of it
13:08   is very welcome to do so. You can find all the pertinent information
13:14   in the video description and in the comments. There you can see
13:19   the several possibilities for supporting this project.
13:24   We don’t depend on this support, because as I said before, we will finance this project ourselves.
13:29   We are definitely going through with the project independent of the amount of support
13:32   we receive. However, the more support we receive,
13:35   the more possibilities we have at our disposal to make this documentary
13:38   the best it can be. In my opinion, I see this as an extremely important project,
13:44   because if the Croatian border gives way, the first 10,000
13:50   are only the tip of the spear. Afterwards, hundreds of thousands
13:54   might enter the country, maybe even more. To Austria, to Germany.
13:59   If that happens, then I think we will have reached the point
14:03   at which it will be difficult to turn back the clock.
14:06   Then the problems will begin to increase so massively
14:10   that it will be difficult find solutions. Many already see it that way,
14:15   but imagine a further wave of a hundreds of thousands
14:19   of problematic people coming into our countries. To Austria. To Germany, primarily.
14:25   That will make it difficult to repair or to find solutions.
14:30   For that reason, I think it is extremely important that we show people
14:35   what is going on there. To make people aware of how violent they are,
14:38   what degree of violence is present there, and about the amount of crime, etc.
14:42   This way they can see for themselves who these people are
14:47   and that there’s no place for them here and then create enough pressure
14:53   to keep the borders shut, so that these people don’t come here.
14:58   We are thankful for any amount of support.
15:02   In addition to that, I’m looking forward to starting this new bigger project from
15:08   this YouTube channel. I think we will achieve something significant with it.

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  1. Huge catastrophe!!, thanks to Merkel/ Macron / Soros , to allow let this barbaric invaders to come to. Europe and reap our daughters and wife’s , put everybody in danger, doing nothing to stop this nightmare for Europeans, for a sake our children , people should get together and kick them out ..!ASASP ..

  2. Give me 500 hard rough men and we can sort this out where these invaders will be running in the opposite direction.

    • Yes, and the 500 aren’t a problem. But there would be a continuation: police and regular armed forces would then smash those 500 and — great opportunity — the anti-immigration parties too. Just think how even “Hanau” currently is used.

      • You would be amazed at how fast after causing complete havoc, chaos and disorder those 500 can disappear, to appear somewhere else to do the same thing causing a complete breakdown of the system.

        • I think that the establishment is beginning to realise that it has created a situation where it is unable to rely on those that previously it relied on for its defence. When the S hits the fan, doess anyone really believe that more than a tiny minority will be willing to say down their lives for the establishment? Imagine a situation where the bottom has fallen out of the economy and money is worthless. how long will their protectors remain loyal in such a situation.

  3. I have just read the first two responses above and I sympathise with the anger they express. If you are waiting for the elected EU representatives to act, you will have a long wait. Most of the nation state governments are out of touch leftists who want as many of these invaders admitted to their country as possible. I think “G’s” proposal above is probably the most effective but anyone seeking to carry this out will have to fight their own governments first.

    • Peter, not necessarily, to take those 500 men, break them up into teams of 20-25 cause massive mayhem, panic and disorder and stacks of 3rd worlders who would get the message to run back to where they crawled out of and the rinse repeat everywhere 3rd worlders appear would cause a complete meltdown of the system. The armies would then have to be called up to quell the chaos thus ensuring a military coup in a western country near you. Especially when you spread the rumor that the local police and army are shooting 3rd worlders thus ensuring riots everywhere which quickly get out of anyones control ensuring army intervention and deadly force as they see fit.

      • The only solution is to send the invaders back to where they came from, in body bags if necessary.

  4. Interesting is the author of the video, Irfan Peci, is a Bosnian Muslim. He was arrested in Germany by the BKA (FBI or MI5 equivalent) in Germany for being a member of Al Qaeda. He was in prison and since then he’s been sounding the alarm bells in books and videos about the dangers of radical Islam. If people don’t listen when a former member of AQ is warning people of the dangers, then the people and their government are just idiots or complacent or both. Highly recommend keeping track on what Irfan Peci has to say on these topics, he’s very knowledgeable on the topic. As he points out, his isn’t going to end well.

  5. I was initially thinking these are just walking sticks, since they are walking such a long distance. Nope, I had to view this on a larger screen. They are holding the sticks in their hands like weapons.

  6. I have to believe there are laws against putting “bounties” on people or making death threats against public officials in India after all they have been through.

  7. Well in the coming war we will have millions of ready willing and able unstable feminists to draw cannon fodder from while real mankind do what has always been.

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