The Peaceful, Tolerant Muslims of India

The two videos below provide snapshots of Islamic ideology in India. They are particularly apropos today, given the recent violent Muslim riots in Delhi, in which dozens of people were killed. (See these articles from Struggle for Hindu Existence for detailed information on events in Delhi: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3)

Many thanks to Janya for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video shows the communal response planned for a man who “insulted Islam”:

The second video is a more generalized death threat against Hindu political leaders in India:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   My name is Mohmad Shaid. The day before yesterday Farahaz Parvez
00:05   insulted Islam. A 10 million bounty is on his life.
00:10   On the 8th he was
00:15   hiding in Bangkok, and our jihadis are on his trail.
00:20   Insh’allah, we will kill him soon.
00:25   Once we get this information of killing,
00:30   no Christian or Jew will dare to think to insult Islam.
00:35   We will get good news soon.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   How long your money will be there; how long your power will remain.
00:05   A lady like Sushma Swaraj,
00:10   who did not allow Sonia Gandhi to become prime minister. Delhi Chief Minister
00:15   Shila Dixit died; Arjun Jaitely died.
00:20   Nobody remained in power; all met their fate.
00:25   Sushma Swaraj is no more; Shila Dixit is no more; Gandhi is no more; Nehru is no more;
00:30   Moraraji Desai is no more; Indira is no more; Rajeev is no more [died].
00:35   Chandreshekhar died; PV Narsimharao died; Atal Bihari died.
00:40   Do you think Modi will remain? Anit Shah will remain?
00:45   Wait three four years and see;
00:50   they will also go away. They will die.
00:55   Talking about NRC, CAA and NPR, people will beat them with sticks
01:00   and they will be burnt alive, and those who dream of an India without Islam,
01:05   if their children are alive they will see after thirty years
01:10   30 cr [300 million] will increase to 60 cr [600 million] and
01:15   everywhere the flag of Islam will be seen.

7 thoughts on “The Peaceful, Tolerant Muslims of India

  1. India already fought a particularly nasty and bloody war to partition the country into muslim Pakistan and non-muslim India. But they didn’t finish the job, and since muslims breed even faster than rats they have grown to numbers where they represent a threat to the peace and stability of India. The same seems to go for every country they infest, hence the current problems with the Rohingya in Mynamar, and the kidnapping and raping of Christian girls and the slaughtering of black Christians in Nigeria by muslims.

    So what will be the likely solution to India’s woes? Partition the country yet again? Or fight another bloody civil war Mynamar style to expel or kill them? Or bend over and offer muslims their backside Swedish style?

    • Their culture is nasty to begin with, regardless, which religion they may fight for. Everytime, they fight a war, their various factions flee to Western countries and that is how they infect originally peaceful Western countries. Their Asiatic civil wars always meant more of their Asiatics socalled refugees infect Western countries with an even more nasty culture that tend to damage our much more civilized Western culture.

  2. Muslims believe that, once they have occupied a country and dumped all over it, it is theirs in perpetuity. I have heard the view expressed by muslims in India that Hindu control is only a temporary phase and the country will return to its rightful owners (muslims) in due course. Non-muslims in India have been warned. The Hindu majority should expel the muslims while they still can.

  3. To give succour to endless millions of the pornography fanned and fully armed Muslim posteriors says “me too!”. Which is worse? Our lunacy.

  4. Why are our politicians taking these morons seriously yet, paradoxically, not taking them seriously?

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