“Swedish” Murder Suspect Arrested in Barcelona

The following news story from Sweden describes the arrest of a “Swede” in Barcelona on suspicion of murder and robbery. There’s no indication that the alleged perp is a culture-enricher in this or other media reports about the case. However, you’ll notice a sly hint at the ethnicity of the suspect: he’s referred to as a “Swedish citizen”. In other words, he’s as much Swedish as Mullah Krekar is Norwegian. If he had been a blond-haired blue-eyed fellow named Sven or Erik, you can bet he would have been identified as a “Swede”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Here the Swedish citizen who is suspected of two murders
00:04   and a brutal robbery in Barcelona is arrested,
00:07   and these pictures from Spanish media show how the man fled
00:12   from the burning apartment after one of the suspected murders.
00:17   It was on Monday afternoon when a fire broke out in an apartment in central Barcelona, Spain.
00:22   As the fire spread, passers-by could see how the man,
00:25   dressed in shorts, jumped from the burning residence via the balcony.
00:29   The man landed on the street unhurt, but another man was found dead in the apartment.
00:35   And shortly after rescue services and police were called to the apartment fire,
00:38   a new alarm came in from the same district. A man in his 50s
00:41   was stabbed in the chest with a knife in connection with a robbery,
00:44   and that was when the suspect could be arrested.
00:48   But it didn’t end there, because a third crime is linked to the 29-year-old.
00:52   According to the newspaper El Pais a woman was found dead just 600 meters from the apartment,
00:56   and it was initially assumed that the cause of death was a traffic accident. But when
01:01   the other incident was discovered, a murder investigation was launched regarding the woman’s death.
01:05   According to El Caso, the man also had many of the woman’s possessions when he was arrested.
01:10   UD has confirmed that a Swedish man in his 30s was arrested in Spain
01:14   and that the Swedish ambassador in Madrid will be following the matter.

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  1. “Swedish Citizen” – White guy named Bjorn?

    “the Swedish ambassador in Madrid will be following the matter.” Oh, that’s nice.

    The news reader in this episode has a tone like, “Let me explain how I prefer Snuggle Dryer Sheets when I do my laundry.”

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