The Nuances of the Islamization of Sweden

A new Islamic political party has been launched in Sweden. For some reason it calls itself the “Nuance Party”. One of its goals is to criminalize “Islamophobia” in Sweden.

Based on the news report below, it seems to be mainly a Turkish operation.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A new Islamic Party
00:04   A new party and a new leadership is needed…
00:07   An anti-racist party is needed in both the Swedish Parliament and in the County Councils.
00:12   The social issues we see nowadays…
00:15   It’s easy to point fingers against specific groups.
00:19   The Nuance Party is established in order to mobilize such groups.
00:23   The party wants Muslims to be [legally] recognized as a distinct minority group,
00:27   and the so-called “Islamophobia” will have its own classification as a legal offense.
00:31   According to the party, an example is the debate about the ban of the Islamic headscarf in schools.
00:36   The headscarf shouldn’t be countered, but the oppression.
00:40   And parents have, at the same time, the right to raise their children
00:45   according to their culture and religion.
00:48   Before the last parliamentary elections, Mikail Yüksel was enlisted as the top candidate
00:51   for the Center Party in Gothenburg, but he was forced
00:54   to step down due to accusations of concealing his collaboration
00:57   with the Turkish right-wing extremist organization the Grey Wolves.
01:02   Mikail Yüksel says that he was public about meeting [them],
01:06   but refused to establish a local branch in Sweden.
01:08   I renounce connections with all the political parties in Turkey.
01:12   I meet people who have various political views.
01:16   But that doesn’t mean that I share those ideas with them.
01:19   Another two major questions for the Nuance Party are housing and integration.
01:22   Previous attempts to build similar parties didn’t meet with success.
01:27   But the Nuance Party, which is currently trying to establish their activities
01:31   all across Sweden, doesn’t let itself to be discouraged by that.
01:35   We want to enter parliament and various county councils all over the country.
01:39   We also want to implement the policies which we want to implement.

17 thoughts on “The Nuances of the Islamization of Sweden

  1. Speechless. These oiks never do anything to make themselves liked. Their attitude “I am Moslem I want extra special treatment and respect.”

    Why should we? I never thought I could learn to dislike a cult so much. They give me the creeps and make my skin crawl. I get the same feelings of disgust and sickness when I see snakes. I cannot even be near them or in a room. Ghastly and utterly arrogant. The death toll from this cult is in the hundreds of millions. Ask a Hindu or Sikh. No country with any sense wants these creatures.

    China and India, Korea or Japan and many more. They are an infestation and curse upon Humanity.

    A “phobia” is
    an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. However I see nothing irrational in what I feel.

    They lie and cheat at every opportunity and peddle their ignorant BS ‘faith’. A fake religion in fact started by the Roman Catholic Church no less. That is why I am an Independent Anglo Catholic. The modern Pope is a disgrace… A Marxist shill in fact.

    This stuff is actually Satanic.

    • Bishop, every word you said is perfect and can be senses from islam giveaways. Only the blind and soros cannot.

      As fir the title :

      The Nuances of the Islamization of Sweden
      It makes perfect sense for a reasonable (wo)man. Before eating the apple, Adam And Eve knew no good or evil. No Nuance. Just like 3 years old children. They go and touch an open oven, whether hot or cold.

      After ww2 Western politicians developed some ideologies and attitudes to avoid another disaster similar to ww2: So they avoid or detest the words patriotism, nazism, facism, absolute values of Christianity and , Judaism, traditional values, No right or wrong, no men or women. Then came the law to help the low grade students into universityes if they are “underpriviled”. Equality for all. No positive discrimination.

      Until the west reached the level of no good or evil. Just like the the mindset of todlers. Continent of toddlers. No nuance.

      No country with any sense wants these creatures.”

      Yes, but these creatures have nuance: It is the contrast of the western confused n0-direction path. This directionless triggered in muslims the sentiment of clear direction: namely nuance.

      That’s they have discernment to choose the path that leads them to control and subjugate the confused jizya givers without knowing. Oblivious to the Masters’ intentions.

      That’s how islam came by comparison: The Pirate/looter had been listening to Jews and Christians In Arabia.

      That listening for 40 years. Jews had the strict 10 commandments. Christians even overhauled those tenets, indicating that they may create a narrow gate but it is worth it after you enter the gate and it will be wide.

      He certainly felt that these laws were a burden and went exactly against his desert upbringing of : looting, stealing, plotting, murdering . . . etc.

      In him the comparison triggered a form a nuance: Why not create a new religion based on intuitiveness: I feel like looting, murdering then these must be the tenets of true religion. Hence they are always talking about the religion of instinct.

      Look at all the continents of this miserable earth: Do we feel that they are acting instinctively? Diametrically against the ten commandments which try to tame the man.

    • How about murderophobia? Irrational fear of murderers. Maybe one day murderers want to be regognized as a minority group and want to ban what they call something like murderophobia. Islamophobia makes about as much sense.

    • The Catholic Church did not start or form islam, a caravan robbing, rapist with severe mental issues did. As a Catholic myself, this Jesuit commie pope and the Jesuit order must be Purged before they completely demolish the Church.

  2. The Nuance Party in Sweden:
    “We also want to implement the policies which we want to implement.”

    The word “implement” is the give-away word. It is a cover term, as used by Anjem Choudary, who speaks of “implementing” Sharia. What it really signifies is inflicting, and imposing. There is no mention of, or need for, consent by the public, or agreement from any tiresome legislative body.

    • That’s right. And what would criminalising “Islamophobia” be but prohibiting criticism of Islam, which is a central part of Sharia.

  3. (From Brazil)…. dear friends, christians sweds, now it’s time for a new crusade, or the headscarf will be mandatory. God Bless Sweden.

    • The Swedes should ask one simple question of
      Their inept parliament.


  4. This is great. The establishment must be quaking in its boots – soon it will have noone to support and will find itself in mid air, its foundations evaporated.

    What we need is identity politics. Our people need to get out of their wishful thinking citizen of the world mode and wake up to the reality that they are in deadly competition. These self righteous hypocritical whining Muslims whose greatest weakness is their lack of self awareness are doing a great job of waking our people up. This is great news; it is identity politics writ large.

  5. .
    Mohammed is second most common name among
    newborns in Gothenburg


    “The Quran is awful , boring and unorganized.
    To read the Qur an is a penance rather than a
    pleasure – actually it is just pain & torment”.

    Dr. David Wood — Answering Islam
    Video ▶ 1:36:29 • 20 jan. 2018
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    •Part 02 …

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