Important Lesson: Never Laugh at a Muslim

In the following video you’ll see a “French” culture-enricher slap the face of a young woman on the Paris Metro. The victim is reportedly an American tourist who had laughed at the fellow.

MissPiggy, who translated the video for subtitles, provided this additional material:

The person who posted the video had this to say:

The problem is the girl couldn’t understand him, she don’t speak French! Then it was so fast he assaulted her! The guy friend head locked him and I saw the face of the bad guy, I sprayed my pepper spray, he was in hell! Also so many guys there but nobody helped us!

The guy was randomly harassing people on the train. Before this girl got hit, he was harassing another woman (that was posted in the Twitter feed). In addition to that, someone else posted that he looked exactly like a man who was asking for money and harassing people on another day, but on the same train line.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s a video featuring the witness who took the footage. He was speaking in English; it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a version without the French voice-over.

Video transcript:

00:00   Shut your mouth, I told you, or I’ll break you in half! Get out of here! Get out of here!
00:05   Stop bothering me. I’m going to the police after this, and I’ll report you to the police.
00:10   Go to the police? For what? —My a**! Stop messing with me, boy. My a**! I don’t know you.
00:17   You’ll see, I’ll smash your head in the next time. I’m really going to hurt you.
00:22   You are going to suffer so much that you’ll scream. Wallah, you’re not going to laugh anymore.

12 thoughts on “Important Lesson: Never Laugh at a Muslim

  1. It’s a good thing that guys like me don’t run the world, because there wouldn’t be any place in my world for these culture-enrichers.

  2. Why are we so passive in the face of such savagery? At what point do we commit mass suicide?

  3. How’s that culture enrichment doing for ya, France?

    I hope Le Pen wins hugely and starts the reconquest of La France.

    • This Macron is a idiot big time !! With this grandma wife , huge mistake French made voting for Him huge !!!, if La Pen don’t win next election, RIP France ..

  4. The other fellow should have grabbed the hood of the offender’s zipped up jacket to control his head, neck, and upper body.

  5. And this freaking cowards on this video , seating like lame ducks and don’t want help this guy to put on the ground this savage!!, like I said ball-less Europeans with no intention to fight this disgusting cancer in thier own country , that why they loosing, …

  6. Typical European males just sitting there being quiet. They’ll sit there and watch a woman get raped on a train, no wonder the Muslims have zero respect. I spent plenty of time in Muslim lands, and the one thing you must do is be dominant or you’ll be treated like a woman.

  7. I recall an incident whilst at university – many moons ago: I was doing work in the library. I left my chair to search for a reference book and left my books pens and papers on the dest to indicate that the space was occupied.

    When I returned someone was sitting in my chair, an Arab-type man. He was chatting to people sitting nearby.

    “Can I have my place back please?”

    “When I’ve finished my conversation.”

    “That’s my work on the dest. Can I get on with it.”

    No reply. The guy kept on talking. I repeated my request. No response.

    The guy was sitting in the chair so that it had only two feet on the ground. I bent down and grabbed one of the legs that was off the floor, picked it up and flung him onto the ground and I then made to sit down and get on with my work. He picked himself up and punched me in the cafe. I replied with the same and with interest.

    He then picked up a chair and made as if to hit my with it. I backed up to a window and beckoned him on – and that was the end of it. He left and I got on with my work.

  8. I recall an incident from university – many moons ago. I was working in the library. I vacated my chair to search for a reference but left my books pens and paper on the desk to indicate that the place was occupied.

    When I returned an Arab-type bloke was sitting in my place talking to some people sitting nearby. I said that he was in my place and asked politely if he’d vacate it and allow me to continue my work.

    “I’m talking.”

    I repeated my request.

    “When I’ve finished talking.”

    “But I want to get on with my work now. I don’t want to have to wait.”

    No reply. I made the same request. No reply.

    The guy was sitting on the chair so that that the two back legs were raised off the floor. I bent down and grabbed the nearest raised foot, picked it up with some vogour and flung him on the floor. I then made to sit down and return to my studies.

    He picked himself up and as I sat down he punched my at the side of the face. I jumped up and returned the favour, but with interest. He picked up the chair, I backed up to a window and beconed him on. He thought for a moment and then left.

  9. its exclusively North African Maghreb thing .
    they would do this anywhere in the world,
    yes chiefly with western women,

    im not defending our people, -if we’ll consider libyans moroccans tunisians mauritanian algerians-,Arabs .

    but honestly, they’re depicted as barbarians in the near (middle east countries) .

    this also has nothing to do with islamic jihad mentality too, i mean a lebanese or a syrian would blow himself up -if radicalized- but would NOT treat a woman in a public place like that .

    islam is [more foul than sewage] but not every single arab behaves as such.

    im not sure if you’re posting such incidents just to show your continuous despisement for Macron, but it was not him who forced north africans to serve in WWII, its when they settled down after liberation and built their ghettos later.

  10. The bottom line Islam makes excuses and even encourages this behavior for Moslem men toward non-Moslem woman. Jihad is performed in many ways , be it stealing welfare benefits, knifing someone in the street, blowing yourself up in a crowded train, or slapping around non Moslem women in public for fun or raping them in a dark alley. It not a racial thing black ,white ,southeast Asian, Slavic ,all Moslems if they follow the example of Mohammed the perfect man do it, or encourage others in their cult to do it, or make excuses for it. The migration of Moslems from all over the Moslem world has increased greatly in the last 20 years to France that has nothing to do with “Forced North Africans to serve in WW2”

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