Migrants Rush the Border at Röszke

Röszke is a town on the border between Hungary and Serbia. In the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, a large mob of migrants attacked the border crossing there (previous reports about Röszke: September 2015, August 2016, November 2016).

Early yesterday morning a mob of dozens of migrants rushed the border at Röszke and tried to break through into Hungary. Guards fired warning shots, and most of the crowd ran back into Serbia.

The following Hungarian news report describes what happened. It includes surveillance video of the incident and an account of the events as they unfolded. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the raw surveillance footage of the attack on the border at Röszke, with annotations by Vlad:

Transcript of video #1:

0:00   A little while ago we already showed you a small video from the attack last night.
0:04   Attila Császár is reporting from the news conference of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
0:08   Let’s switch to him: Attila, what is shown in the recording? Please help us understand
0:11   what we can see there. …Hi,
0:16   I would like to welcome the viewers. So the Ministry had a news conference at 10:30am,
0:20   out of the ordinary, which ended at 11am.
0:24   In this media event they showed a
0:28   three-and-a-half minute video, which
0:32   was recorded at the border station of Röszke [on the Serbian-Hungarian border].
0:36   Here behind me is already visible a frame from the video, which was recorded by
0:40   the security cameras. Now I ask my technical colleague to start
0:44   the playback from here, and I will be commenting and watching from this monitor,
0:48   so I apologize to the viewers that I will be looking away from the camera.
0:52   Well, in the picture we can see a 50- to 70-strong migrant crowd.
0:56   This was recorded at 5:30 in the morning.
1:00   So the Hungarian authorities are alerted to what is happening,
1:04   that a violent attempt is in progress to breach the border fence.
1:08   One of the migrants, who at this moment
1:12   is climbing over the fence, was the leader —
1:16   as the recording shows — of this group,
1:20   and he was the one who mapped out
1:24   how one can break through the border.
1:28   Here a couple of migrants have now already jumped over the fence and
1:32   are running in the direction of Hungary. So they come from Horgos,
1:36   which is in Serbia, and here is where they jump over the fence [Hungarian side of the border].
1:40   The security camera is in Hungarian territory.
1:44   Now we’ve rushed ahead a little bit in the recording, but in the distance
1:48   we can see that the Hungarian authorities are awaiting and capturing
1:52   the illegal migrants. As you mentioned,
1:56   three security guards were in the [border control] building;
2:00   That was their job, as you can now see
2:04   this crowd, close to 70 people,
2:08   suddenly starts running back in the direction of Serbia.
2:12   This is when those three warning shots were fired,
2:16   as you mentioned, and as was also mentioned in the written material.
2:20   Here the security guards
2:24   had no other choice. The border station is guarded by armed personnel,
2:28   but they are only concerned with guarding the building.
2:32   And now we can see those two and
2:36   the other two migrants, who are jumping over
2:40   the concrete blocks. Well, those are the ones,
2:44   who got captured at the location by the Hungarian authorities,
2:48   and now here we can see the migrants are running back
2:52   in the direction of Serbia. Soon I will be
2:56   showing in the display a steel gate,
3:00   which was open at the time, because this is a legal crossing station,
3:04   This gate was built after 2015 [after the Battle of Röszke].
3:08   The important thing in this is that,
3:12   looking back at the events of 2015,
3:16   when another attack happens, they will
3:20   close the border with these strong steel gates.
3:24   At this moment only a simple fence and wired gate was in their way.
3:28   This is what normally closes the road between the two countries,
3:32   The reason for this, as Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér told us,
3:36   is that this place is a legal crossing station from 7am till 7pm.
3:40   The citizens are free to move between the two countries.
3:44   So the readiness level was not as high as it is in other places,
3:48   and they did not expect to see any violent attempts.
3:52   Now here is a repeat [playing the video in loop]:
3:56   the migrants coming at 5:20am.
4:00   As I mentioned, they captured four migrants. About six or seven of them
4:04   are still on the loose; the police are looking for them.
4:08   The area is hermetically sealed
4:12   on the Hungarian side, and the search is still on
4:16   for those who might have come across the border.
4:20   The rest of them returned to Serbia. As for the question
4:24   of whether similar incidents may be expected, I asked Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér
4:28   if the services will provide information in the ongoing basis,
4:32   but thus far the Minister has had no other comments.
4:36   So this is that recording, which is continuously
4:40   looping, uncut, from 5:30am,
4:44   and showing this break-in attempt.
4:48   I return coverage to the studio.
4:52   Thank you, Attila Császár.

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  3. A good start by the Hungarians.

    When the border guards commence firing with extreme prejudice then I will be truly impressed.

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