The Left’s Naïve View of Humanity

Translation: “How come this person is able to stand up?”, “Close the border!”

The following overview of the “refugee” crisis from Hungary describes the leftist lunacy that has prevailed in Europe for the past two years.

Many thanks to CrossWare for this translation from the Hungarian portal

The Left’s naïve view of humanity

by Tibor Kovács
November 4, 2016

On the Left they think anybody who is running away from misery can only be a good person. Both the Italian and Hungarian police were accused of brutality based on the statements of migrants, without any shred of objective evidence. This sentimental and naïve attitude impedes the ability to view the issue of migration with the necessary objectivity and measure its dangers and possibilities.

Migration already provided multiple challenges to the institutions and laws of the EU. One of them — now turning into parody — is migrants who identify themselves as minors to get better treatment. The bureaucrats of the EU believe — without batting an eyelid — the fairy tale of migrants well into their 20s that they are children. They are then placed in families who are shocked by the adult behaviour of “teenaged” migrants. In one case from England that has already traveled the world via the press, the migrant called the Christians naïve idiots, and said how easy was to fool them. The legal system of the EU and its naive approach to migrants is unable to deal with this kind of fraud. There is no fully objective system to establish age before a court, and the migrants can easily capitalize on this, while they think we are complete morons.

Migrants have already shown signs of their manipulative abilities many times. During the battle of Röszke [when migrants tried to break through the border of Hungary from Serbia — translator] some of the videos showed a girl who deliberately let herself be sprayed with tear gas and then allowed photos of her to be taken for the media. In another case, which became a scandal in Austria, when a migrant tossed his family in Bicske onto the tracks, they cut the footage in such way that insinuated that the police had done it, while in reality they had tried to help the woman and the kid.

At the Keleti train station I personally witnessed a migrant who forced his kid to kneel behind a “We want to go to Germany” sign so the international media could take more heartbreaking photos. We must mention that many so-called “war photos” are also staged to serve the international Leftist propaganda machine.

The most visible migrant manipulation was of course that “Everybody is Syrian”. After Merkel’s disastrous invitation all migrants suddenly become Syrian, placing German police officers into impossible situations.

Police officers who deal with migrants are in an incredibly hard situation. When the migrants wanted to break into the country at Röszke, Hungarian police officers were instructed not to use violence in any case, even when they were directly assaulted. I was a witness as the migrants rudely buffeted them, throwing water bottles at them, but they could not do anything, which was shocking to watch. For a fraction of what the migrants did there, the police would have beat the crap out of any native citizen if they were to this in another demonstration.

The main task of the police is to protect the migrants from each other. They commit far more violent crimes against one another than against anybody else. Murders, continual fights, and rapes. Probably more officers have been injured in these situations than in anything else. But the Left always acquit the migrants of these crimes. It is natural that they beat, kill and rape one another, because this is the effect of shock and the long affliction they have suffered.

The idiocy of Left goes so far that even rape is treated with forgiveness. They explain Swedish rape statistics by citing cultural differences, long deprivation without the company of a woman, partially exonerating the perpetrators. The migrant who raped a little boy was excused for having a “cultural misunderstanding”. The parent who threw his own kids out of the window was “only desperate”, in their view.

The European Left watching the migrants with a idiotic naivety. They want the whole wide world to look at them through these distorting pink glasses. By their doctrines, anybody who escapes from misery or goes through suffering can only be a good person, who always tells the truth and must be believed by everybody at all times. Their statements cannot be questioned, nor their truthfulness ever checked, because that would be add humiliation to their suffering. If it turns out that the opposite is true, that is the result of the shock of brutality they suffered by at our hands. This sentimental and imbecilic view of people fits perfectly into the Leftist worldview. This view made it possible, due to a lack of controls, to have a large number of terrorists sneak into the continent, and as a result many people have already died [and will die soon — translator].

The Left look at Europeans with a completely different set of glasses. In my opinion every single European country — including the ones that refuse to accept migrants — made superhuman efforts over the last year and a half to solve the problems of the thousands who flooded here, provided for their needs, financed the cost of their support, and made efforts to maintain law and order and defend their own citizens. These are complex tasks, but it does not impress the Leftist communication machine. Countries, persons and organizations suffer from nefarious attacks by these Leftist circles. Most painfully in their crosshairs are the police officers who are at the borders and other places working under very difficult conditions under continuous harassment. They cannot make mistakes, can’t lose their patience, because the Left immediately paints them with the brush of brutality. In the meantime the migrants can lie and cheat, but still remain the victims of the situation. A good portion of the migrants abuse this naivety and milk it to get more freebies. If the activist from Amnesty International wants to hear that police were brutal with them, he will; if he wants to hear how they left everything behind [except lots of money, bank cards, designer clothing and smart phones — translator], then that is what he will hear. If they have to become Syrian, they will, and when someone is looking for children they all become minors.

Europe could spare itself a lot of trouble if it would understand that migrants are people, too, and they are a mixture of good ones and bad ones. Their words should be received with the same scepticism aimed at any other stories coming from witnesses. The word of a migrant and that of a police officer are equal in the eyes of the law. However, if a hundred migrants state that police have been beating them, but are unable to provide any proof, then it should not stand in front of the law.

Let’s forget the Leftists’ (useful idiots) naivety because it is extremely dangerous and delays the solution for the problem. Also it is incredibly unfair to those who are serving at the borders and migrant camps, who try to protect their citizens, and even the migrants from each other.

Obviously all claims of unlawful or unfair treatment must be examined and investigated, and if any are true, then we must act on the facts. But there is no point in blackmailing society with made-up stories from the migrants, and especially not police officers.

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    • Of course it is a war, but one can’t deny an existence of Leftist sheeple masses who truly believes they doing good and helping.

      • Leftists followers incl local gov. politicians who follow their high up leftist leaders like Merkel, Hillary and others, lack critical thinking ability (nothing to do w/IQ) They cannot be reasoned with, it is a waste of effort even pointing out simple facts. Never taught by parents or elders because the parents, elders have the “disease/disorder” of leftist ideas taught in schools and most churches from their youth on up.

  1. Go to Russia and enlist the aid of intelligent men and women in their eighties { of sound mind } to outline the necessary steps to be taken in order to rid Europe of the hordes of savages. Russians are smart and hard. They have endured seven decades of lies by idealogues and schemers. The unbelievably soft left wingers and politicos in Western Europe need to be ignored by the police and military and the counsel and advice from people who lived in the real world for so many terrible past decades needs to be taken. Time is really short because of the breeding habits of muslims. For a start….the empty Gulags in Siberia could be utilized to house the middle eastern interlopers. A couple of winters cutting wood and building roads with a pork diet will have these same ” refugees, begging George Soros to lend them bus fare to get back home. Russia is a nation that spans seven time zones. If Europeans politely ask Mr. Vladimir Putin to utilize some free labor …he may just agree. Far Fetched ?? What solutions do other readers have ?.

    • I just had a conversation with some German friends. They pretty much attempted to sweep it all under the rug. So it doesn’t look like the solutions will emerge from western Europe. They will be just trying to survive, and their kids will emigrate to Hungary.

    • Francis, I agree with the way you think, and also think Russia may well be part of the solution–if there is one. Certainly, Russia is smeared and vilified in the western world, (just like Donald Trump) which should have more sense, however it would surely be better to deport ALL moslems to the MENA where they not only belong, but where it would be easier to keep tabs on them.

      Btw, ‘seven decades of lies’, I would have thought centuries.

    • Great comment! I will add that any muslim that will not cooperate in Siberia road work labor, put them in a work detail with armed guards to clean the latrines and scrub the barracks, chop and stack wood, prepare food, run a smoke house. Menu: BBQ ribs, bacon or ham along w/daily dinner of baked beans, Boston butt (shoulder roast) sandwiches for lunch with beer, and for early morn. ham and eggs cooked in lard washed down with vodka.

  2. This whole situation is unbelievable, in a logical world. Which I thought I lived in, until recently.

    What the hell is going on? Whose idea was this? Why aren’t muslims living in their own countries? Nobody else wants them do they? They haven’t “enriched” France or Germany or any other country they have invaded. It’s 1683 all over again, but they are doing it differently and people are stupid enough (or have forgotten their own history) to know better.

    Up vote for Viktor Orban – he at least knows and so does the president of Poland.

    Some of us in America know, too, but I think we are in a minority. Too bad. So sad.

    Francis, I like your solution! It might work. But you’ll have to convince Mr. Putin, although when they start invading there, I think he will have a solution. It won’t be pretty but it will be effective I think.

    • It wasn’t any one person’s idea. However the US knew exactly what would happen-mass migration from north Africa into Europe-when they invaded Lybia. Therefore you can blame it on the US and specifically Clinton, bought by Saudi,Qatar, Morocco and others, with Soros as a middle man

  3. “Russians are smart and hard. They have endured seven decades of lies by idealogues and schemers.” Lies, deprivation,hardship and sometimes physical attack.

    As a result, the soft, unfit Russians died early, and the Russians now living are going to be aggressive in defending themselves and their country.

    The supreme paradox may be that the real Communism, as practiced in Russia and Eastern Europe, may have given the population there enough of an edge, through hardship and the selection of the fittest, to pull through the Muslim invasions.

    I’d like to make a comment on the left mindset, so to speak. Actually, I don’t and never have understood the left mindset, though it seems to exist on a different plane from actual logic and cause and effect.But, left external behavior is highly predictable.

    The first consistent generalization of the left is, the narrative always comes first. Actual facts are used, or hidden, in accord with the narrative, rather than the other way around. The true leftists in a news organization will minimize, or refuse to cover, news which counters the narrative.

    You can use logic to embarrass a news organization, or government worker, but you can’t assume that given clear logic, they will act accordingly. They will act if they must to survive. You use the logic on their constituency, not on them.

  4. The Left Midset is in a state of permanently arrested development. About 15 -17 years old I would say. Still thinking everyone has the potential to be a lovely person, and would indeed be that person but for poverty, oppression, blah, blah. Their worldview is a Disney view. Sentimentality over reality. Lovely sweet cute bears, lions and tigers. When in reality these animals are doing what they have evolved to do, which is predate. Most people, as they grow older and experience more of the world, realise we do not live in a fairy tale, that some people are downright nasty and lie to further their own ends. But there is an additional cohort of people who know full well how the world works, and are happily using the soppy and weak- minded liberals to their own advantage. If they were not causing so much mayhem, I could almost feel sorry for them.

    • Don’t forget the most important element of the 15-17-year-old mindset: “Anything my parents don’t like is AWESOME and must be increased in the culture!”

      If you look at some other cultures like, say, Native Americans, their “teenagers” (they had any such term) were proud to fulfill the ancient traditions. But we have created a culture where the only way young people know how to leave their mark is to laugh at and rip down everything that came before them.

    • The sheeple following those devious Leftist leaders are truly morons. In Canada they are in more abundance than anywhere else, except maybe Sweden.

    • It’s only my view, but the left ARE idiots if they can’t, or won’t see where their views are leading us. I agree they are devious and malevolent–and short-sighted, naive and downright cretinous.

  5. Our beliefs have to be pretty uniform–we can’t tolerate much heresy–in order for our species to survive and protect our infants for the first 8-10 years. Just think about the bonds needed to keep the families together: one person needs to provide food for two others and to protect that group; one person needs to serve as a caregiver for years and be attractive enough to keep the food provider around. The left is trying to alter these beliefs into PC Think–a synthetic made-up doctrine–and it is working–partially.

    When we begin to notice that our families are not surviving well, I think we are going to have a massive convulsion, possibly very violent.

  6. Oh God, I just had a lunch with my “friends”. I think I will move to Texas as soon as possible from Canada! They are more communists than the previous regime was in Hungary when I was growing up there!

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