Hungary: Migrant Trouble at the Serbian Border

There was serious trouble at the border between Serbia and Hungary last September during the height of the migration crisis. Back then Hungary instituted border controls and started building a fence to try to stem the flood that was crossing from Serbia on the way to Austria and Germany. In one of the worst incidents, a mob of migrants, egged on by a man with a megaphone, reacted violently and stormed the new fence. The Hungarian police responded with tear gas and water cannons directed at the rioters, even when they were on the Serbian side of the border.

Beginning last Wednesday there was a reprise of last year’s ructions. Rioting immigrants broke down part of the fence at the Röszke border crossing, and Hungarian police responded once again with water cannons, without being too finicky about whether the water crossed over into Serbian territory.

It’s important to remember the political context of these events: the current Serbian government is pro-EU, and eager to complete the procedures necessary for it to join the bloc. Serbian politicians are anxious to curry favor with Brussels, and thus follow the EU party line on “refugees”. Hungary, on the other hand, staunchly resists the diktats from Brussels concerning migrants. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is determined to maintain his country’s national sovereignty. This difference of opinion on immigration is currently a source of tension between Serbia and Hungary.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this article from CivilHir. Note: TEK is the Hungarian Anti-Terrorist Commando (SWAT) force:

The migrants broke through; TEK captured an identified terrorist

2016. august 12., Friday

Video of yesterday’s horror summed up…

On Wednesday afternoon a group of migrants from the Serbian side damaged the fence at the border crossing and confronted the Hungarian police protecting the borders.

Szijjártó: Hungarian police were brutally attacked

Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjártó provided information that at the Röszke border crossing the Hungarian police were brutally attacked from Serbian territory — reacting to the comments of German Defense Minister and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Peter Szijjártó phrased it the following way: … after an attack of aggressive migrant group had left 14 Hungarian police officer injured. Naturally the officers in question protected themselves and protected Hungarian territory. If the Serbian police had stopped the attack against the Hungarian officers, most of the violence could have been avoided — as explained to journalists.

German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen Wednesday told CNN news: it is unacceptable behavior by the Hungarian authorities against the migrants and refugees at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Serbian PM: Hungary “not” treating the refugees in a “European way”

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday blamed Hungary for being “brutal” and for “un-European” treatment of migrants at the border between both countries and demanded intervention from the European Union. “We will not permit anybody to humiliate us. I demand the European Union to react and make sure its member countries are act according to European values,” declared Vucic to Serbian state television while he was on a visit to the USA. “If the EU does not react, we will find a way to defend our borders and European values,” said Vucic. The Serbian PM admonished Hungary to never use tear gas in Serbian territory, and he emphasized that he will also discuss this issue with John Kerry.

The EU might stop enforcing mandatory migrant quotas

The European Commission may desist from its plan for mandatory quotas for 120,000 migrants because of some Eastern European countries, including Hungary — as reported by Reuters on Wednesday, quoting sources on the Commission. The news agency quoted an anonymous source as saying the “mandatory quotas are not an option anymore.” Instead of that, but keeping the total of 120,000 migrants, Reuters is now saying the distribution amongst member countries would be voluntary. “If Hungary does not want to be part of that (the refugee re-settlement program), we could place the migrants in other countries. There is no absence of refugees in Europe,” Reuters quotes its Commission source.

22:30 — By our reporter on location: the Serbian police are standing in a line of migrants who want to advance and blocking them. In the place of the damaged gate they put three lines of NATO net. The mood is peaceful; most people are sleeping already.

An agitator charged with terrorist action

According to information from the M1 [state television] channel, the Hungarian authorities are charging with terrorism the man who agitated and persuaded migrants on the Serbian side to break down the fence. M1’s information was not confirmed but not denied by Viktoria Csiszer-Kovacs, spokesperson for the Hungarian Police HQ, on the show. In the broadcast they mentioned the man’s act fulfilled what Hungarian law calls terrorism. M1 announced that the man was arrested and was presently being interrogated. About the gate at Röszke, Viktoria Csiszer-Kovacs told us the police arrested more than one person. She said that by Wednesday evening, this part of the border was peaceful. She also explained the Hungarian police were cooperating with their Serbian colleagues to unite families where members were stuck on one or the other side of the border. The police spokesperson told the viewers the police officers were using their own inventory to provide food and drinks for children and women.

22.00 — By evening order is restored in Röszke

By evening the order was restored at the border crossing of Röszke, where a group of armed migrants from Serbian territory damaged the crossing’s fence and attacked police officers guarding the state border, according to the government spokesman on location on Wednesday.

Zoltan Kovacs told us: What happened at Röszke — including the fact that they used children as human shields — shows they are not peaceful refugees we talking about, but something serious, which endangers Hungary. From the Serbian side came no help at all for Hungary from the police for many hours. They arrived in the evening, which definitely requires an explanation, he said, and added: it seems like not everyone thinks they should take their part and cooperate in guarding their borders.

Hungary just tries to defend its borders, Zoltan Kovacs said Wednesday evening to BBC at the Hungarian-Serbian border about the events. The government spokesman who was giving an interview to the BBC News live show said: “First a couple of hundred young migrant were shouting slogans, and in the afternoon suddenly all turned into violence.”

Zoltan Kovacs explained that the mob had given an ultimatum to the border guards, telling them if they were not allowed into Hungary they would break down the gate. “No authority in the world would accept such an ultimatum”. He added: the most shocking part of was when the mob started to use children as human shields and even threw kids at the police line. He said around two dozen police officer were injured, two of them seriously. According to Zoltan Kovacs, in recent weeks it was very clear that the Serbian and Macedonian authorities helped the migrants to reach their destinations. This is not the kind of solidarity we expect from countries wanting to become EU member states, he added.

In answer to a reporter’s question about UN refugee organizations’ criticism of the Hungarian authorities for the too-slow registration of migrants, the spokesman explained: these types of procedures take time anywhere in the world, and most of the migrants arrive at the Hungarian border without any documents.

Gyorgy Bakondi, the lead security adviser to the Prime Minister, told us that for defense against attack they moved a large enough force to the location, including riot police and the Anti-Terrorist group (SWAT). 29 migrants were arrested for attacking officers, including a known terrorist. Gyorgy Bakondi emphasized they will have enough police officers at the border crossing, and for the next day they will also restore the fence. During the attack, mostly from rocks and blows from sticks, a total of twenty police officers were injured, two of them seriously. Three of them had light injuries, but were still sent to the hospital.

Serbian TV reporters say the Hungarian police beat them up

Serbian state television reported that its crew were beaten up by Hungarian police officers, and they also broke their camera at Röszke. The RTS homepage claimed that a reporter, a cameraman and another crew member were beaten up, even after they identified themselves as journalists.

The news crew were in between the Hungarian police and the migrants. Based on RTS information, the Hungarian police officers pushed the cameraman into a wall and hit his back and head with a baton before his camera was broken. The reporter sustained an injury to his arm. All three man were transported to the closest hospital, says the report. Jacek Tacik, a Polish reporter, also sustained light head injuries, while he was giving a report at the Röszke border, as reported by the TVPInfo Polish state television news on Wednesday night. “The situation looked calm, when suddenly the Hungarian police started moving forward in the direction of the migrants while they waded through the journalists. That is when I took some blows from a baton,” Tacik wrote about the incident.

He added that he got medical help on the Hungarian side of the border, and he feels fine. He says the Hungarian police were “surprised” that he was beaten by them. “Huge chaos here, the migrants constantly trying to break through the border,” added the Polish reporter. He also said: he will try to return to the Serbian side of the border to continue his reports from there.

The Croatian border will have a fence, too

Hungary will build fences in specific parts of the Croatian border, said Viktor Orbán in an interview on the home page of the Austrian newspaper Die Presse on Wednesday night. The Prime Minister added that he talked to the Minister of the Interior and they have “plans in place for this situation”.

The newspaper raised the issue that this requires time, but the Prime Minister told them Hungary already has experience in this. Viktor Orbán added the real power does not come from the fence. We have new laws which will provide serious punishments for illegal migrants.

In 30 days the border crossings at Röszke will be closed — the decision by Peter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Sandor Pinter, Minister of Interior, was confirmed to the M1 state channel on Wednesday afternoon.

Belgrade will send police officers to the Hungarian border to push the migrants further away from the border fence — said Serbian Minister of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic on Wednesday.

The Serbian police were placed at the border to prevent migrants from attacking the Hungarian police, and to separate in a “human and respectful way” the migrants from the border fence and the Hungarian police — according to Stefanovic in his statement.

Serbia protested about the use of water cannon

A member of the Serbian government “first, last, and all the time” protested against the use of water cannon against the aggressive migrants by the Hungarian police forces at the common border between the two countries.

Serbian Minister of Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin gave an interview live in Horgos [Serbian village close to the border with a Hungarian majority] to Serbian state television, and he added that Hungary has no right to do this.

The effect of water cannons crosses the line of the border; no state has the right to do this and I protest against it, says the politician handling migration cases in Serbia. He went to Horgos to collect information, and brought supplies.

He understands the disappointment of the migrants after Hungary closed its borders.

Zagreb will help the migrants cross over into Croatia and help them reach their destination in Western Europe, said Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic. Presently they receive 1500 migrants daily and if more come they can add more resources, said the Minister of the Interior.

[Former Croatian Interior Minister] Ranko Ostojic told us that until the afternoon around 350 people had entered illegally across the border from Serbia to Croatia. Right now they are waiting for registration and to be transported to Zagreb, Sissek and Kutina to stay at temporary accommodations. “It looks like the migrants are trying to use Croatia as a transit country,” he commented, and he added: we have to follow all European laws. The Croatian state railway company announced that they will provide charter trains from Zagreb to Vinkovic at the Croatian-Serbian border to transport the migrants. The Austrian police force started the border control at the Hungarian-Austrian border at 7 am.

The Austrian authorities started the border control between Austria and Slovenia, too. Minister of the Interior Johanna Mikl-Leitner explained: after the Austrian-Hungarian border was controlled the situation improved; now the Austrian-Slovenian border must be controlled. They will not send back any migrants to Hungary after they start the border check but Austria will obey the Dublin Accord. The Minister emphasized the border control will not impede the migration, and they want to register everybody. Mikl-Leitner also included that, based on their agreement with Germany, no migrants were returned to Austria. They still provide opportunity to everyone to apply for refugee status in Austria but most migrants wants to go to Germany and Sweden.

Slovenia wants to start checks at the border between Slovenia and Hungary, said Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar to journalists. Slovenia strengthened its borders, mobilized its police force and ordered helicopters to both the Slovenian-Hungarian and Slovenian-Croatian borders, said Under-Secretary of State Sefic Bostjan in Lendva. The employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told us that they are now certain they will create a registration center in the city. They do not know how many migrants they can expect. To answer a reporter’s question he explained, “Slovenia will try to accept as many refugees as arrive. Right now the capacity is around five to seven thousand, but we will take care of everybody. The crowd will decrease over time because these people do not want to stay in Slovenia. Slovenia will fulfill its obligations dictated by the Schengen Accord. They will only transport the migrants to another country if that other state requests this.”

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated that he is joining to the European politicians, and he condemns the shameful behavior of Hungary on migrant issues as many times as necessary, no matter whether Budapest feels aggrieved or not. To answer the Romanian PM’s critical comments, Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjártó responded: “The Romanian politicians have fallen into a lie-spiral: they talk about common solutions while their belligerence and lies make cooperation impossible.”

Peter Szijjártó added that in his opinion Romanian politicians are frustrated because the present situation will reveal more about their ability to defend their borders and their preparation level for the Schengen membership that they would like to reveal.

[Translator’s note: the article was updated repeatedly at the top, so that the oldest part was at the bottom. The earliest material was all repeated later, so the last portion has been omitted.]

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  1. I’m leaving for Vienna in two weeks… this is going to be some vacation… I had planned on Vienna, Baden, Budapest … Balaton and maybe the train to Timisoara Romania… what a nightmare. A train to that border will be hell….

    But this trip will be educational.. if I survive. My children are warning me. —

    NOW MOMMA _ “Do NOT walk up to a Muslim and demand to see his knife, his container of acid.. or flip open his jacket to see if he plans to blow up the train!”

    IF not Grandma’s… who?

    • Wow. You are brave. People have suggested hat pins. I don’t know if you can get them past the ever-vigilant TSA, or if they’ve even available in the EU.

      • you should find some in the numerous Vienna antique shops.Its ” Hutnadel” in german.pronounce Hootnahdel

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      It is really mortal and almost invisible till it is very visible.
      If attacked it is very easy to cut the jugular vein at the neck with swift move.
      Prepare yourself

    • Actually, not…the train don’t cross the border in the “danger” zone…You are in safe area…the only problem you can face is the summer heat….over 38 deg. celsius.

  2. Europe, as it has existed for centuries, is on the brink of disappearing. Leaders of many countries are failing in their responsibility to their own people, and to their heritage and culture. The very hearts of these cultures are being sacrificed on the altar of “social justice” and “multiculturalism”. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is absolutely correct in his decisions regarding immigrants and refugees. His first responsibility is the survival of Hungary and its culture and people. He, and Geert Wilders, are examples for other leaders throughout Europe, especially in the wake of the disastrous decisions of Merkel, Hollande and others.

    • Well said and agreed! More country leaders should think the same to protect their country as Orban, and only perhaps then the culture of Europe will be preserved. Germany and Sweden are no longer great to visit, not surprised business and personal travel is at a halt. WakeUp world. WakeUp!

  3. Paragraph nine by my count:

    “The Serbian PM admonished Hungary to never use tear gas in Serbian territory, and he emphasized that he will also discuss this issue with John Kerry.”

    He’ll tell the Americans…?


    • It is a generic and frequent behavior of PC and local loyal slave politicians to run to Washington or Brussels to complain and to tell on other countries. Yes they do sound like four year olds.

    • “Im gonna tell John Kerry…”

      Ill bet the Hungarians are crapping themselves… Laughing!!!

  4. Water cannons? I find it ironic that this invasion of barbarians is only 200 miles from the Glock factory in Austria.

  5. **“No authority in the world would accept such an ultimatum”

    Unless it is Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Poland, Romania, Austria, Britain, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Finland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, Montenegro, Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Bosnia, Portugal, Switzerland, or the U.S.

  6. ** The Austrian police force started the border control at the Hungarian-Austrian border at 7 am. **

    Exactly 50 years and seven hours too late.

    You can rush these things. First your country must be destroyed. THEN you consider half-hearted border “controls.”

  7. The whole world is going crazy. Every sovereign nation has a right to protect its borders (yes, even the USA). Hungary is right and the rest of the Euro-fools are wrong. Go, Viktor Orban!

    Reading this, it almost seemed like the old “misery loves company” meme and therefore, if we’re stuck with them, then you should be stuck with them, too.

    I’ll have to read up on Serbia — can’t remember if they had muslims or not (long ago). But to me, it seems that the people of today’s Europe have completely forgotten their history and it’s a very long history but one can learn a lot from it.

    Col. Bunny, you are so right! I think you have listed the squishes of today’s world. I notice Saudi Arabia is not on that list — they have not taken in anyone as far as I know. So what do they know that the western world doesn’t know? Hmmm.

    • As for Serbia, the entire Balkan, including Greece used to be part of the Ottoman empire and was therefore islamic. Until the muslims were stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683 by means of the largest cavalry charge ever under the leadership of the Polish king Jan Sobieski III.

    • Saudi-Arabia (or any other Muslim country) does not take in anybody because it does not make sense. The Hijra = Jihad by migration (and out of control breeding) takes place when Muslims travel to the a non-Muslim land to expand Islam influence. In that context there is no meaning to migrate into a country already Muslim.

      • Saudi (and other Gulf states) are funding the terrorists who are mixed in with the “refugees”/migrants. Of course they don’t want them.

  8. It’s obvious what has happened here. Since last winter the State Departement and EU mandarins have been leaning heavily on the Balkan countries in an attempt to re-open the Balkan corridor.
    Countries like Romania, Serbia and even Austria have caved in under pressure and are now doing a 180.
    Next in line would be Macedonia on the crucial north Greece border. They will be forced to re-open their borders too.
    Hungary is the last man standing.

    • You are right. And the overwhelming force is not really the invaders but EU and its main supporting power: Obama’s USA. I think the Hungarian government hoping in a Trump victory. The referendum on the mandatory migrant quotas was set to October (close to the US elections) so EU will not have time to respond in an aggressive way. (I believe the EU would even use military force against Hungary to resume the flow of culture-enrichers.) Of course that would be only possible if US has a globalist government approving all this.

      • After all, do you agree or not with Phillipe de Villers that USA rule European leaders ? A lot of replies criticized his point of view about it and now you are backing him

        • Oh yeah absolutely true, most of the politics directed by USA in the background. Also we must acknowledge too, that US government was hijacked by globalists agenda decades ago. Its army waging private wars and its population just as much a victim (maybe a privileged one because so far it was better for them), but still a victim. What is happening now in the US: BLM, illegal immigrants, flow of Muslims, shows the globalists thinks it is time to expand operations to US soil.

  9. Live ammunition would be lots more effective at controlling the borders than water cannon.Come on Hungarians,stop using kid gloves when dealing with the mass migration invaders.

    • Right now the Hungarian leadership has to be very careful. Do not forget Hungary is a small country and all other ones are against this. Once Trump elected we will get an important anti-globalist ally and finally we can all take off the gloves when it comes to Islam. That is why Viktor Orban said this: “The problem is Brussels not Mecca. We know how to handle Islam.” And when he says Brussels really it means Washington. Without its US globalist allies the EU (with NATO) would not be able to force its member countries to obey.

    • You’ve got my backing! And they would only need to do it once to get the message across–moslems only respect force.

      Mind you, the rest of the naive, hypocritical world would scream!

    • Yes.

      The scenario would be that the Hungarian police clear a buffer that is clearly on the Hungarian side. The buffer could be mined, like the Israel border. Anyone clearing the mines would be shot. The actions would not involve the Serbs at all, and would be completely off Serbian territory.

  10. High praise and honor to Viktor Orban, and more than him, those who voted him into power. He has been raised up, like the Biblical Esther, “for such a time as this”. The last gleam of the West’s sunset gilds Wilders, Festerling, and LePen. May the God of Heaven keep and preserve them against what is, and what is coming.

  11. “Serbian state television reported that its crew were beaten up by Hungarian police officers, and they also broke their camera at Röszke.”

    In many crowd protest situations it has been shown that it is the arrival of the Television cameras and reporters that sets off the violence as the crowd are now playing to an audience.

    The Serbian TV presence is probably partly to blame for what happened.

  12. I’m a little confused at the border controls between Austria and Hungary. The implication is, the Austrians wish to block the flow of migrants from Hungary. But I thought the whole point of this article is the Hungarians are not permitting any migrants on their territory. So, the article is confusing, and doesn’t give enough information.

    I agree with Crossware, who thinks the EU is capable of initiating military force. Recall that President Bill Clinton used NATO to attack Serbia in an unprovoked and unjustified intervention in the Bosnian and Kosovo wars. I’m sure a President Hillary would be most happy to show herself even more of a military hardliner than Bill. In other words, a President Hillary would not only approve military force against Hungary, but would initiate it.

    • Let me explain the Austrian border control. Yes Hungarians stopped the illegal migrants at the southern border. But as I mentioned in previous posts, they have to play by the existing playbook to hope to avoid any strong (physical) intervention from migrant loving EU states. So they had to provide migrant registration stations where migrants can declare they requesting asylum in Hungary. The numbers are limited, 15 families daily which still could mean more than 100 people. While their case is examined they going into open camps in Hungary. (open because by international law they did not commit any crime yet so can’t be locked up). Most of the cases will be rejected, because they are not real refugees but economic migrants, most of them not from Syria and based on the Geneva Accord, they are not directly coming from a war torn country. (first country would be Turkey, or Greece. However because they are facing almost certain refusal, the migrants are escaping from the open camps and head to Austria. That is why there is still a flow of migrants going from Hungary to Austria, hence the border control.

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