8 thoughts on “Don’t You Love Post-Racial America?

  1. BLM waiting in the wings for the next ‘incident’ to spark more civil unrest. It is more than a ‘movement’ IMHO it is the Communists/Socialists implementing ‘change’ an anti capitalist movement.

  2. We haven’t learned the lesson of Watts either. I lived through that. The people who were shouting the loudest for law and order were the people whose segregationist policies had caused the riots in the first place. I worked as a construction site superintendent in the area 16 years ago. Nothing has changed much from the 1960s, but has only become worse with the passage of time.
    While BLM and O’Bama are fanning the flames, they didn’t start the fire. The embers have been smoldering for 150 years as all the high-sounding promises that were made were never kept. Thomas Jefferson tried to prevent what is happening now by outlawing slavery in Virginia. George III had ordered Virginia to buy the negroes from Africa because the fabric mills in England were running short of material and cotton clothing was all the rage. Jefferson’s bill finally succeeded in being passed by the House of Burgesses in 1765 only to be vetoed by George III. At the Second Continental Congress when Jefferson led an attempt to have slavery outlawed as a Federal matter, that provision was removed and America at its birth made a pact with compromise and the devil. N
    Nothing has changed in the 60-plus years that I have been around. We are only reaping what we have sown. However, BLM, Soros & Company will stand before judgment for having fanned the flames instead of doing something constructive, such as financing enterprises that would have put these people to work and provided their children something other than a hopeless and miserable existence. I have seen it first-hand and it ain’t pretty.

    • It’s curious, then, that crime in mainly black areas increased after the changes brought about by the civil rights movement.

      Whites HAVE had an influence by incentivizing black lawlessness and sense of privilege.

  3. The 49th anniversary of Milwaukee’s 1967 riots were a few weeks ago. They haven’t learned anything there either. A thug get stopped and/or shot by police and they burn their own neighborhoods.

    There’s a reason why White Flight was invented in Milwaukee in the 1950’s. The reason still exists.

    • BHO the worst president in USA history! Hopefully when he finally leaves office he will be exposed for what he truly is
      And prevented from joining the lucrative lecture tour circuits with his reputation in tatters.

      • You may very well be right about BHO, but the jury is still out . . . and it will take a lot to outdo Woodrow Wilson in terms of damage and evil consequences . . . although he had plenty of help. Come to think of help: Barry Soetoro also has a lot of it.

  4. I cannot speak to Milwaukee; I’ve never even visited the northern Midwest.

    But I can speak to where I live and where I used to live. Where I live NOW, the murder rate in two towns/cities with black majority populations is pretty terrible if you consider black-on-black, probably gang-connected, homicide. The Oakland, CA police consistently ask for the public’s cooperation in solving cases of homicide, but just don’t get witness statements (even anonymously) to help them solve these cases. Richmond, CA police sometimes get a little more help than that.

    The “snitches get stitches” culture is snuffing out the lives of young black (and, hereabouts, Latino) men. If the friends and other loved ones of the victims would tell the police WHO killed their beloveds, HOW and WHEN, many of the most dangerous killers would be off the street.

    I just about pull my hair out when I hear these BLM “activists.” The only black deaths they seem to become agitated about are those by (1) white homeowners or other persons unknown to the black community or (2) law-enforcement personnel. I haven’t dug down into the FBI statistical databases, and perhaps the FBI doesn’t even distinguish between persons shot:
    –while resisting arrest and armed (or, worse, trying to *attack* the police)
    –vs. non-resisting and unarmed.

    I used to live in Atlanta (college). I helped vote in majority black city councils, first black mayor of Atlanta, the whole 9 yards. But there were still large areas of the city herself which were simply unsafe for whites to traverse (mostly in the S.E. and some of the S.W. districts). This is quite old information (’70s), but the general vibe in over 60% of Atlanta was quite positive. If a crime occurred, the police received public information to help solve it.

    Not so now, and esp. not w/regard to the S.F. Bay Area communities I’m familiar with.

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