Corsica: Migrant Trouble on the Beach at Sisco

A civil disturbance developed on a beach in Corsica yesterday when the cultural sensitivities of Maghrebins — immigrants from North Africa — led to a violent attack against Corsican natives. The trouble reportedly began when a non-Muslim took photos of a Muslim woman in a burkini. The Muslims took umbrage, and the encounter escalated from there.

The locals were unwilling to suffer such violence without a response, and took their quarrel en masse to the local Maghrebin “neighborhood”. I admit to a certain sense of satisfaction — despite all my conscientious efforts to remain high-minded and not give in to vengeful thoughts — when I saw those migrants’ cars ablaze. After the tens of thousands of carbecues at the hands of “youths”, the torching of culture-enrichers’ vehicles was possibly a unique event in all of Europe.

Below are two videos about what happened. The first one features mostly discussion, but the second one shows some action. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video #1:

Video #2:

The following three articles describe yesterday’s events on Corsica. First, from The Telegraph:

Man ‘Injured by Harpoon’ During Riot on Corsica Beach After Tourist Takes Photo of Woman in Burkini

Riot police were summoned and a man was injured by a harpoon when a mass brawl broke out on a beach in Corsica, apparently triggered by a tourist taking a photo of women in “burkinis”.

The incident came after the mayor of Cannes banned women from wearing the full-body, head-covering swimsuits on beaches of his Riviera town.

The riot in Corsica took place on Saturday in a cove near the village of Sisco in the north of the French Mediterranean island.

“It happened because a tourist was taking photos,” said Ange-Pierre Vivoni, the local mayor, on TF1 television. “And the Maghrebins (North Africans) didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter to begin with.”

Things got out of hand when young men of North African origin harangued the tourist who took the pictures, prompting local youngsters to intervene in defence of the visitor.

From RT:

Violent Corsica Brawl: 4 Injured: Cars Burnt in Clashes Between Locals & N. Africans

At least four people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in a violent brawl between locals and “foreigners,” presumably from North Africa, on the island of Corsica, French media reports. Some 100 police officers had to be deployed to calm the situation.

The brawl broke out in the Sisco commune of France’s Haute-Corse department on Saturday evening, France 3 Corsica reported.

France 3 Corsica cited local witnesses who claimed that a spat began when some tourists took a picture of a group of ten North Africans, including a pregnant woman and children, who were sitting on a beach. The North Africans made it clear that they didn’t want to be photographed, but then a group of Corsicans arrived and also started a discussion that escalated into a confrontation.

And from the BBC:

Corsica Brawl: Five Hurt in Clashes on French Beach

beach brawl on the French island of Corsica between three families of North African descent and local youths has left five people injured and three cars burnt out, regional prosecutors say.

The brawl on Saturday began after the families objected to photos being taken, witnesses say. Stones and bottles were thrown.

Reports say some of the brawlers were armed with hatchets and harpoons.

Unrest continued on Sunday at a protest in the regional capital.

Tension has grown this summer between local communities and Muslims of North African origin in the south of France, especially following the massacre of 85 people by a lorry-driver in the city of Nice on 14 July.

Transcript Video 1:

0:00   On Sunday, August 13th, there was a rally in Bastia.
0:14   I was saying, anyway, they did the right thing; they went in the neighborhoods.
0:18   We will go up there. Right now we’re not in a hurry, we’ll go up there
0:39   So we saw a tourist taking a picture of the landscape [at the beach],
0:43   then we saw the Maghrebins who started insulting them,
0:47   then a naked woman, who was bathing
0:53   had rocks thrown at her by those Maghrebins,
0:58   and after that a friend of mine took a picture,
1:04   and they said: “They will come, they will come”
1:09   Soon after that we saw them arrive
1:12   below the creek. They didn’t even say anything.
1:18   They attacked right away.
1:22   Then a friend of mine tried to defend
1:26   the person who was being attacked,
1:29   and hit with a machete [wind in the mic]
1:32   he broke [wind in the mic] the machete and then, all right, I’ll to explain to you
1:38   what happened next. A teenager from the village, non-violent, I have to point out,
1:43   he had three grown-ups pounce on him,
1:46   in their forties, he received a stroke from the machete on his head
1:49   and a punch in the face. The young one was taken to the hospital.
1:52   after that [unintelligible] when they called us
1:55   we went down there, I arrived there first, with the father of the young one.
1:59   we didn’t even have time to […] when they hit us with a harpoon and kicked us.
2:03   The father was hit! Yes, the father received two harpoon barbs.
2:06   We had to retreat, retreat, we couldn’t do anything. We were not armed, they had axes in their car
2:11   they had bludgeons, they had a lot of […]
2:14   and they yelled “Allahu Akhbar!” “We’re at home!” Anyway, in Ajaccio […] they were in the neighborhood.
2:19   TEXT: The crowd then went to the neighborhood where one of the gangs lives that started the riot.
2:38   [the crowd shouting] “We’re at home!”
3:00   Hey, we did nothing wrong!

Transcript Video 2:

0:00   The paramedics are evacuating the injured
0:03   in the middle of an angry mob.
0:08   Further away, on the cliff, the cars belonging to a group of friends, originally from the Maghreb,
0:12   are still on fire. The firefighters are trying to gain control over the fire,
0:16   started, according to the witnesses, by the villagers
0:19   of Sisco in retaliation for the first attack.
0:23   It was Maghrebins, I know for a fact,
0:28   who hit a 15-year-old local kid
0:31   and who followed him up the hill; and he was hurt
0:35   slightly, I suppose, but still, he was hurt with a blade;
0:38   and as result, his parents and all the villagers gathered.
0:43   I was scared, I was scared for everybody.
0:46   For the ones, my people, and for the others.
0:50   “The others” were a group of friends who came from Lupino,
0:53   a working-class neighborhood of Bastia. The riot allegedly started
0:57   when some individuals were taking pictures of the females of the group, wearing burkinis.
1:01   Community tensions or neighborhood rivalry.
1:05   This morning, while 500 people rallied in Bastia to denounce the violence,
1:09   several individuals threatened they would go to Lupino to retaliate.
1:13   The police blocked access to the neighborhood for several hours.

Hat tips for the articles: Fjordman and Vlad Tepes.

24 thoughts on “Corsica: Migrant Trouble on the Beach at Sisco

  1. Napoleon was born and raised on Corsica. They don’t raise ’em cowardly there, not then and (evidently!) not now.

    Sometimes you just have to take justice into your own hands….

    • Churchill was born in England. Charlie Martel was born in France. El Cid was born in Spain. Go figure. It’s the traitorous
      Politicians who need to be accused of behaviour unbecoming of a human being. Jesus Christ – invading your nation with yelping Muslim degenerates and their African slaves. Where’s the progress or regeneration in that. How does anyone claim love for their children or grand children. God?

      • Individual heroes, definitely. But the story concerned Corsicans rising up as one man en masse. That speaks to cultural factors.

        • A bit of a stretch. Still, any response or signs of discomfort is something – in a relative kind of way.

  2. It won’t be long before they start posting Muslim heads on pikes on the beach again.

    Not sure why Muslims think that a place where the territorial flag is an image of a decapiatted Muslim head is a good place to immigrate to.

  3. Leave it to the Corsicans to once again teach the French how to be men.

  4. What is paradoxical is that when this is observed in Corsica,90% of people would consider the behaviour of the locals to be perfectly normal.

    When the English,French,Germans or any other are attacked,then all of a sudden the stifling oppression of decades of politically “correct” lies kick in and people suddenly begin to start turning on their own countrymen calling them fascists and violently assaulting them in the streets.

    It’s quite bizarre really and shows what a chokehold the globalists have on ordinary people.

  5. Always armed (machetes and axes) hardly the normal beach paraphernalia that people take to the beach!

    Probably had no room left in their cars for the lilos and frisbees!

    Good on the locals for defending their own as the gendarmes appeared be more concerned for the migrants safety than that of the injured villagers.

    • The National Gendarmerie are probably more interested in keeping their steady paying jobs and a pension to look forward to. Co-operating with the Nazis worked out quite well for their grandparents. Tragically the Vichy disease has hit all Western European countries today. England’s out of the so called European Union gives renewed hope that freedom will rise again.

  6. If they deport all the Mus[lim]s, no one will take their photo. Problem solved.

  7. The only reason the muslims do this is because they can get away with it. The first time a sizable crowd of locals show up and kick the muslims […], the violence just may stop. They are, after all, just bullies. And all bullies are cowards.

  8. Who has harpoons? Who the [dickens] carries around harpoons? Were they doing a little recreational whaling while at the beach?

    • Yeah. The “harpoon” was an interesting note. Sharpened stick, maybe? without the flesh-destroying arrowhead?

  9. Clarence Baysinger: you are suffering from some type of delusion about bullies. They are in fact not cowards at all. And these crazy mo-fo’s (related to mo-ham-head) are not “cowards” either. They are true believers.
    The only way to address bullies is to 1) learn how to punch 2) Never, ever put up with it again. They’ll eventually get the hint.
    But alas, our words fall on many deaf ears.

  10. Nice to know not all Western European men have lost their [manly wherewithal]. I was starting to worrying about you guys.

  11. Oh dear, chances of community cohesion are not looking good. Those muslims will need to watch themselves. The Southern European male is a little more likely to get a wee bit more worked up if pushed, than a German or a Swede.

    Amusing example of ineffectual crowd control by the Corsican Police as the crowd marched to the muslims housing area.

  12. To many intents and purposes, Corsicans are something like France’s equivalent of Sicilians. They have an outsize presence in the police and French military and also run France’s main organized crime gang, Le Unione Corse.

    This kind of reminds me of some of the stories my father of blessed memory (Z”l) used to tell me about growing up in Brownsville, a rather declasse’ part of Brooklyn back in the 1940’s and early 50’s. Murder Inc. had their headquarters there and the Mob was definitely around, but they made a point of taking care of the locals.

    Back then, anyone attempting a robbery, mugging or assault in that neighborhood from outside got their head handed to them – if they were lucky to get off that cheaply. And the cops made motions like they were investigating, but they routinely looked the other way.

    I have a feeling that’s what the gendarmes were doing here. Given what a pain and source of crime many of these ‘refugees’ are on a regular basis, I doubt they were too upset at the locals pitching in.

  13. Update. According to the prosecutor ( on today’s France 2 news) the Burkini photo was not at the bottom of this but only one element. The Maghrébins ( of Moroccan origine and not inhabitants of the village) had tried to ” privatise” the beach ie take it over no doubt in a “this is our territory ” type of way. They had spent most of the day threatening, insulting and even throwing stones at other beach users. The men who are still in custody are also known to the police for drug dealing and other criminal activities.

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