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Fire broke out today at a refugee center in the German city of Kassel, destroying at least a dozen of the containers used to house the migrants. Sixteen residents of the center received medical treatment for smoke inhalation. The fire department has ruled out an anti-migrant attack as the cause of the fire.

In other news, three people have been killed and more than 7,000 rescued during the massive flooding that has struck the state of Louisiana.

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Financial Crisis
» Jordan Instability Fears as Growth Slows, Unemployment Rises
» The U.S. Has Lost 195,000 Good Paying Energy Industry Jobs
» 7,000 Rescued as Storms, Flooding Wreak Havoc on Louisiana
» Manafort Slams Press Coverage, Says Campaign ‘Very Strong’
» Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health — The Rat Poison Problem
» Milwaukee Officials Plead for Calm After Unrest Sparked by Officer-Involved Shooting
» Poll: Only 1% of African Americans Support Trump
» Secret Service Faces Questions About Child Sex Abuse
» Soros Hacked, Hundreds of Documents Leaked
» Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites for Beat Downs
» Violence Erupts in America’s Heartland as Milwaukee Becomes the Latest U.S. City to Burn
Europe and the EU
» “One Day We Will Kick You All Out!” — Finnish Anti-Islamization Rally in Helsinki
» Corsica Brawl: Five Hurt in Clashes on French Beach
» French Vineyards Revive Horse-Drawn Ploughs
» German President Booed, Attacked; Claims “The People Are the Problem, Not the Elites”
» Man ‘Injured by Harpoon’ During Riot on Corsica Beach After Tourist Takes Photo of Woman in Burkini
» Nigel Farage Hints at UKIP Leadership Return
» Spain: From María to Maryam: A 29-Year-Old Spaniard Converts to Islam
» Swedish Stores to Customers: “Cash Not Welcome Here”
» Swiss Train Attacker and One Victim Dead
» UK: Grammar Wreckers Knew They Would Make Our Schools Worse
» Violent Corsica Brawl: 4 Injured: Cars Burnt in Clashes Between Locals & N. Africans
Israel and the Palestinians
» Book Review: A Cautionary Tale of the Israel Defense Forces
Middle East
» Turkey’s Constitutional Court Stirs Outrage by Annulling Child Sex Abuse Clause
» Russia’s Hypersonic 7680mph Nuclear Glider Armed With ICBMs Almost Ready
South Asia
» British Teenager Was Forced at Gunpoint to Marry Her Cousin in Pakistan Then Raped
Latin America
» Mexico Gang Drops Heads in Iceboxes Near Government Building
» Rio Games Honoring Israel’s Athletes Massacred at 1972 Olympics
» Calais Jungle at ‘Breaking Point’ As Number of Migrants Passes 9,000 and Camp Becomes a ‘Major Health and Security Risk’
» Fears of ‘Sharia Police’ And Islamic State Support in German City After Wave of Refugees
» Fire Breaks Out at Refugee Center in Germany
» Islam Academic: Migrants Want Eurabia, Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy the West
» Merkel Demands All Big German Companies Hire Refugees

Jordan Instability Fears as Growth Slows, Unemployment Rises

The Dhiban unrest highlights what the Jordanian government now says is its biggest challenge— rising unemployment, particularly among the young, fueled by an economic slump and spillover from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Youth unemployment is endemic in the troubled Middle East, where a demographic “youth bulge” has increased the number of jobseekers, including college graduates, while economies have stalled amid spreading violence.

Even though Jordan’s unemployment problem is not unique, some say the pro-Western monarchy warrants special attention because of its strategic importance. The country is part of the U.S.-led military coalition against Islamic State extremists who control parts of Syria and Iraq and have attracted thousands of followers in Jordan.

Any destabilization of Jordan, possibly triggered by economic problems, would alarm the kingdom’s allies.

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The U.S. Has Lost 195,000 Good Paying Energy Industry Jobs

Not all jobs are created equal. There is a world of difference between a $100,000 a year energy industry job and a $10 an hour job running a cash register at Wal-Mart. You can comfortably support a middle class family on $100,000 a year, but there is no way in the world that you can run a middle class household on a part-time job that pays just $10 an hour. The quality of our jobs matters, and if current long-term trends continue unabated, eventually we are not going to have much of a middle class left. At this point the middle class has already become a minority in America, and according to the Social Security Administration 51 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year right now. We have a desperate need for more higher paying jobs, and that is why what is happening in the energy industry is so deeply alarming.

Just today we got some more disturbing news. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the U.S. has lost 195,000 good paying energy jobs since the middle of 2014…

[Comment: Puppet Obama’s implementation of the globalist plan to de-industrialize the US is working.]

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7,000 Rescued as Storms, Flooding Wreak Havoc on Louisiana

LIVINGSTON, La. (AP) — In high-water vehicles, boats and helicopters, emergency crews worked Sunday to rescue scores of south Louisiana residents from deadly flooding as the governor warned that it was “not over.”

From the air homes in southwest Louisiana looked more like little islands surrounded by flooded fields. Farmland was covered, streets descended into impassable pools of water, shopping centers were inundated with only roofs of cars peeking above the water.

From the ground it was just as catastrophic. Drivers tried to navigate treacherous roads where the water lapped at the side or covered the asphalt in a running stream. Abandoned cars were pushed to the side of the road, lawn furniture and children’s toys floating through the waters.

And in many places, the water was still rising…

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Manafort Slams Press Coverage, Says Campaign ‘Very Strong’

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign chairman on Sunday dismissed reports that Trump was floundering amid perceived off-message remarks and said the campaign is “moving to get forward and is very strong.”

Paul Manafort said the national media chose to focus last week on Trump’s “aside” about Second Amendment advocates trying to stop Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s White House bid, despite major news off the campaign trail, including Trump and Clinton announcing major economic plans.

“Besides running against Hillary Clinton, [Trump] is running against the media,” Manafort said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “There was a debate that could have been had there. Instead, the media chose to take the Clinton campaign narrative and go on attack on Donald Trump. Trump, in the course of this week, was very substantive.”

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Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health — The Rat Poison Problem

Major media are rushing to do damage control on Hillary’s health. They’re trying to lay down the concrete of a fake consensus that she’s fine, because her doctor issued a positive report in 2015. (See here).

But one of the bottom lines is: she’s suffered from dangerous blood clots. And the treatment is blood-thinners, which are given to reduce the possibility of a fatal clot.

Hillary is taking Coumadin, also known as Warfarin.

It’s a rat poison. It kills rats by causing them to bleed out internally. This is a fact.

Therefore, the prescribing doctor and the patient walk a tightrope. How much Coumadin is too much? How little is too little? Too much, and life-threatening bleeding can occur. Too little and fatal blood clots can occur.

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Milwaukee Officials Plead for Calm After Unrest Sparked by Officer-Involved Shooting

City leaders pleaded for calm after violence erupted for several hours Saturday night on Milwaukee’s north side following a man’s fatal shooting by police, with the mayor imploring parents of anyone at the scene to “get them home right now” after at least four businesses burned and one officer was hurt.

At a news conference just after midnight, Mayor Tom Barrett said the situation appeared to be calming after a riotous scene in which as many as 100 protesters skirmished with police, torching a squad car and tossing a brick through the window of another. Police mounted at least two efforts to push the protesters out of an intersection at the heart of the violence.

The unrest began several hours after a man fleeing police after a traffic stop was shot and killed. Police said the man was armed, but it wasn’t clear whether he was pointing the gun or aiming it at officers. Barrett said the man was hit twice, in the chest and arm. Neither his race nor the officer’s was immediately released, nor were they identified.

The shooting was being investigated by the state. The officer was wearing a body camera, Barrett said.

At least three people were arrested in an uprising that Barrett said was driven by social media messages instructing people to congregate in the area.

“We have to have calm,” Barrett said at the news conference. “There are a lot of really good people who live in this neighborhood.”

Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton echoed Barrett’s plea for help restoring order.

“We understand the frustration people feel with the police community nationally. We have to go through the process of finding justice, but we have to be able to restore order to these neighborhoods,” Hamilton said. “Please participate in restoring order to these neighborhoods.”

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Poll: Only 1% of African Americans Support Trump

A new Fox News poll found that just one percent of African Americans support Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, got 85 percent of the African American vote, while Gary Johnson got seven percent.

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Secret Service Faces Questions About Child Sex Abuse

The U.S. Secret Service is under scrutiny after a batch of newly released documents revealed that a special agent was accused in 2012 of using a date-rape drug to molest boys.

The revelation, stemming from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, raised questions about whether the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security, which oversees it, as well as its investigative arm, took sufficient action when confronted with the allegations.

In addition to the allegations involving the special agent, a separate document obtained by the Washington Examiner referenced another employee from a different division who had also been accused of child molestation.

The new revelations come at a time when the agency is struggling to overcome scandals, including one in which agents hired prostitutes during a presidential trip to Colombia…

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Soros Hacked, Hundreds of Documents Leaked

Man attempting to overthrow America targeted by hackers

Hundreds of internal documents from groups run by prominent billionaire liberal donor George Soros were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups.

The 2,576 files were released by DCLeaks, a website which claims to be “launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people.”

The documents are from multiple departments of Soros’ organizations. Soros’ the Open Society Foundations seems to be the group with the most documents in the leak. Files come from sections representing almost all geographical regions in the world, “the President’s Office”, and something named SOUK.

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Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites for Beat Downs

“They beating up all the white people”

Video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.

The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.

“Yeah they white!” states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.

“Yeah they white, get their ass!” screams another.

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter.

“He white — beat his head — bitch!” he adds.

The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

The footage then cuts to an upper floor window before the person shooting the video states, “I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason — they bust open the window.”

[Comment: Communist goal of agitating blacks against whites is proceeding according to Soros funded plans.]

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Violence Erupts in America’s Heartland as Milwaukee Becomes the Latest U.S. City to Burn

The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin exploded in violence last night as the wave of chaos and civil unrest that is sweeping across America continues to intensify. At this point, many of our largest cities have become powder kegs of anger and frustration, and a full-blown riot can be set off with a single bullet. In this case, an armed suspect was shot and killed by Milwaukee police as he attempted to evade the police, and his death almost instantly set off pandemonium in the heart of the city. America is being ripped apart, and much more violence is coming. Decades of social decay and economic decline have fundamentally transformed many of our greatest cities, and tensions that have been simmering for a very long time are now being brought to a boil. Sadly, it seems quite likely that we will see even more rage, hatred and divisiveness in the months ahead.

The sudden eruption of violence that we witnessed in Milwaukee last night was absolutely stunning. Within just hours after the shooting of the armed suspect, fires were burning all over the city…

[Comment: Brought to you by Soros funded groups run by Communists.]

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“One Day We Will Kick You All Out!” — Finnish Anti-Islamization Rally in Helsinki

“One Day we will kick you all out!” — Finnish Anti-Islamization Rally in Helsinki Michel Paulat, a former Official at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs who now resides in Turku, Southwest Finland, spoke harsh words at an Anti-Islamization rally in Helsinki on the 5th of August. During the event counter-demonstrators tried their best to disrupt the speech, but seemingly without success. Paulat claimed that Muslims are “cruel, arrogant and stupid”, have created nothing and don’t respect their women. They demand their culture to be imposed upon Western civilization, but murder and disrespect Christians. According to him, refugees are pathetic cowards who refuse to fight for their country and instead leave behind their families in war torn areas.

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Corsica Brawl: Five Hurt in Clashes on French Beach

beach brawl on the French island of Corsica between three families of North African descent and local youths has left five people injured and three cars burnt out, regional prosecutors say.

The brawl on Saturday began after the families objected to photos being taken, witnesses say. Stones and bottles were thrown.

Reports say some of the brawlers were armed with hatchets and harpoons.

Unrest continued on Sunday at a protest in the regional capital.

Tension has grown this summer between local communities and Muslims of North African origin in the south of France, especially following the massacre of 85 people by a lorry-driver in the city of Nice on 14 July.

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French Vineyards Revive Horse-Drawn Ploughs

The sight of a large, lumbering horse pulling a plough through a vineyard may seem like a time warp, but hundreds of French winegrowers have returned to the centuries-old practice.

“It’s a picture postcard image,” said oenologist Gilles de Revel, adding that the renaissance took off about 10 years ago with many vineyards looking to burnish their brands.

Using draught horses is a “strong new trend along with organic winegrowing”, said De Revel, the dean of the oenology faculty at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences at the University of Bordeaux.

But one Bordeaux vintner, Dominique Leandre-Chevalier, “was really a pioneer” in the revival, De Revel said, noting that he reintroduced horses soon after inheriting his father’s vineyard back in 1985.

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German President Booed, Attacked; Claims “The People Are the Problem, Not the Elites”

Revolution is closer than you think…

Following Angela Merkel’s earlier calls for German CEOs to hire refugees, and as Martin Armstrong notes, Germany has raided its healthcare funds to support the refugee crisis…

The government passed a law that allows them to take 1.5 billion euros from the liquidity reserve of the public health care fund (10 billion euros in total, paid by all members and additionally by the taxpayer) and to give that money to refugees / asylum seekers.

What would you call this? Insane?

We thought a reminder of the tensions that are bubbling under the surface in Germany.

As VoxDay noted appropriately, Germany’s elite is going to get a well-deserved one soon as German President Joachim Gauck was booed and attacked in the streets of Sebnitz, Saxony after he blurted out the following unbelievbable statement:

“The elites are not the problem, the people are the problem.”

Official German State TV and State Radio reported that “a handful of right wing extremists” have attacked the president and disturbed the otherwise peaceful and welcoming reception of the President. This is simply not the case, as seen in the video…

[Comment: Watch the video.]

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Man ‘Injured by Harpoon’ During Riot on Corsica Beach After Tourist Takes Photo of Woman in Burkini

Riot police were summoned and a man was injured by a harpoon when a mass brawl broke out on a beach in Corsica, apparently triggered by a tourist taking a photo of women in “burkinis”.

The incident came after the mayor of Cannes banned women from wearing the full-body, head-covering swimsuits on beaches of his Riviera town.

The riot in Corsica took place on Saturday in a cove near the village of Sisco in the north of the French Mediterranean island.

“It happened because a tourist was taking photos,” said Ange-Pierre Vivoni, the local mayor, on TF1 television. “And the Maghrebins (North Africans) didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter to begin with.”

Things got out of hand when young men of North African origin harangued the tourist who took the pictures, prompting local youngsters to intervene in defence of the visitor…

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Nigel Farage Hints at UKIP Leadership Return

Nigel Farage has described the attention over his new moustache as “just hilarious” and revealed he may return as Ukip leader if Brexit is not delivered.

The Eurosceptic caused a stir on Friday when video surfaced of him being interviewed while sporting bushy whiskers, but the MEP credited the social media storm that followed to a slow news day.

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Spain: From María to Maryam: A 29-Year-Old Spaniard Converts to Islam

The day that Maryam’s cellphone rang out the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, her parents were understandly puzzled. “They said their hearts skipped a beat because I had never told them to their faces that I had embraced Islam,’“ she explains just days after her conversion.

Maryam grew up in a non-practicing Christian home in Fuenlabrada, a working-class suburb of Madrid. She was christened Maria and celebrated her first communion but says she doesn’t remember ever going to mass.

Now, at the age of 29, she has converted to Islam, a processs she says took place over the last decade, beginning when she was 19 and her Moroccan-born boyfriend gave her a book that began this gradual process of change. “It wasn’t the Koran. It was simply called Islam and it was on sale at the book fair. It awoke my curiosity but it didn’t make me believe immediately,” she recalls.

She began to look deeper into Islam, reading biographies of its prophets watching documentaries and finally tackling the Koran itself…

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Swedish Stores to Customers: “Cash Not Welcome Here”

To get a glimpse of the future of commerce in America, look no further than Sweden.

The Scandinavian country is largely a cashless society, with consumers relying on mobile phone payments or plastic. While the U.S. is still far from achieving the same level of cash-free existence, increasing numbers of restaurants and retailers are now snubbing the lowly dollar bill.

Some merchants such as SweetGreen, a salad chain, refuse to open their registers for cash, telling customers they can pay only with mobile payments or cards. With some newer vending machines, only a card or mobile wallet will get that cold Coca-Cola to roll down the chute.

[Comment: Sweden is the globalist test tube country. Destruction of the western nation state using mass migration is progressing fast there. Globalists seek to eliminate cash since it becomes easier to loot public with negative interest rates and track every dollar the individual spends. Cashless = tyranny.]

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Swiss Train Attacker and One Victim Dead

A 34-year-old woman who was injured in an attack by a knifeman on a Swiss train has died in hospital, police say.

The attacker, a 27-year-old Swiss man, also died on Sunday, they said.

Five other people were hurt when the man set fire to the train and stabbed passengers in the attack on Saturday. Two of them, including a six-year-old child, are in a serious condition.

Police have said that, as yet, there is no indication of a political or terrorist motive for the attack…

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UK: Grammar Wreckers Knew They Would Make Our Schools Worse

Here’s why the quarrel about grammar schools never ends: it is not really about schools, but about what sort of country this should be.

Grammar schools stood for adult authority, for discipline, for tradition, for hard work first and reward afterwards, and for self-improvement.

They also tended to assume that boys and girls were different, and so educated them apart from each other. I like these things, but many don’t.

Old-fashioned Labour saw the point of this. They realised that it helped the poor become better-off and to have better lives and more power. They created a peaceful revolution that changed Britain for the better. Labour councils used to build new grammar schools and be proud of them.

But the modern liberal Left don’t like any of these ideas. They would rather teach children how to have sex than teach them to believe in God.

Especially they don’t think parents or teachers should have any authority over the young. The State should be trusted to tell them what to think. They should look to the State for any improvement in their lives.

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Violent Corsica Brawl: 4 Injured: Cars Burnt in Clashes Between Locals & N. Africans

At least four people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in a violent brawl between locals and “foreigners,” presumably from North Africa, on the island of Corsica, French media reports. Some 100 police officers had to be deployed to calm the situation.

The brawl broke out in the Sisco commune of France’s Haute-Corse department on Saturday evening, France 3 Corsica reported.

France 3 Corsica cited local witnesses who claimed that a spat began when some tourists took a picture of a group of ten North Africans, including a pregnant woman and children, who were sitting on a beach. The North Africans made it clear that they didn’t want to be photographed, but then a group of Corsicans arrived and also started a discussion that escalated into a confrontation…

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Book Review: A Cautionary Tale of the Israel Defense Forces

All who remember what happened a decade ago in the Second Lebanon War of 2006 will find this story by former IDF Special Forces Commander Brig. Gen. (ret.) Gal Hirsch truth telling. It is a cautionary tale in view of the threats by Hezbollah leader Nasrallah that his terrorist army, although bloodied in Syria, still has the potential to inflict harm on Israel. Hirsch names those in the leadership of T’zahal who didn’t heed warnings about the threat they faced, the lack of preparedness, essential equipment and command and communications to fight a fortified enemy.

The Second Lebanon war came six years after Israel with drew from the Southern Lebanon security belt, setting the stage for Hezbollah with the aid of Iranian engineers and possibly North Korean tunneling workers to create interlocking fields of fire and hidden rocket and artillery firing positions that drove nearly 1 million Israelis from their homes into sweltering shelters and many to sanctuary in central Israel.

Next time, all of Israel will be the target. Hence, Gen. Hirsch’s story presents lesson learned from his experience during the 34 day summer war of 2006, that, we hope T’zahal developed the tactics, force protection means, unit training and specialized combined arms and special ops tactics to defeat the significant threat of Hezbollah to Israel.

Note this opening stanza of this Military Times review of Gen. Hirsch’s book:

In “Defensive Shield: An Israeli Special Forces Commander on the Front Line of Counterterrorism,” Hirsch engagingly escorts the reader through his 34 years in uniform, starting at age 15 in a pre-military academy up through the backbiting post-war period when he’s forced to fall on his sword for perceived wartime failings.

Timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of that hybrid war with Hezbollah, Hirsch’s account of the 34-day fight and its aftermath is a compelling, albeit subjectively cautionary tale of the best and the worst of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)…

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Turkey’s Constitutional Court Stirs Outrage by Annulling Child Sex Abuse Clause

The Constitutional Court has ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse,” stirring outrage from academics and women’s rights activists who warn that the decision will lead to cases of child abuse going unpunished.

The Constitutional Court discussed the issue upon an application from a district court, which complained that the current law does not discriminate between age groups in cases of child sexual abuse and treats a 14-year-old as equal to a four-year-old.

The local court said the law does not provide legal consequences for the “consent” of victims in cases where the child victim is from 12 to 15 years of age and able to understand the meaning of the sexual act. “This creates an imbalance between legal benefits and sanctions that should be preserved in crime and punishment,” the application stated.

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Russia’s Hypersonic 7680mph Nuclear Glider Armed With ICBMs Almost Ready

The lethal hypersonic nuclear glider that looks to revolutionize defense aviation could travel the distance from Moscow to London within 13 minutes and could penetrate NATOs missile defense system.

After launching initial tests on Russia’s first futuristic glider last year as part of Russia’s Project 4202, the aircraft believed to be the Yu-74 is “ready for action” reports Britain’s Daily Star.

The glider can travel at a speed of Mach 10 (7,680MPH or 12,3560kmh) and will reportedly be fit with RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles although details about the glider’s specifications remain top secret. In April, US military officials confirmed the existence of Russia’s deadly hypersonic glider. Considered a first in a growing aviation arms race, both the US and China are now hurrying to develop comparable hypersonic gliders equipped with nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles increasing the defense gap between the military superpowers and the rest of the world.

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British Teenager Was Forced at Gunpoint to Marry Her Cousin in Pakistan Then Raped

Tabassan Khan was 15 and living with her aunt in Doncaster when she was told she was going on a summer holiday to Pakistan but when there was forced to marry her cousin.

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Mexico Gang Drops Heads in Iceboxes Near Government Building

A criminal gang in Mexico has dropped three iceboxes with a decapitated head in each near a government building in Chilpancingo, the capital of the western state of Guerrero.

Three bodies were found in streets nearby.

A threatening message was left next to boxes, warning what were described as “traitors” and “blackmailers.”

Guerrero state, home to the seaside resort of Acapulco, has been plagued by years of drug-related violence.

The latest gruesome incident created havoc around Chilpancingo.

Some of Mexico’s most notorious gangs have been fighting for control of drug routes along the country’s Pacific coast.

In 2014, 43 students disappeared in Guerrero, in a high-profile case that highlighted the involvement of local authorities and police with organised crime.

Tens of thousands of people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico in the past decade.

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Rio Games Honoring Israel’s Athletes Massacred at 1972 Olympics

Israeli, Brazilian and IOC officials to attend memorial for 11 sportsmen murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Munich.

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Calais Jungle at ‘Breaking Point’ As Number of Migrants Passes 9,000 and Camp Becomes a ‘Major Health and Security Risk’

The number of British-bound migrants in the notorious Jungle camp in Calais has doubled to 9,000 in the past six months and now become a ‘major health and security risk’, police have revealed.

The surge in numbers comes after French officials warned this week that increasing numbers of jihadi terrorists could be hiding among the refugees at the sprawling site near the ferry port.

The squalid camp is also rife with disease, violence and prostitution and had a become a ‘no-go zone’ for police who are frequently attacked with iron bars and rocks when they try to enter.

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Fears of ‘Sharia Police’ And Islamic State Support in German City After Wave of Refugees

OFFICIALS in the German port of Hamburg are monitoring reports that Muslims posing as ‘Sharia Police’ are carrying out patrols in the city.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing three people wearing burkas and black gloves driving around Hamburg’s Wandsbek district in a black VW. They said a sticker with an Islamic logo and the words Sharia Police was fastened to the car’s bonnet.

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Fire Breaks Out at Refugee Center in Germany

German authorities say 16 asylum seekers suffered from smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at a container housing facility in the central city of Kassel.

The Kassel fire department told the dpa news agency the fire started inside one of the residences Sunday and that an anti-migrant attack had been ruled out.

About 200 firefighters battled for several hours to control the fire, which burned more than a dozen of the temporary housing units, sending thick smoke billowing into the air that was visible for miles around.

Around 120 asylum-seekers live in the facility at the former Kassel airport and authorities say it was lucky that the fire broke out in the daytime while most of them were out of their homes.

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Islam Academic: Migrants Want Eurabia, Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy the West

The scholar of Islam and social sciences warned that large numbers of migrants are “calamitous” for the European people, and that neoliberal elites see Islamic terrorism, and state bankruptcy and collapse as collateral damage in their pursuit of endless wealth.

In an interview with Hungary’s Institute for Migration Research, Professor Belhaj discussed what he calls the Islamic moral economy.

He summarised this economy as based around the belief that “if there is money, it is because of Islam, and if there is Islam it will bring money”.

The Moroccan academic, who works in countries across Europe, stated that Muslim migrants view “all property as ‘given’ and not ‘acquired’ by work”. Professor Belhaj revealed that Muslims, therefore, believe that by taking Europe’s land, Muslims will be granted wealth. …

Professor Belhaj said elites in Europe “encourage migration and accommodate Islam”, and described the harmony between Muslim migrants and neoliberalism as “structural, and not accidental”.

The academic commented: “Migration is useful for the neo-liberal model of the borderless, minimal, global society, but is calamitous for the European citizens as a whole.”

Professor Belhaj asserted that dignity, freedom of expression and the middle classes are “outdated” for neoliberalism. Neoliberals’ desire, he said, is for society to have “minimal cohesion”, no middle class, and a state which doles out a “minimal income that should be used for consumption”.

Belhaj, who has authored four books and had more than fifty studies published in international publications, cautioned that as a result of the globalist system, “sustained poverty … is going to be the fate of a considerable portion of people in the West”

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Merkel Demands All Big German Companies Hire Refugees

Merkel will push reluctant German companies to offer more traineeships and position to refugees, Bild reported. Large companies have been criticized for doing little to help integrate the refugees into the thriving job market.

Companies say most of the new arrivals lack the German language skills and the education required for a job.

Engineering giant Siemens (SIEGn.DE), chemicals group Evonik (EVKn.DE), carmakers Opel(GM.N) and VW(VOWG_p.DE) and utility RWE(RWEG.DE) will share with Merkel the results of pilot projects with refugees, Bild said.

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14 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/14/2016

    • Lol.

      Seriously, though, I suspect that in practice he’ll turn out to be Kobama, able and willing to give O a virtual third term. Not that I think Obama has the intellectual capacity to formuate policy. I think he was chosen simply because of the color of his skin and not the content of his character, to be the fine-sounding mouthpiece of a group of other players.

      That wouldn’t change with a new incumbent, servant or member of that same group, rather as the public service doesn’t change.

  1. Anyone with a Facebook account can check out a lively debate over a White-Indian race situation in Western Canada on the ‘ Brad Wall ‘ FB page. There was a crime near a small town in Saskatchewan with a farmer shooting a car of Indians. The news reports have it as “hate-crime” which prompted Wall, the Premier of the province, to wag his finger on his FB page that “racist comments will not be tolerated on social media as it makes Saskatchewan look bad” The comments to this post is an avalanche. By the time it dies down Wall will be sorry he opened up this can of worms.

  2. Re. ‘Soros Hacked’ – a souk is a Middle Eastern open air market. SOUK as usd here could mean SOros United Kingdom and perhaps the play on words and letters is intentional, particularly because so much of the UK is owned or occupied by Muslims.

  3. Affirmative Action in Germany now. We all know that won’t end well. Frau Merkel is as determined to destroy Germany as Lenin was a century ago.

  4. My fiance’s house in Louisiana got flooded with about a foot of water, enough to pretty much ruin everything that was within a foot of the floor. His photos were lucky on the bottom shelf of his bookcase, being somewhat protected by the plastic of the photo albums, but he’s very broken up about it. This was going to be our new home once we marry and having no flood insurance is going to make it tough to fix things.


    • Commiserations to you both.

      At the age of 63, I can say that you just grit your teeth and carry on. Time will work its magic as always.

    • Swedish men and women – for some strange reason – cannot stand one another; and I suspect the same is true in other countries. For several decades now, White Euro males have been flocking to Southeast Asia for some comfort with real women, and many happy unions resulted from the custom.

      Do you think the White Euro females were doing without? While less frequent than their male counterparts, the practise of women flocking to Turkey for some hay-rolling has not exactly been a secret. What’s happening now, is that the women no longer have to go to the Middle East for their “treats”. The Middle East is coming to them. That’s too bad for the Turkish tourist industry.

      Of course, these practises will end as the demographic face of Europe changes. Sociologists can start writing new stories.

        • I did not inject any personal preference or judgement into – what I had hoped was – nothing more than an observation. Mark, my point of view is closer to yours . . . but that does not change the phenomenon one iota. It turns my stomach. I can understand it. I ascribe it to the decades of brainwashing that began with the promotion of Marxist-feminist insanity. Connect the dots.

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