ClownWorld Germany 2019

The following video from Germany is a sardonic wrap-up of the political and cultural events of 2019. The German progressive mindset is amazingly similar to what we experience here in the USA — the same intolerance of differing opinions, the same tendency to call “racist” or “Nazi” at the first sign of disagreement, and the openly stated desire to exert totalitarian control in order to suppress political dissent.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Nazis out! Nazis out! Nazis out!
00:09   Your flyer is beneath contempt! —What does it say? —Junk!
00:24   This country is getting safer every year.
00:27   This discussion about train platforms, sometimes I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry.
00:33   Where are the violent crimes committed by migrants?
00:51   #Isolated Incidents
00:54   I also don’t think it’s right that the worries and fears
00:57   of the population always have to be taken seriously.
01:00   What do they need or why are they worried? I don’t understand it. I can’t understand.
01:07   To be just occupied with the worries of the so-called “Angry Citizens”, I consider that fatal.
01:12   (Mülheim an der Ruhr —3 Youths Charged with Rape) —She’ll lead another life, different than
01:16   if she hadn’t been raped, but that life isn’t necessarily going to be worse. It’s just different.
01:20   Fellner Live! Independent. Non-Partisan. Really Critical.
01:26   Martin Sellner. —Hello. —May I call you a Nazi on my program? —No. I forbid it. —Really? —Yes.
01:33   So you’re a patriot? —Exactly. —One could say Nazi. —No.
01:39   Nazi. Nazi sausage. I take it back what I said about the hair, but I stand by your being a Nazi.
01:44   Am I rid of my Nazi now?
01:49   The divide must be even deeper, a gap that can no longer be bridged. Absolutely clear exclusion.
01:55   Spreading right-wing ideas or having rightist thinking,
01:58   I consider that a crime, being on the right.
02:01   You’ve heard correctly. The AfD stinks. They stink like stale nationalism.
02:07   It is a party that is hostile toward democracy.
02:11   We just need to take a few fire-fighting airplanes and fill them with lemon juice.
02:14   Then we let them fly over Chemnitz.
02:17   And if that doesn’t work: Napalm.
02:24   Sounds a bit hard. Period.
02:31   Raw materials like troll [mispronounces Cobal(t), says the word for Troll (Kobold) in German].
02:34   Where does it come from? The first batteries are being produced without trolls.
02:37   On September 1st vote Green for the Climate. —And vote Blue for Germany and Saxony!
03:02   What we decide, how we position ourselves in Germany as well,
03:05   plays an essential role in the future.
03:08   Every single one of us contributed to the reason our planet is doing badly.
03:12   So that means every single one of us can contribute in helping our planet feel better.
03:17   It’s about the future. Our civilization. —How we will manage the greatest crisis of human history.
03:23   The solutions can be purchased at Start Next. —For only 29.95 you can get your ticket
03:29   for the biggest crisis meeting in Germany. —Saving the world has never been cheaper.
03:39   It really gets on my nerves that so many white normies are running around at FridaysForFuture events.
03:43   When faced with life or death, there is no compromise. The climate crisis kills!
03:48   Just to name one example… —No, but excuse me, the future is broken. We only have 10, 12 years,
03:52   and after that we won’t be able to make a turnaround. The time is up. We need big steps now.
03:58   Cars have no place in the city center. That’s not leftist, that’s just logical.
04:03   If we want to avoid the Eco-dictatorship, we need to make the prohibitions now so that
04:06   the situation doesn’t escalate to the point that we need an Eco-dictatorship.
04:10   Logically. This isn’t about different legitimate opinions. There is only ONE legitimate mindset.
04:28   We no longer want CO2. We no longer want CO2.
04:53   I can only say that what is going on may not be legal,
04:57   but I think it is more than legitimate, considering the climate crisis.
05:02   This isn’t about different legitimate opinions. There is only ONE legitimate mind set.
05:32   And I think it has to be clear to us when the politicians start to weaken, and I don’t think
05:36   it is any different in Austria than in Germany. It is up to us!
05:40   Then it is up to us! To dictate what a society should look like!
05:45   Nazi Pigs get out of the university! Nazi Pigs get out of the university!
05:55   Anyone who tries to exploit the situation,
05:58   exploit insecurity for right-wing drivel, to ostracize, for racism
06:01   and for hate speech, is in the wrong place.
06:04   The threat isn’t from outside, it’s here!
06:08   The greatest danger for Christians and Saxons is born in this country!
06:13   Every society is open, humanistic, offering protection and careers. We need to stop the people who
06:20   oppose that, and spoil their fun quickly and calmly!
06:26   Everywhere in Saxony people are committed, but we must grow in numbers! Our numbers must grow!
06:35   Not one millimeter in the right direction. Not even one millimeter to the right!
06:41   That’s how it is! And it will stay that way!
06:55   We’re living in it. We are experiencing 1933.
06:59   But isn’t that over there more like 1933? —I don’t think so.
07:03   When other opinions are not permitted, isn’t that like 1933?

4 thoughts on “ClownWorld Germany 2019

  1. some of the stuff is from Austria (Sellner interview for example) but same difference really

  2. Albeit cherry-picked videos, they are is quite emblematic of the German mindset nowadays … videos from Bundestag when Dr. Curio is talking and piling one inconvenient fact upon another evoke similar feelings: that country is lost to free speech, diverse ideas and regarding the immigration situation – in full denial.

    My personal experience is consistent with the content of the video – especially younger German people (aka millennials) hold very leftist and authoritarian beliefs and their main enemies are: right-wingers, “nazis” and (white) supremacist.

    And Trump, of course. Everything is Trump’s fault, nicht war?

    • The problem in germany is Rightwing is the same as Nazi for most people.So people cant say it,they must use Conservative.
      Ok, 1 or 2 times in a year you heard back in time a CDU Politician saying that his Party is Rightwing…

      Today its Rightwing=Nazi if you want borders…

  3. The cruelty inherent in the dismissals of crime is breathtaking. Either these are the most hard-hearted of people–and hence, deserve their Muslim onslaught–or these individuals truly have no idea what is happening in the own backyards. But even so, why the dismissive attitude toward others? This has got to be the strangest evolutionary moment in its inhumanity.

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