Angela Merkel Grilled by the AfD in the Bundestag

In the videos below, two MPs for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) confront Chancellor Angela Merkel on the floor of the Bundestag about the issues of mass migration and Germany’s position on Israel.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1 — Dr. Gottfried Curio on migrant crime:

Video #2 — Jürgen Braun on Ambassador to the UN Christoph Heusgen and his votes on Israel in the General Assembly:

Video transcript #1:

00:02   Thank you, Mr. President. Madame Chancellor, on the recent violence in Augsburg,
00:06   where a group of young migrants killed one man killed one man and seriously injured another.
00:10   This wasn’t a terror attack, but a spontaneous outbreak of violence, which doesn’t make it better.
00:15   Actually, it’s worse, because it makes it more commonplace. The perpetrators of Augsburg
00:19   were born there and in the second generation are living
00:22   according the typical norms of internalized machismo.
00:25   They see it as honourable and strong to exercise violence.
00:29   Such people turn the public space into a place of fear,
00:33   a place where the fist rules. So much for the integration fairy tale.
00:36   The Federal Report on Immigrant Crime shows
00:39   that Augsburg is the tip of the iceberg.
00:43   The immigrant perpetrators have multiplied dramatically since 2014.
00:47   Last year hundreds of cases of murder and manslaughter, thousands of cases of sexual assault,
00:51   tens of thousands of cases of bodily injury. In light of such numbers
00:56   of migrant criminals, would you speak of isolated incidents,
01:00   or do you recognize that there are systemic problems?
01:04   First of all, I recognize that a terrible crime was committed
01:08   in Augsburg and that naturally our thoughts
01:12   are with the relatives and also with those who were injured.
01:17   Secondly, I recognize that the government is
01:22   called upon to combat all forms of violence wherever they occur.
01:26   We are also working to constantly improve
01:30   our opportunities for action, for example by creating
01:33   a large number of new positions in the fight against
01:36   right-wing extremism. Of course, we are also working
01:42   in other areas, and we will of course continue this work,
01:49   but overall I believe that our constitutional state is capable
01:53   of acting at both the federal and state levels.
02:03   Colleague Curio has a further question. —Thank you very much.
02:06   From 2014 to 2018, there were over 800,000 immigrant crimes, and these
02:09   are just the solved ones. Including the estimated unreported cases, there are
02:13   millions of crimes that could have been prevented by border security. Do you recognize that you are
02:22   personally at fault for the continued intake of this high-risk group of young male migrants having
02:28   an Islamic and clan culture? It was and still is completely unnecessary,
02:32   because this occurs via self-admittance permitted on the basis
02:36   of an alleged emergency situation, which is now being used for a permanent re-settlement.
02:39   Do you recognize your personal responsibility? —The Federal Chancellor is always responsible for
02:44   the political events in the country. I’m also glad
02:47   that I am allowed to hold such an important office.
02:50   Secondly, there are different views regarding what happened in 2015 and in the following years.
02:59   I believe that Germany has helped a great many people in need,
03:03   that society as a whole has made an effort to do so,
03:07   and that we have also, of course, worked and will continue to work
03:11   on the order and management of migration,
03:15   and the figures show that this work is not in vain,
03:18   but that it has been successful. —The next question…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Thank you, Mr. President. Madam Chancellor,
00:05   “Standing here today and speaking to you as Federal Chancellor
00:10   is anything but easy for me. I feel deep shame…”
00:15   That’s what you said a few days ago during your visit to Auschwitz. So far, so good.
00:22   Not so good is the voting record of the Federal Republic of Germany at the United Nations.
00:29   Do you, Madam Chancellor, likewise feel deeply ashamed because of the voting behavior
00:36   of the Federal Republic of Germany at the United Nations? It is typically negative.
00:43   In 2018, Germany voted 16 times against Israel
00:46   in the UN General Assembly. In 2019, Germany has already voted
00:49   14 times against Israel so far. So I ask you:
00:53   Is your conviction causing you to incessantly vote against Israel,
00:58   or is it a matter of opportunism, since the anti-Israeli Islamic states
01:03   represent the largest group of states in the United Nations?
01:07   First of all, I find it very, very interesting, the connection
01:12   you draw between a visit to Auschwitz and voting behavior
01:17   in the United Nations, that I have to say. —Yes it is, yes, it is.
01:23   And secondly, concerning the commitment to the State of Israel,
01:29   I have said that the security of the State of Israel is important to
01:33   the nation of Germany, but that does not mean 100% agreement
01:38   with all of Israel’s political actions. And besides that,
01:43   joint European decisions are also an influence on the voting behavior
01:49   in the United Nations, and I think that this is OK.
01:52   In this respect, I believe that the Federal Government not only
01:55   pays attention to, but inherently ensures that no anti-Israel sentiment emerges there whatsoever.
02:04   However, that doesn’t mean that we agree with every one of their political positions.
02:13   Another question from colleague Braun. —Yes. “Not every one.”
02:17   Well, you disagree with almost everything that Israel does.
02:20   In fact, you voted against Israel more than any other country.
02:25   Which puts you in very bad company among the darker powers
02:30   of the world. Let me be very clear this time: The Simon Wiesenthal Center
02:36   decided this year to place the German UN ambassador
02:41   at seventh place among the worst anti-Semites,
02:47   which is truly a shameful fact. Nothing for us to be proud of in any way.
02:55   We should do everything for the fate of the living Jews,
03:00   and not just express relatively profane grief towards dead Jews.
03:05   Therefore, I must ask you: How much longer are you going to give Mr. Heusgen your support?
03:12   I must say that I strongly reject the wording of your question.
03:26   I would like to comment on the topic of Christoph Heusgen as UN ambassador and to inform you that
03:32   the Federal Government has made its contrary position clear
03:36   about the ambassador. This was also communicated to
03:39   the Wiesenthal Center. Apart from that, the Federal Government coordinates its voting behavior
03:44   with all EU countries in the vast majority of cases.
03:47   In exceptional cases, once again, it often votes pro-Israel, and
03:51   we also take great care to avoid all tendencies, as far as we can influence,
03:55   which could present an anti-Israel stance,
03:59   assuring that they are removed from every vote, so to speak, and in this
04:02   respect we are, I believe, doing a good job.

28 thoughts on “Angela Merkel Grilled by the AfD in the Bundestag

  1. So she believes she is doing a good job of spreading death and mayhem amongst her constituency. The presumption that all this is in good Samaritan spirit is so absurd that it permits only two explanations, namely that she is either insanely stupid or infinitely evil. And what about all the apparatchiks following and executing her orders? She couldn’t do this alone. The country I was brought up to believe is a state of law and order is a distant fairytale, except when seeing its lackeys issuing parking and speeding and whatnot tickets. We’re sentenced to life in cognitive dissonance. What the hell for, seriously? How much longer will it take for the lid on this pressure cooker to blow off?

    • A lot of evil is done under the guise and cover of religion. Here in the upper Midwest, Lutheran Social Services is leading the charge to flood the region with Africans and other assorted muslims. What they have done to Minneapolis is the future these evil “christians” want for the rest of the country.

      • Well old Merklehead is out to create more war and punishment on scales larger than for her beloved Stalin’s collectivised farm disasters. Unless it is stopped. Big time. Life needs to be turned back on it’s other side. Very costly. Better than proceeding to her deceased.

    • There is merde and there is merde. Then there is merde of the merde. Underneath all that is Merkle.

      • When the history of the decline and fall of Western Civilization is written by future historians, “Merkel” will be synonymous with traitor, kind of like the way the WWII generation has come to use the name “Quisling”.

        • A book with that exact title was written a century ago by one Oswald Spengler. It already described the mindset which precipitates this downfall.

          As for the comparison to a certain spineless Skandinavian wartime leader, even a Quisling may claim he did all this because the outlook of an occupying force rolling over them was even worse. There are no such circumstances for Merkel. What we’ve all forgotten when we first elected her, or rather blinded ourselves to, is where she learned her trade: the GDR. The style of “democracy” she employs now reflects that. She wasn’t a dissident there, she was well adjusted with the system and on her way up when it all ended. The Westerners swallowed her homeland and literally pulled the rug from under her. Everything she knew and believed ceased to exist. My theory is that she is exacting revenge for that. We stole her homeland, now she is stealing ours. It never became hers, only a tool. A number of analysts assert that she is a genuine psychopath. This cannot end well.

          • Not to the 80% or so of Germans who continue to vote for her and her surrogates.

  2. I want Her to disappear immediately!!, she is disaster for Germany and whole Europe, 2015 that’s the time she destroyed everything, for our children and grandchildren, awaful women just awaful, very manipulative, ..

  3. “….on the order and management of migration…….. the figures show that this work is not in vain, but that it has been successful” – Merkel:
    What planet is she on?
    And what planet those who applaud her?

    Maybe the answer is Planet Kalergi.

  4. At some point soon the crooked lazy illegal migrant and the evil Muslim trash will do what they have been allowed to do – will end. What a mess.

  5. Strange parliament they seem to have there. In translation of Video 1 the Afd member talks of migrant violence and then a moment later she answers that the federal gov’t is taking steps against “right wing” violence. Yes she did address “migrant violence” but didn’t use the words Islamic or Muslim or even Middle Eastern but since the questioner raised the specter of how bad violence had been from the migrants and she brought up the right wing I wondered if was simply the tradition of the Bundestag to be polite to a fault without someone, anyone, getting up and screaming at her to stick to the actual point of the question.
    I find it incredible that she can get away with such an absurd answer.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  6. Strange parliament they seem to have there. In translation of Video 1 the AfD member talks of migrant violence and then a moment later she answers that the federal gov’t is taking steps against “right wing” violence. Yes she did address migrant violence but didn’t use the words Islamic or Muslim or even Middle Eastern but since the questioner raised the specter of how bad violence had been from the migrants and she brought up the right wing I wondered if was simply the tradition of the Bundestag to be polite to a fault without someone, anyone, getting up and screaming at her to stick to the actual point of the question.
    I find it incredible that she can get away with such an absurd answer.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  7. Every time I hear this German subhuman I am convinced more and more that she IS Hitlers daughter. She IS a Nazi and she carries herself as a Nazi. Most evil woman on the planet.

    • I do not necessarily disagree with your last sentence. Leaving aside the irony of you using a Nazi phrase “subhuman/Untermensch” to describe a “Nazi”

      However apart from seemingly allowing you to ventilate, calling Merkel a Nazi is as delusional as the Regressive Left shrieking at GoV writers as Nazis ourselves (as happens).

      The situation in Germany in 1920 that led to the NSDAP bears no relation to 2019. The specific situation of the ca.500,000 Jews in a German population of over 60 million was a political powderkeg.

      Nazi meant national and socialist; homoglobalism as practised by Merkel, Macron, Johnson, all other white capitalist GDP worshipper-countries is neither.

      One cannot talk of “the new feudalism” , which means debt-enslaved casual precarious labour below a thin ruling stratum protected from the plebs by AI, robots and increasingly African and Arab policemen, and socialism in one breath, they are contradictions.

      Irrespective of how Communism occurred 1917-1991.

      Communism knew no debt slavery and no precarious labour, hence the Soviet joke; we pretend to work and the State pretends to pay us.

    • Hitler at least had the virtue of being a nationalist despite his proclivity to spread Germanic culture at gunpoint to other nations. Comrade Merkel is an evil globalist with socialist tendancies who is busy spreading Third World culture and african barbarity through Germany at gunpoint.

  8. In the first video we clearly see what the overall composition and political leaning of the EU Parliament is – viz. against their own citizens’ interest. AfD is just an insignificant fringe party of troublemakers – note the loud applause to Merkel’s absurd, vague and outright deceitful statements.

    Time window when the problems AfD is pointing to can be solved and resolved peacefully is closing. Our future is getting bleaker by the month. Nobody wants any armed conflict in Europe – imagine the Gen X-ers with their thousand-dollar phones fighting against 3rd-world hordes.

    Sometimes I want to pray for their future; it’s a tough move for an atheist.

  9. Lewis Carroll would love it. Alice asks a common sense question. The Red Queen passes out shoe polish. And guess who gets the applause?

    • Well, if I recall correctly, the Red Queen did make herself believe at least three impossible things before breakfast!

      • “Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’

        I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast….”

  10. Merkle’s words on Israael echo completely those of the OIC. It appears that Germany is a conquered, if not partially occupied nation, as is much of continental Europe.

    The Nazis used the same vague inuendo, to farmers they were all for agriculture, for engineers, they were all for industrialization, their policy was flexible as long as it got votes; and the policy worked.

    Germany ‘supports’ Israel by voting with the Islamic block – Could this be the spirit of Goebbels rearing its cruel and ugly amorality once more?

    I despair for Germany, once again they are falling for the uncouth and the barbaric, once more they find it impossible to stop and question where this all leads, world domination or self-destruction…..

    • All Western Europe is occupied. No wait don’t tell. “They” will subcontractor Turkeys army in because without the USA they are seriously under real manned and very conquerable due to also being against winning or losing. In case anyone is offended – by anything. Agree to follow Turkeys rules for the duration.

  11. I find Frau Merkel neither insanely stupid nor infinitely evil. I find her rather banal, save three things at which she is exceptional: bumping off political rivals, evading blame, and promoting and exploiting for her own gain, whatever happens to be the popular, comforting, wishful narrative.

    • I don’t find her particularly cunning either. She would have never got away with as much as she has except she has had the fortune to be blessed with such ignorant and naive voters who keep returning her to office, and a dull as dishwater background of political non-entities which allow a turd such as herself to shine.

  12. yes indeed, Mike. It has become commonplace in parliament,interviews and TV panels that answers are circumloquated or simply neglected. This is not astonishing with polit-pros, often part of their job, but sadly enough, opponents or journalist do not slap back.
    This has started years ago. I dropped my jaw when in a TV show about poverty of senior citizens a lady claimed to have make do with like 600$ retirement benefits a month which is miserable. She had an broken professional career. It was not questioned why she had.
    She was a widow and said that her husband was in the armed forces. No one asked what she recieved from the state which she certainly did. Even with the pension from a lower ranked military combined, she would get more the the average income.So far for truth in the media.

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