Operation Roncesvalles

The following video features an appearance on RTL by Eric Zemmour, a popular French commentator. What Mr. Zemmour describes, if true, is quite significant: The French army has prepared a battle plan for retaking French territory that has been colonized by Islam.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The translator includes this introductory note:

When Zemmour mentions Operation Ronces, it would make most educated people in France think of Battle of Roncesvalles, Ronceval or Roncevaux (the Valley or Valleys of Ronces) in 778 A.D. — Charlemagne against the Moors (and not against the Basques, the PC version of the events, which incidentally is also denied by Muslim sources, which say: we attacked Charlemagne in the Roncesvalles/Roncevaux/Ronceval Pass). And I would be surprised if hinting at that battle wasn’t the intention of the French Joint Chiefs of Staff when they called this Reconquista operational plan “Ronces”.

Roncesvalles, now part of Spain, was an important stop on the pilgrimage route to and from Santiago de Compostela.

Video transcript:

00:00   “For now we are limiting the Army to the scandalous role of guarding, of protecting
00:04   religious buildings and so on. But the Joint Chiefs of Staff know that the day will come when
00:08   they will have to re-conquer those territories that have become foreign on our own soil. The plan is
00:13   already in place. It’s called Operation Ronces [Roncesvalles, where Charlemagne fought the Moors].
00:17   It has been developed with help of the specialists from the Israeli Army.”
00:20   What are your sources? —Someone very close to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
00:24   You are claiming that the French Army is ready to do… —Yes. —What?
00:28   The, the…? —Cleansing. —To do the cleaning? —Yes. It will be the Algeria Battle all over again!
00:32   It’s exactly…! —Civil war! —Yes. We are in a civil war. — We are… excuse me!
00:36   Without mentioning your sources… you do realize…? —Wait, wait, you, a journalist,
00:39   are not going to ask me, another journalist, to name my sources!
00:42   I’m telling you: “I received it.” —I just point it out, that’s all. That’s my job.
00:45   —I have it from reliable sources, from people extremely close to the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
00:48   I didn’t give you the name: “Ronces” for no reason. They went to see specialists
00:52   from the Israeli Army and they… the… French
00:56   who explained that to me, told me that the way they proceeded in Gaza,
01:00   they [the Israelis] advised them to do the same thing; they explained to them how to do it,
01:04   because the Israelis are the specialists, of course, so the French plan is ready.
01:08   Because we are in a post-colonial logic: when you have
01:12   immigrants who no longer adapt to the French way of life, but who impose
01:16   their own way of life, it’s called “colonization”, Yves Calvi. And therefore when you have
01:20   colonized territories, either you submit, yes? — Islam means “submission” —
01:24   or you revolt against the colonization.

15 thoughts on “Operation Roncesvalles

  1. Gee, it would seem that the French government, or at least its army command, have found the Jews to be useful in their defense against the Islamic invader/colonizer. Why doesn’t France return the favor and be useful to Israel in the World’s Court of Affairs? Hmm?

    • Do not mistake the armies of Europe for their governments and the policies by said governments. These plans have been finalized over 5 years ago when it was very apparent in military circles that war is on the horizon and it will be fought on their soil and in their cities. These governments will be taken over by the military when the time is right.

      • This comment is from France.

        @ G

        Hello G. I think you have fallen into wishfull thinking.

        In France at least, there is nothing to hope from Army Command. Traditionally only the most docile and obedient are selected for promotion in our army. And they are to have socialist leanings or be left-wing Catholics ( a bad but powerful community). So we always end up with wimps at the top.

        If things go bad, our top brass will melt like little flowers, like it did in June 1940 when Hitler’s army invaded France. All the generals ran like scared rabits before the Panzers, all the way to the Pyrenées ( except de Gaulle)

        For a while we had, two years ago, an Army Chief of Staff with balls: General Pierre de Villiers. But Macron fired him quickly once in power. We also had a retired general,C. Piquemal, who briefly rebelled against the invasion of our country by Muslim hordes disguised as ” refugees”; he was promptly arrested.

        We also had to mutinies in the Navy by sailors who demanded halal food, and muslim soldiers of a parachute regiment who refuse to go to Afghanistan, because they would have to kill ” brothers’.

        If a revolt comes one day, it will be from low level officiers and patriotic soldiers… They probably are a few left…

        When the day comes — if it comes — the hiearchy will submit and surrender. It has happened before.

    • Then France is a lost cause.

      Which is sad because France saved us from Islam at the battle of Tours.

      And now we are lost because France failed themselves.

  2. This “news” is circulating since 2016.

    The journalist Eric Zemmour wrote and talked about the “Opération Ronces”. (There is even a wikipedia page on his writings)

    the alleged military operation (Opération Ronces) should reconquer part of the lost land within the boundary of the country.

    Nothing of it really happened up to now (2019). I conclude it was a just another gross fake news. There is no military plan. Israel has other problems on its own, why wasting time with a dead cause, which is not at the level of military means and capabilities (France is a nuclear power), but at cultural level ? Muslims are in the military too: thanks to multiculturalism, all people are considered the same and anybody is granted citizenship, and everybody can enroll in the army so that everybody will be happy to fight and die for their multiculturalist country ! Or, at least, this is what the liars of the humanitarian institutions, the world government organizations, the international masonic brethers, etc, keep saying…

  3. Sorry, I dont believe it.
    In the Armed Forces of today you can only advance if you are a 150% believer in Multiculti etc and a rabid supporter of the current rulers.

    I know, I quoted it once before, but I will repeat it:
    When there was an uprising of French Generals against President de Gaulle the german chancellor Adenauer asked one of his aides if this would also be possible in Germany. His Aide smiled and said: “Dont worry Mr Chancellor. The way we select our officers ensures that this cannot happen in Germany.”

    So, unless one of the Generals pulls his gun at the President on live TV I call this a hoax.
    And it is the same hoax that the Police Forces are on our side. If they were they would disregard or not hear orders to protect Antifa, or destroy evidence against patriots etc just to name a few things.
    No, they are the willing slaves of our politicians – hook, line and sinker 150%.

  4. Well, “ronces” is also a kind of shrub with spikes that is considered an invasive species

  5. I don’t think so…

    Keep Dreaming.

    France is Islamic Territory.

    As is much of Europe.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with Israelis, but my experience is that Israeli Soldiers are crusaders who understand islam.

    But the Tel Aviv Jews are nearly 100% Globo-Homo worshiping communists.

    Time will tell.

  6. What about the possibility of the Légion étrangère being the primer in that cartridge?
    Another “pipe” dream?

    • How many of them are muslims?
      Just the first question that comes to my mind.
      And how many muslims are in the Force de Frappe (nuclear weapons)?

  7. At 1:12 “immigrants who no longer adapt to the French way of life. . . ”

    This tells me that the French never understood the Islamic invasion. Islam never came to assimilate to the French way of life. They came to conquer. Western civilization has forgotten, or never was taught this truth and so we find ourselves unable to fight this voracious enemy.

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