Santi Abascal: “They Are Destroying Our Culture and Our Civilization”

Last weekend Santi Abascal, the leader of the “populist” Spanish party VOX, was invited to speak at an annual event hosted by the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in Rome, the same event at which Viktor Orbán had spoken previously.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Let’s receive with applause, we give the word to the leader of VOX, Santi Abascal.
00:13   …But it is true that Spain… has an advantage.
00:17   The advantage is that Spain was vaccinated against Islamic immigration
00:22   during eight centuries of occupation and eight centuries of reconquest,
00:27   and the advantage is that we have not yet arrived
00:31   at the levels of Islamic immigration of the countries of Central Europe.
00:35   But the problem is that Spain, a part of the Spanish people,
00:39   have ceased to continue loving themselves.
00:42   The disadvantage of Spain is separatism. The disadvantage of Spain is a separatism
00:48   tolerated by the leftists and rightists who have systematically made a compact for separatism,
00:53   and because of that, today I, ….as Benedict XVI said,
00:57   These values are the seed of Europe, without which, our civilization
01:02   loses all of its meaning,
01:05   and perhaps, for that we see time after time, a more miserable Europe.
01:09   A Europe that has lost faith. A Europe that doesn’t believe in anything.
01:13   A Europe that doesn’t believe in itself.
01:17   A Europe in which debates censor themselves, and I think, for example,
01:21   of the ideology of gender, where one cannot speak of the climate, where there are new religions,
01:25   and a Europe that less and less values the liberty
01:29   of nations and people to decide
01:33   what to do with their lives.
01:37   The political, economic and cultural oligarchies of Europe
01:41   have betrayed the Europeans and are taking our nations
01:45   down a dead-end street, and that is why we are all here.
01:50   They are taking the Europeans, our nations, down a dead-end street.
01:54   because with their relativist politics, they are
01:58   attacking the cultural and religious European tradition.
02:01   And with the politics of open borders they are eroding
02:06   the security and the freedom in our streets, especially for our
02:10   women, and they are destroying our culture and our civilization.
02:16   The European oligarchies have abandoned the French,
02:20   the Belgians, the Dutch, the Spaniards,
02:24   the Italians. They attack us with massive taxes. They govern us
02:28   from far away places, people whom we have not elected.
02:32   They impose policies for which we have not voted.
02:36   They are robbing us of our cultural identity, the right to property,
02:41   the family, the nation. They are robbing us of Europe, the Europe we love,
02:46   which is the true Europe, and not this multicultural fiasco
02:50   which wants to convert our land. And it is worse.
02:59   The situation is grave because of all those we blame for the systematic destruction of Europe,
03:05   they treat us as criminals.
03:09   Think of the miserable criminalization of Viktor Orbán, whom yesterday
03:13   you were able to receive here. And we all believe, we all know
03:17   already that the worst enemies of Europe are today
03:21   those bureaucrats, globalists from Brussels and all those
03:25   cultural, political oligarchs and
03:29   phony intellectuals who defend those bureaucrats,
03:33   because in reality, they are defending their caste privilege.
03:37   As John Paul II said: We should have no fear.
03:41   We have to continue the work
03:45   of representing those who have no voice; those who do not feel represented
03:50   in the face of the union of bureaucrats, in the face of [George] Soros,
03:54   in the face of the UN, in the face of the lobbies and the leftist NGOs.
03:59   We have to defend the family as the fundamental nucleus
04:03   of society and the foundation of all human beings.
04:07   Thank you very much. Long live Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy)!
04:10   Long live Italy! Long live Spain!

2 thoughts on “Santi Abascal: “They Are Destroying Our Culture and Our Civilization”

  1. Go Spain !!, stop this Islamic invasion, build higher fences , get rid of this traitor Sanchez , solidarity for whole Europe, Merkel , Macron , and disgusting old fart Soros, who wants destroyed Christianity for all price.. stop this people!!!

  2. This comment is from France.
    Spain now has a Socialist government and is opening wide the immigration gates. The new VOX party is an answer to that;
    I am glad Santi Abascal went to Italy to meet and link up with Fratelli d’Iralia, a small patriotic party which is a close ally of Matteo Salvini’s Liga.
    This shows that European patriots are creating links across national borders to defend the Europe they love. This is good news at last.

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