Update on the Railway Station Murder in Frankfurt

As reported here on Monday, a culture-enricher from Eritrea pushed two people in front of a train in Frankfurt, killing one of them — an 8-year-old boy. The news report below provides a follow-up to the atrocity, including the official response by (ir)responsible officials.

Notice one of the solutions suggested: more Merkel Legos on the platforms at railway stations! Yep, that’ll do the trick, for sure.

Eventually every native German will live in a blockhouse made out of those concrete Koran Blocks, to make sure he or she is safe. Actually, they’ll have to be fitted with wheels so that people can safely travel to and from their jobs, because every non-enriched German will have to work 23.5 hours per day to pay for all the welfare benefits handed out to the “New Germans”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Arriving at the Justice building in Frankfurt am Main
00:03   the day after the death of the 8-year-old boy, the alleged suspect
00:06   will be presented to the magistrate. — It will be decided whether or not the accused will be
00:10   held in pre-trial detention. Witnesses testimonies are being taken and will continue to be taken.
00:17   The available video material will be examined and evaluated. We will then wait for any statements
00:24   made by the accused during the course of the investigation. —The public prosecutor has charged him
00:28   with murder and two cases of attempted murder.
00:31   The man comes from Eritrea and most recently lived in Switzerland.
00:34   Authorities there had been searching for him for several days
00:37   because he threatened his wife, three children and a neighbour.
00:40   The police investigation and the result of a search of his house
00:46   provided no evidence of radicalisation of the suspect
00:51   or a theological motive. We were able to establish that the suspect
00:57   was receiving psychological treatment in 2019.
01:06   On platform 7, at the central station in Frankfurt am Main, flowers,
01:10   candles and teddy bears have been left behind by visitors.
01:13   This is where the 8-year-old was killed yesterday.
01:16   He was pushed in front of an approaching train, along with his mother.
01:19   She survived, but the boy didn’t have a chance.
01:22   Apparently, the alleged suspect attempted to push another woman
01:25   onto the train tracks, but he didn’t succeed. —It wasn’t possible to proceed with daily routine
01:29   following the death of the 8-year-old in Frankfurt, that’s what Interior Minister Horst Seehofer
01:34   said after the advisory meeting with chiefs of both the Federal Criminal Investigation Department
01:38   and Federal Police. The meeting was not only about the murder
01:41   of the boy, but it was also about the violent crime that has occurred in
01:44   the last few weeks, which has affected the feeling of security
01:47   among the population. Seehofer announced consequences.
01:51   The tragic event has left everyone stunned and goes truly to the heart,
01:55   the interior minister said. Seehofer expressed deepest sympathy to the relatives
01:59   of the boy, in the name of the entire government.
02:02   Now is the time to discuss how to improve security at train stations.
02:06   Seehofer wants to increase the police presence and
02:10   video surveillance considerably. With the Transportation Minister and German Rail,
02:13   in a meeting with top leadership, he wants to discuss technical enhancements,
02:16   such as barriers on train platforms.
02:19   What I won’t accept at all is the phrase “it costs millions; that’s why we can’t do it.”
02:23   That’s no argument. The way I see it, anything that makes sense and brings added value
02:37   to the population should be done. —Recently there have been
02:41   several serious crimes, Seehofer said. He spoke of a decline in
02:44   values and a heavily polarised society. The security authorities announced
02:48   increased determination in pursuing foreigners who are
02:51   repeat offenders as well as right-wing networks.
02:55   Hate and hate speech are largely dominated by the right.
02:58   Here we must place our focus and do so willingly, just to be sure it is understood,
03:03   this topic will be pursued in the public sphere
03:07   as well as in the digital sphere. —There was criticism from the Green Party.
03:11   I would have preferred that Horst Seehofer
03:15   presented specific measures today for improving public safety.
03:19   He didn’t do that. —The interior minister responded by saying
03:25   quick fixes weren’t possible with over 5,600 train stations in Germany.

10 thoughts on “Update on the Railway Station Murder in Frankfurt

  1. So blinkered! Deeper sympathies doesn’t suffice.

    If he (the perpetrator) wasn’t in Europe this
    Terrible event would NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

    Everyone knew that the good old mental
    Issues excuse would be trotted out even before an
    Investigation took place.

    Wake up Germany for goodness sake.

    • »Wake up Germany«

      this phrase — “Deutschland erwache” — could bring you before court in Germany. And this is at the roots of the problem.

  2. The security authorities announced increased determination in pursuing foreigners who are repeat offenders as well as right-wing networks.
    Hate and hate speech are largely dominated by the right.

    You’ve simply got to provide more protection against the white nationalists, who randomly push Germans or others in front of trains.

  3. One fix would be stop train services. Clearly trains are to blame for this tragedy. Import some camels and horses. That way you can also solve the problem of illiterates not having a job in supercultural Germany.

    • Plus it would have the added advantage of providing an outlet for the culture-enrichers’ “sexual emergencies”, resulting in fewer rapes of little children in public swimming facilities.

      • And everyone knows drinking camel [micturation] is very good for one’s health. Mohammed said so, so it must be true.

    • This all said, it brings me back to the articles of Blogger “Zenster” from years behind.”Why will it end”(Islam)? ( What about a relaunch of those 3 lucid texts?)
      Because the price of having those people in the country is too high. Lost working hours in airport security checks, or billions to be spent for security doors on railway platforms, platoons of security staff at public swimming pools, and so on…

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