Murder by Train in Frankfurt

Earlier today a culture-enricher pushed a mother and her little boy in front of an approaching train at the main station in Frankfurt. The little boy was killed.

The Frankfurt railway authorities evidently forgot to put this “Ungläubigenschubsen verboten” sign on the Hauptbahnhof platform so that “New Germans” would understand that they were not allowed to engage in such behavior:

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Horrific Crime at the Frankfurt Central Train Station
00:10   This Monday morning an 8-year-old and his mother
00:15   were pushed in front of an approaching Intercity Express train by a man.
00:21   The mother was able to save herself, thank God,
00:24   but unfortunately the 8-year-old boy was hit and then run over by the train.
00:28   His injuries were fatal.
00:33   The suspect is a 40-year-old man, who left the train station
00:38   following the crime. He fled the scene.
00:43   Bystanders managed to pursue him so that he could be apprehended
00:48   near the train station, and is currently being questioned.
00:53   Whether the victims had a connection or a relationship
00:57   to the suspect cannot be determined, according to current evidence.
01:02   The arrested man is said to be from Eritrea.
01:06   Apparently, he tried to push a third person onto the tracks,
01:11   who was able to fend off the attack.
01:18   In the last second, the mother of the boy was able to
01:22   save herself by rolling into the space between the train tracks.
01:29   The criminal police have begun an investigation.

35 thoughts on “Murder by Train in Frankfurt

  1. Allow degenerates into your country, this is what you get. My daughter and her 2 year old live in Bavaria. Things like this keep me awake at night. Tell me again about how diversity makes a country stronger.

    • Get them out of there. Germany is done for – I don’t even believe they have the strength for an uprising. They able ones leave, the old and infirm stay to face the fate of Lebanon. German’s backs were broken a long time ago. It would have been kinder to disperse them after WW2. Patton himself was disgusted at what went down in the aftermath of the war. Look up ‘Rheinwiesen Camps’ if you’re inclined.

      • Many were dispersed after the Russians tore through from the East – to the Rape of Berlin. Literally. Bolshevik led mass savagery on the ground, and apocalyptic terror from the air: the Allies’ carpet bombings and phosphorus drops that thermally combusted the unfortunate civilians below. English airmen spoke of looking into the mouth of hell, the “edge of the volcano” and knew they were civilians being rained down upon.

        In East Prussia, (Konigsberg), children’ bereft of their families made their way into Lithuania, struggled to survive.
        Hiding their German roots all their lives and only now coming into the light in old age.
        What those women, children and elderly people suffered has little to no public window.

        Churchill did say that Hitler or not, it would not matter who the leader, that it was the German people he wanted to crush. To crush their spirit. He was certainly not the only one.
        Thousands of German PoWs died in the Rheinwiesenlager camps ran by the US immediately after the war. Hundreds of thousands of Germans were never returned from Russia. Indeed additionally, hundreds of thousands were requested by uncle Joe for “labour” camps at the close of the war. Fenced to the open elements in Russian fields, left to their fate. Thousands of US PoWs were similarly never returned by the Russians, and their existence denied to Churchill and Eisenhower – and left to their fate.
        Too many good people treated as political fodder, as now.

        • The victors write history. I know you write the truth. What we are witness to in modern day is nothing short of genocide.

  2. That ‘Welcome Refugees’ aberration must be one of the greatest gifts to civilised man …
    A gift that just keeps on giving !!
    When are they going to pull their heads out of the rabbit hole ?

    • Eritrea – does it have trains so locals can practice this before they go to Europe?

      And the Democrats want us out of cars and into mass transportation?

  3. Heard this briefly on the 17:00hr (GMT) news bulletin, and immediately thought the obvious when Germany was mentioned. (With the recent murders of the 16 year olds pushed onto the rail tracks at Nurnberg in January. )

    The murder of a young child in such circumstances being just too shocking for the British Biased Corporation not to mention today. Unsettle us further. With a public nod to the perpetrator.

    God bless the little child at rest, his mother, family & their community. May they respond in unity, one voice.

    Just when are Western govts going to ‘fess up and do their duty to protect us. A belief system that is incompatible and fatal to the West must be removed. Govt representatives must protect the public; do the job for which they are paid, or clear their desks.

  4. It’s DB’s fault,for sure. It really is important to place the sign from above.

  5. It would seem that this is happing more by the week and the powers that be can no longer keep this out of the news. What I find incredulous is, nobody came to that woman’s or young child’s aid or attempted to stop this atrocity. This is one of the many reasons that I truly believe that war is on the horizon, for this cannot continue for too much longer before patience/cowardice ends and action begins.

  6. My guess is this type of murder is being used by rejected refugees, who know that they will get a prison sentance for it, but they will serve it in Germany, which would be better than being repatriated to Eritrea.

  7. The problem with germans (other than allowing this scum into Germany in the first place) is that this filth was allowed to leave the scene of the murder in one piece. I suspect if he had done the same thing in the feces-hole he fled from, he would have been torn to pieces by an angry mob of bystanders; the same goes for Russia, although I suspect russians would have just kicked and beaten him to death instead tearing him limb from limb. The german need for order and rule of law even if it is demonstrably flawed, has been responsibe for a tremendous amount of evil in the last century and this one seems to be no different.

    • Weimar took their guns away, not Hilter. I used to live in Bavaria. Forget it, today.

      • Did they take their fists and their testicles away too?

        What kind of man watches someone, a foreign invader, shove a mom and her child in front of a train, resulting in the death of the child and does nothing? That this scum was taken to the police station instead of the morgue tells you all you need to know about what is wrong with Germany today.

    • Even the murder of a German child is once more used by you guys to pathologize Germans with a glib and ridiculously lopsided narrative. The counterjihad is the enemy of the European peoples.

      • Who elects and reelects those who bring these savages into Europe? If it was more like 45% of the electorate that supported the AfD or whichever party opposed importing savages then it would not be so easy to pathologize Germans in particular and Europeans in general.

        If the response by the males in the immediate vicinity had been to beat the murderer to death, or at least severely enough he required hospitalization, then it would not be a valid observation that German males are emasculated.

        If there were news stories every day about invaders being beaten or the invader centers being burned to the ground, or protests in Germany against wealthy bored German activists captaining invader ships to bring more of these savages to Europe, then it would be no complaints that Germans do this to themselves and to Europe as well.

        Counterjihad is precisely what is needed at this point, and the sooner, the better. Europe needs to wake up and realize they are at war whether they want to be or not.

        • Some reports this morning state that
          Far from being tackled rapidly he had
          Time to attempt pushing a third passenger
          Onto the rails but who fought back.

          The poor mother of the little boy will
          (wrongly) blame herself for not being
          Able to save her son.

          Her life has been destroyed and you
          Just know that the perpetrator will
          Plead mental illness and some
          Smart Alec lawyer will make a fortune
          Defending the indefensible.

        • Most of these problems disappear if one cuts the welfare state that is funding this nonsense.

        • If there were such news stories of indigenous vigilantilism you would probably be the first one to smear all Germans collectively as Nazis.

          Btw, the US will be the first country to become majority non-white and [ad-hominem redacted].

          Also, the perp was apprehended by other travellers who held him down until the police arrived. Do you really think in the US they would have lynched him? [epithet].

          • A real live cave troll! How quaint…

            Yes, in many places in the US, if such a cruel act as the murder of a child and attempted murder of his mother by shoving in front of a train had occurred in view of a platform of witnesses, the murderer would need police protection immediately to keep from being beaten to death by angry witnesses.

            If there was really such vigilantism in Germany, I wouldn’t expect it to be reported upon in the lugenpresse, and I certainly wouldn’t expect it to be occuring by the hands of those “germans who have been living in Germany longer than others”.

            I really could care less if germans loathe themselves so much that they refuse to have babies and decide to import foreigners instead to replace them; I do care that the cultural heritage of a thousand years of christian civilization will be destroyed by a bunch of imported savages, and before it is all over, a terrible cost in American blood will be spent in saving Europe from German stupidity yet again.

  8. I’ve been saying that ever since the organised and coordinated attacks that occurred on new years eve in cologne, that the same thing could happen simultaneously in many European cities but next time…Throwing innocent ,unaware people onto train tracks on a massive scale.

  9. “ investigation” , Germans are so dumb, you should shoot Him from the spot , toys illegal animal, Merkel is the one to blame she sign the pact for “ save Immigration “ and all this traitors, Heiko Mass who wants to bring Whole Africa to Europe and Germany, When this people wake up !! , when ..


    1 You see that even 24 hrs after the murder, the official police press release above suppresses the Eritrean nationality, although the police do reveal certain info if asked, which is how we know what he is, an Eritrean resident in Switzerland since 2006, so I have read elsewhere
    2 we do not know yet if he was Muslim at all; it may be that the murder had other e.g. racialist motives. Or envy at a presumably happy mother and son. I have found no info on the race of the victims.
    3 Baron quotes the German word “schubsen”: German commentators have commented long since in previous years that this word is a deliberate whitewash of any murder act involving pushing.

    This is because there are two verbs that mean “shove, push”: one is SCHIEBEN, and it is used when translating “to push your way to the front”, ie with vigour. The other is SCHUBSEN, which is much closer to nudging, and when I read it I think of how kindergarten children behave. Indeed, SCHUBSEN conjures up for me a short, brief, weak contact between 3- year olds. I have heard 3-year olds indeed telling each other indignantly, don’t push, nicht schubsen!

    But SCHUBSEN in such a murder is accurate only if the two victims were balancing precariously and wilfully on the platform edge already, with the concrete edge under the ball of the foot and heels off the ground.

    It is interesting that one of the German presstitutes, the local FNP newspaper, quotes a quasi-witness as using the word SCHUBSEN twice:

    So may be that he as a good sheeple has learned the whitewash lesson, or possibly the FNP censored him.

    • I don’t know enough German to create that phrase. I asked Egri Nök (who is a native German) to translate “No Shoving Infidels” for me.

      • Yes, it is strange that in the FNP hyperlink I cited, the actual headline contains the truthful word GESTOSSEN, past participle of STIESSEN; to thrust, hence the hyperlinked words read:

        Frankfurt-Child-Main Railway-Station-Thrust-Killed.

    • You are wrong about the German word Shubsen.
      Shubsen is derived from the Proto-German word skuppōną, intensive form of skeubaną, whence German schieben and English shove.
      Also cognate with Middle High German schupfen, or in Dutch schoppen (to kick)
      It’s modern day meaning is to shove (push roughly)
      Though it doesn’t take much to get an unsuspecting person of balance Shubsen can hardly be called nudging.

      • @Copywriter: read what Ava Lon says under your comment. And at least spell “schubsen” correctly, if you please.

        Further, the etymology of SCHUBSEN going back thousands of years is irrelevant to how it is used in 2019.

        Enough German native speakers have got rightly enraged about the Verniedlichung (cutifying) of such attacks using SCHUBSEN instead of STOSSEN since 2015., just check the German Internet if you can read German?

    • I was really surprised by how many Eritreans little Switzerland has managed to import.

      • Why was him in Germany (could not he have been in Geneva instead)? They have porous borders in Switzerland, they do not let enter people, but are easy to let go even their imported refugee shares.

        In regard to the Convention of Geneva on Refugees (with all the other human rights charts): maybe it is time to abolish it once and for all, then get rid of all asylum seekers wherever they are…

  11. Yes SCHUBSEN is almost playful and no big deal. Egri provided already the phrase she knew the German press would use for sure.

    • In a context like this (murdering a child and attempted killing of two adults) “Schubsen” is used to downplay or defang what has been commited.

      It sounds like “nudging someone” to death.
      Or that it was just a mishap without intent.

  12. Johnson was only PM some 24 hours when he was calling for illegal Muslim immigrants be made legal.

    What I find interesting is how the situation in each country mirrors the next

    The nearest I can find to Boris is Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. Exactly the same in levels of opportunism. The lesson is do not be deceived by words. I judge all these on position towards immigration. It has pulverized Britain so much it cannot fight anything any more. It is confused. Has no centre. Better the old British aristocrat at least you knew what they stood for.


    The above footage of Swiss Federal Police press conference in German says that 1. the Eritrean was active in his local Christian community in Switzerland 2. he was on sick leave in Jan 2019 for psychiatric reasons 3. he had threatened the female neighbour with a knife and locked her and his own family (3 kids) in. 4. He was being hunted by Swiss police on an international arrest warrant for that. 5. the day before he murdered the boy at Frankfurt railway station, he had posted a photo of his own son, who appears to be about the same age, on Facebook.

    Notwithstanding the presstitute media/homoglobalist excuse of “mental illness” often used for jihadis so as to whitewash Islam, this rases the question of the amount of (non-Islamic) mental and physical disease (genetic or acquired) and genuine trauma e.g. PSTD being imported into white Caucasian countries, whether Indigenous white (Europe) or ethnically-cleansed white (the others).

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