Rocky, You’ve Met Your Match

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated a brief article from Fria Tider, and appends additional material about the fascinating legal case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky:

A$AP Rocky Case: The Afghan-Arab demands new trial against A$AP Rocky

August 19, 2019

Law & Right

The 19-year-old Afghan-Arab who was abused by rapper A$AP Rocky is demanding a new trial. He is unhappy and wants the verdict appealed, according to Expressen.

It was last Wednesday (August 14) that A$AP Rocky was convicted of assaulting the 19-year-old Afghan-Arab in Stockholm at the end of June.

The 19-year-old had demanded SEK 140,000 [$15,000] in damages, but received only SEK 12,500 [$1340].

There the story might have ended.

But now the plaintiff [read more about him] wants the verdict appealed.

According to Expressen, the Afghan-Arab is dissatisfied that the defendants “were not convicted of the violence with glass bottles to which he was exposed,” the plaintiff’s attorney Magnus Strömberg told the newspaper.

Neither the prosecutor nor A$AP Rocky’s lawyer has currently decided whether or not they will appeal.

The A$AP Rocky case:

This is completely irrelevant, and of interest only to my own very whimsical self. However…

Whenever I see the name “A$AP Rocky”, my aged hippie brain automatically appends the word “Raccoon” to it, due to my fondness for Paul McCartney’s song from the Beatles’ White Album in 1968.

Since a raccoon is also a “coon”, you can see that this wicked thought leads us to evil WAYCIST places where no decent person would ever dare venture.

5 thoughts on “Rocky, You’ve Met Your Match

  1. They should fine this guy for harassing people on the street then expel him from the country for that and being a social parasite.

    • Agree!!!! Unfortunately there are TOO many of here getting away with serious harassment and they get a slap on the wrist !!!!! Bloody insane

  2. FYI Fria tider is perhaps the worst Swedish source you can use. It’s a far far right-wing site, think inforwars or something like that. Not saying there’s necessarily something wrong with this particular text, but..

  3. A$AP Rocky Raccoon or A$AP Rocky the Flying Squirrel… however you mentally finish the name is probably better than having to sit through an entire album of jabbering rap nonsense.

    And even still, I’d rather see that Afghan [lump of solid waste] flicked back to the sandbox than see Rappin’ Rocky the $quirrel fork over one more penny to anybody in Swedistan.

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