Jihad Attack Averted in Östersund

A “Swedish” culture-enricher was on the verge of committing vehicular jihad in Östersund, but was stopped in time, thanks to an alert motorist who spotted him and called the police.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following report from Aftonbladet has more information on the Uzbek who is suspected of planning the attack. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Östersund: Man tried to run over people

Investigated for suspected connections to Akilov

by Ebba Thorneus, Jamshid Jamshidi

A man is in custody on probable cause for plotting a terrorist crime.

The man is believed to have attempted to drive over people on Wednesday also in a crowd of people in Östersund , according to reports received by Aftonbladet.

The man is also being investigated for links to the convicted terrorist Rakhmat Akilov. He is reportedly from Uzbekistan, according to reports received by Sweden Radio EKOT.

It was on Wednesday that the man was arrested and held on probably cause, on suspicion of preparing for murder.

Witnesses described the man’s driving as out of the ordinary, and he was arrested by police after his car became stuck in a stone foundation in Östersund.

In the car, which is registered to a self-employed person in the county who is away on vacation, the police made seized various items which are reported to be relevant to the investigation.

The entrepreneur confirms that he owns the car, and that it is not reported stolen.

On Thursday morning, Säpo [the National Security Police] reported that it had taken over the case from police, and that it was classified as plotting a terror crime.

“That’s right. We have taken over the investigation and I am the preliminary investigation leader,” says Henrik Olin, a prosecutor for Säpo, to Aftonbladet.

Tried to drive into a crowd of people

Säpo, the Security Police, is also involved in the case.

“It is confirmed that the Security Police have taken over a preliminary investigation from the police in the Northern region,” says Gabriel Wernstedt, Säpo press secretary.

The police are currently very much aware of the circumstances of the incident.

But according to the report received by Aftonbladet, the arrested man is suspected of trying to run over people in a crowd in Östersund.

Investigated for links to Akilov

He is also being investigated for connections to the convicted terrorist Rakhmat Akilov, who killed five people in the attack on Drottninggatan in 2017.

According to sources at Sweden Radio EKOT, the suspect, like Akilov, is from Uzbekistan.

Over the weekend the police will increase their accessibility in Östersund , but they emphasize that there is no cause for concern about further incidents.

“If we had any information that said there is a risk for similar incidents, we would have communicated that to the citizens,” says Hans Angquist, Östersund police.

Video transcript:

00:04   A man has been arrested on probable cause for preparing to carry out a terrorist attack.
00:12   Yesterday [14 Aug 2019] the man was preparing to drive into a crowd of people in Östersund,
00:22   according to sources to Aftonbladet.
00:25   He was arrested yesterday at 11:00am after the police received several calls
00:30   describing strange behavior by the suspicious car driver.
00:37   It is reported that the arrest was tumultuous and dramatic, according to a witness we talked to.
00:46   There is a report that he is also under investigation for a possible connection to Rakhmat Akilov,
00:54   the terrorist who carried out the attack in Drottninggatan
00:58   [in Stockholm in 2017], according our sources.
01:02   The car he was about to use is registered to a self-employed entrepreneur
01:07   in town who is currently abroad on vacation.
01:12   The entrepreneur confirms that he owns the car, and that it is not reported stolen.
01:18   There is a major ongoing investigation into this case.
01:23   The Swedish police and Säpo [the Security Service] are at the moment reticent
01:27   and don’t want to comment on this case.
01:30   The police say that they will increase their presence in Östersund over the weekend,
01:36   but also affirm that there is absolutely no reason to be worried about any other incidents.

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  1. Once again, I congratulate the Swede on expanding their geographical knowledge!

    Uzbeks often write on social networks: you Russians enslaved us and genocide us in the past, and now tolerate our presence! (During the “genocide” the population increased 10 times, the Soviet Union built factories, schools, hospitals there)

    But the Swedes are suffering for what?

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