The Grauniad Strikes Again

The Guardian — a renowned progressive British newspaper that was called The Manchester Guardian when I lived in England — has published another factually-impaired hit piece on the Counterjihad. I normally ignore such trivialities, but this one contained a slur against me that I just had to correct:

Gates of Vienna was, and still is, run by Edward “Ned” May, an American computer programmer from Washington DC.

I am most emphatically not from Washington DC*. I was born in a small town here in Virginia, and have otherwise lived in Maryland and England. I worked in DC for four years back in the mid-’70s, but never lived there, thank the Lord — Northern Virginia was bad enough.

The Grauniad continues:

It was among the first in a wave of blogs that urged the US to war after the shock of 9/11, and almost certainly the most fanatically anti-Muslim. It takes its name from the siege of Vienna in 1683, when an Ottoman Turkish army was defeated by a Polish-led one. Its essential thesis is that this was only one battle in a long war and that Europe and its civilisation are constantly threatened by a Muslim invasion.

On these varied online forums, the narrative was always the same: a liberal cabal was conspiring with hostile Muslim powers to hand over the decent working people to Islam. This was the animating myth of the bloggers, calling themselves the “counter-jihad”, who congregated at Gates of Vienna and other like-minded sites — and inspired both the violence of Breivik and the message of the racist far-right parties that have transformed European politics in the past decade.

The part about Breivik is reiterating an earlier assertion in the article:

…according to the manifesto he published online, Breivik had been directly inspired by Gates of Vienna — the blog where all these comments appeared on the day of his massacre. Breivik called the ideology that justified his murders “The Vienna school”, after the blog.

This is typical of reportage by MSM “journalists”. They have been retailing this stuff about Anders Behring Breivik for more than eight years, as if Mr. Breivik himself had never explained that his Counterjihad affiliation was just a feint, a ruse designed to keep the media and the authorities away from his true friends, the “nordicists”, i.e. neo-Nazis and Aryan supremacists.

The Grauniad and all the other major outlets should be well aware of Mr. Breivik’s later explanations, because he sent them all a letter in the autumn of 2013. None of them reported on the second part of the letter, which contained his paean to the nordicists. We managed to obtain a copy of it in early 2014; the PDF is available here.

So why did the media decide to exhume the Breivik material at this late date? Apparently it’s because of last week’s shooting attack on a mosque in Oslo. As it happens, this paragraph contains yet another factual error:

But who, in this situation, are the losers, and who are the strong? Last week, in an apparent attempt to emulate Breivik, a rich, disaffected young Norwegian, Philip Manshaus, shot his way through the entrance gates to a mosque in the upmarket suburb of Oslo where he lived and started firing at the congregation. He was wrestled to the ground by an unarmed 65-year-old Muslim, Mohammed Rafiq, who then held him down, with the help of another man, until the police arrived. On the Gates of Vienna blog, this episode was not deemed worthy of mention. Instead, its devoted readers were told that Muslims had been responsible for a recent outbreak of animal cruelty in Sweden.

To correct the record: I included two Breitbart articles about the attack in the news feed not long after it occurred. If Fjordman or our other Scandinavian correspondents had chosen to write about it, I would have posted their accounts.

We’ve never flinched from reporting news that reflects badly on the Counterjihad. Witness our extensive coverage of the Breivik affair, which continued for more than two years before the killer repudiated us and revealed his true motives.

But I don’t expect the Grauniad to let any annoying, intrusive facts disturb the flow of the Narrative.

*   Maybe the author read this post from 2008 too hastily, and missed the fact that I was quoting:

To quote Root Boy Slim:

I used to be from D.C.
But they don’t want no more of me


22 thoughts on “The Grauniad Strikes Again

  1. And if course the culture enrichers had nothing to do with the two police attempted murders and the murder of a police officr this week , it is of course the policemen fault for trying to enforce the law .

  2. Isn’t there a provision under the Statutes for Libel that apply to incorrect reporting of pacts in a published article that is commensurate with the scope of the readership of the publication?

  3. The Grauniad journos will be the first lot pushed off the high buildings come the Caliphate. What kind of stupid are they to not see this?!

  4. The guardian is a despicable organ of Marxist dissembling. I feel the need to take a shower just at the sight of the name of it.

    I’d rather be a deplorable than a despicable.

  5. Unbelievable. I truly do not know which is worse, the libel or the labeling of the counter-jihad as far right with dismissal. What do these people think is going on right under their noses?
    I’ve concluded that Britain hates its children, and hates itself.

    • They think society can transcend the obvious problems with Muslim immigration despite the proof that Islam doesn’t integrate, notwithstanding cosmetic concessions here and there. There is high level of self-deception in Guardian thinking… the type of misplaced optimism as we have seen elsewhere in Europe.

    • My parents’ English neighbours, half a world away from England and the consequences of the policies that The Grauniad pushes, are avid readers and agree-ers.

      Sadly, they eventually attained citizenship and the right to vote here.

  6. The Guardian attempts to project an image of objective journalism with a higher ethic as in “you can trust us”… but this masks a pronounced liberal, socialiast bias on a host of different issues. I’ve come across numerous articles – particularly on Russia and the Euro right – in which unrelated elements get conflated in a totally unreasonable fashion in an attempt to make a larger, dodgy point.

    There is a very marked subjective bias at work in The G, most obviously in their approach to racism where they give weight to “micro-aggressions”, “unconscious biases” and other hard-to-prove psychological and cultural factors. In other words they see racism everywhere. This type of bias feeds into their progressive position in general, particularly on the Opinion Page which often serves up analysis that tends to evoke laughter rather than serious consideration.

  7. What concerns me is that they are trying to blame GoV for these murderous events that have nothing to do with this blog or its brave authors.

    I hope that whoever runs this site has everything backed up and in a safe place. Don’t be surprised if youwake up one day and everything has been deleted. Just like what they did to Ann at Refugee Resettlement blog. I don’t think she ever recovered.

    The Left/Commie/Prog/Baby killing/Satanic Fascists are nothing if not vindictive in the extreme.

    • I’m not sure, but I think Ann was on itself, which is never a good idea — they’re well-known for enforcing PC there.

      I have my own site on a domain that I own, hosted on by a service I pay for. It’s much more expensive that way, but far less likely to be shut down. It would take severe political pressure for that to happen, which is possible, but not likely for a site as small as this one. I think I get even less traffic than the Grauniad! 😉

      • Thank you, Baron. That’s very good news indeed and shows that our donations are being well spent to preserve this wonderful blog and your inestimable efforts to keep us informed.

  8. “I worked in DC for four years back in the mid-’70s, but never lived there, thank the Lord — Northern Virginia was bad enough.”

    Well, Ned, you just don’t get it. The boundary- the Potomac River- between DC and NoVA is simply an administrative sleight of hand. Despite its name, Northern Virginia is not Virginia- it *is* DC.

    • Yes, you’re right — it’s the South Bank of the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy. In a way, it’s worse than D.C., because it’s far more culturally enriched.

  9. The Guardian is the print arm of the BBC and vice versa. That is all that anyone needs to understand.

    Mind you, they’re both useful in as much at least we know who our enemy is.

    And, when the time comes…?

  10. I accidentally came across this blog about two years ago, through some link in Google, when I was looking for information about love jihad in India. I’ve enjoyed my stay. But I think few people know about you in Russia.

    My view from the side. I really respect the administration and think that they are doing a great job, but … This is a small group of people who have no influence (but not indifferent enthusiasts!) Can not turn the tide of events.

    And the fact that the attention of such a serious press is aimed at such a small group of counter-jihadists indicates how serious the situation is in remaking our civilizational Matrix. They want to ban even your weak voice.

    As far as I understood, wandering around the world Internet, the best counter-jihadist publications were made in 2002-2009. Now these blogs and sites are already inactive, I think these people have already left the stage and no one has come to replace them.

    I don’t understand what kind of combination was played with Breivik, but the reference of his message to the intellectual counter-jihad and its blackening destroys the possibility of bloodless resolution of the problem through dialogue.

    Yes, the worst case scenario has been selected. Everything is so sad and hopeless.

    • Elena,
      ” … the possibility of bloodless resolution of the problem through dialogue.”
      What possibility?
      I suppose this was back in the summer of 1969.

    • These are strange guys from the newspaper. Do they really think that these commoners do this because they have read the Vienna Gate? Or is it because they see what is happening around?

      The school curriculum in physics says that for every action, a reaction arises. Probably the guys from the newspaper did not study well. Or they are scoundrels.

      Why did they decide to finish off Jensen, whose life is already ruined? What bastards!

  11. I had intended to do a full response to the latest collection of half truths churned out by the Guardian but we had a torrential downpour for most of Friday which took out our entire internet and TV reception in the village and it has only just been restored. During the down time, I took the liberty of reading one of the Baron’s posts from 2011 “Declining to Play the game.” It was good advice then and it is good advice now so I will take it.

    However, I did Google the author of the offending piece, Andrew Brown, with a view to slinging some mud in his direction just like he did to the Baron, Peder Jensen and Giselle Littman but again, someone had beaten me to it. Andrew Brown must be the most abused hack in the UK, but on the strength of this hit piece, he deserves to be. Anyone showing a hint of conservatism or expressing reservations about islam (small letter intended) is automatically labelled far right but, as the Guardian is a long way to the left of anything sensible, it is not hard for anyone to be labelled far right in their eyes.

    We should be consoled by the fact that the Guardian is failing. It is losing money at an alarming rate, while having to pay the likes of “Poison Polly” Toynbee and the simpering Owen Jones from its depleting coffers.

  12. My beloved, who is a kind, idealstic and gentle soul, reads the Guardian (as I used to), but I’m chipping away at her beliefs.

    “Grauniad” was, I believe, coined by the British satirical magazine “Private Eye”; in pre-digital days, the Guardian was infamous for its typos.

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