Tommy Robinson Returns to Prison

Tommy Robinson has been sent to prison yet again. The latest sentence is six months. As I understand it, three months have also been added from the earlier suspended sentence. Minus time served, that makes (I think) four months. He is expected to serve half of that, so about two months. Which is more than enough time for Mohammed to finish him off.

I put together the collage for the banner at top of this post in September of 2011. That’s almost eight years ago. I don’t remember the details, but it must have been the first time Her Majesty’s Government bunged him into chokey on trumped-up charges. There have been several more since then.

Here’s a report from The Sun on the sentencing of Tommy Robinson.

Matt Bracken sends this excerpt from Politicalite:

JIHADI JAIL: Tommy Robinson Sent To Jail Dubbed ‘Jihadi Training Camp’

RIGHT-Wing activist Tommy Robinson has been sent to Belmarsh Prison that has been likened to a ‘Jihadi Training Camp’ following his 9-month sentence for reporting outside the court of a Muslim grooming gang trial last year.

Robinson, 36 was sentenced to nine months in total at London’s Old Bailey with many dubbing the jailing as a ‘sentence for journalism’.

This seems to be the live-stream of the sentencing.

The Daily Mail reports on the mass demonstration by Tommy’s supporters outside the Old Bailey.

One of my British contacts sent a tip about a White House petition that was set up to appeal for asylum for Tommy:

High-level moves are being tried over here, but, all good options have run out for him. This petition just happened to cross my desk today. It’s a fool’s errand, but, the numbers seem a PR embarrassment to you, too, don’t they?

And what keeps some people’s hearts ticking, literally, can depend on keeping them in the news.

Here’s what the petition says:

We request that Tommy Robinson be granted political asylum in the United States due to the corrupt judicial system in the EU governed United Kingdom. We feel this is important due to the open protection the United Kingdom government provides the proven to exist Muslim Grooming Gangs. When Mr. Robinson exposed these gangs of Muslim rapists of underage English girls, the court put placed him in a prison with a high Muslim population, where an attempt on his life was made. When he was arrested and confined a second time, the court again placed him in a prison with a high Muslim population, and when public outrage ensued, placed him in solitary confinement for periods far exceeding legal and ethical standards.

Because of this, we ask the President to provide asylum to Mr. Robinson.

The petition requires a total of 100,000 signatures by August 7 to get a response from the White House. As of the time I accessed the page this evening there were 1,964 signatures, meaning that 98,036 more are needed.

I never thought Tommy’s appeal for asylum in the USA had a snowball’s chance in hell. The British government has made it abundantly clear that putting Tommy into prison is a top state priority. I’m certain that it has enough leverage to convince the Trump administration not to grant Tommy’s request. MI6 may lack the capabilities of the NSA, but it’s still no slouch at gathering signals intelligence. I would be willing to bet that the Brits have enough dirt on enough prominent American political figures to be able to dissuade Mr. Trump from publicly taking any action to help Tommy.

However, that doesn’t preclude the White House from slipping a quiet word to the Brits explaining exactly what they can expect if Tommy were to die in prison. At this point, that’s the best we can hope for.

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  1. For those of us outside the UK, we should start mass protests in front of the British embassies and consulates. I’m ready.

  2. I signed.

    I don’t expect much to come of it but it is now one signature closer to getting an official response.

    From what I have seen over the past few years, the irrational British government enmity towards Mr Robinson seems to have much more to do with his working-class origins than with his exposing of muslim crimes. Class is one of those taboos that no one talks about, and even those who should be natural allies with him appear to shun and distance themselves from him (Mr Farage). I cannot help but think that his imprisonment has far more to do with his belonging to the working class than any contrived crime.

    After all, one mustn’t allow the proles to get any ideas above their station. That would be dangerous for the elites and their illusion of power.

  3. Very good effort. Britain has become a rotten government, persecuting Tommy out of fear of the Muslim savages it has allowed in while for decades covering for them as they gang raped underage English girls and even accusing them of being prostitutes! Britain has become, with a “Conservative “ government, tyrannical regime dedicated to enforcing PC. The police are the new Gestapo , monitoring social media for politically incorrect expressions of “hate speech.” Undoubtedly they will be busy knocking on the doors of people brave enough to denounce this travesty . Except for Lord Pearson I don’t know of one public figure there who has defended Tommy or denounced this filthy travesty. And of course not one in the so-called press. They are gleeful. What a foul, disgusting place.

  4. Question for our British friends. If BoJo becomes Prime Minster (not perfect but a step in the right direction) is there anything he can do to commute the sentence or obtain a pardon?

  5. I was once proud of the heritage of both of my grandfathers and that of my dad but now I am ashamed. And to think that three of my uncles fought to save old England with two making the ultimate sacrifice. What a waste.

  6. Not familiar with the details of the law concerning this, do only American signatures count for this petition to reach its goal?

  7. “I would be willing to bet that the Brits have enough dirt on enough prominent American political figures to be able to dissuade Mr. Trump from publicly taking any action to help Tommy.”

    A possible puzzle piece? I don’t like delving into conspiracy theories but knowing in the meantime how reality can turn out uglier even than those…

    • You know I wondered if maybe in the Epstein diaries there was not something of use on Prince Andrew that could also be released. He apparently went to the island.

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  8. I agree with the above comments. This action taken by the British Judicary serves them badly. I am an Englishman, whose ancestry goes back many centuries and have until quite recently been proud to be a member of United Kingdom, however I now fear that we in Britian as well as elsewhere in Europe have been these past 45 yrs and are still being with great duplicity and with steely cunning transformed from a decent combination of democracy to one of socialistc enslavement. The people of Britain voted to Leave the EU, yet still members of the British Parliament deny this vote and are doing all in their power to disrupt our leaving and especially without a deal. The withdrawal agreement negotiated by our Prime Minister Mrs May with the EU is not acceptable in any way as it still will keep us inside the EU. It is quite obvious that those Members of our Parliament who are not supporting as they should will most likely loose their seat (positions) in the next General Election due to be held in 2020.
    On the Tommy Robinson question, as to having his sentance commuted, firstly he should never have been put inside a top security prison but been transferred to what we term as an open prison for less criminal offenses, where the danger of agression from those inside prison and of the Islamic following would have been far less. I am disgusted with what has become of our once great Judiciary.

  9. “Right wing” thus refers to people that believe in freedom of speech, democracy and recognise the fascist ideology of Islam.

  10. Boris Johnson could, as PM, take an executive decision – because it’s pretty obvious that yesterday’s guilty verdict for Tommy was political at the highest political level. Having been requested by the govt’s own lawyer, the Attorney General. The profile and level of the case would have required ministerial input. (As per the May 2018 kangaroo 10 minute court case, 13 month jail sentence & total media black-out.)

    Yesterday’s sentence was delivered despite physical evidence, witness evidence, court administration procedural errors, and the text of the law itself that all proved no guilt.
    For Boris to overturn the decision would need wide voter appeal to cut a swathe through the rotten system and the MSN that has continuously hatcheted Tommy to most regular voters who are yet sleepwalking. In short, for Boris, there would need to be some personal political reward. But, yes, he could.

  11. I’ve signed it.

    I don’t know why he doesn’t just head over to Hungary or Poland and claim asylum in one of those nations. I’m sure they would be happy to have him, knowing that he agrees with them refusing to take their “fair share” of migrants. Yes, it will be a hassle for him and his family to learn a new language and culture, but it beats dying at the hands of those savages or at the hands of his own government.

    • There’s a simple answer, and it’s called the “European Arrest Warrant”. Hungary is bound to return him if Britain issues one.

  12. The elite British Quisling class has done more to destroy formerly Great Britain than Hitler ever could.
    I wrote this when Tommy was in prison last year.

    “Patriots, Traitors and Invaders”

    Here’s a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
    The first was shot in forty-five, but many more are still alive.
    When was there a referendum, ere our traitors thought to send ’em?
    Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain’s lost.
    Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, vans on pavements destroying lives.
    Showing rape gangs now forbidden, poor old Tommy he’s in prison,
    While to jihadis flats are given, and ISIS killers all forgiven.

    Hitler’s Nazis could not manage, what our Quislings done in damage!
    If Churchill were around today, I’m confident that he would say:
    “In older and more modern time, treason must be capital crime,
    Patriots must be supported, and invaders all deported,
    Till our girls walk unmolested, after British metal’s tested.”
    Will saving Blighty come too late, before the Saxon learns to hate?
    If saving’s coming, it can’t wait, or Islam will be Britain’s fate.

    (Yes, metal. Mettle without metal is just futile resistance.)

  13. Yesterday outside the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), were worried powerless, brave people, men and many women who are witnessing their country and souls being trampled upon, wiped. Vocal protest in a group is the last shout they have, and that roared yesterday. The traitorous media dug below the drains to besmirch these decent citizens. To complain of smoke jets that are routinely used at football games and to mark big public events (a practice copied from mainland Europe) – and the media has not complained before. The press called everyone in attendance “far right thugs”. (As did Nigel Farage describe publicly all UKIP supporters and Tommy, and used his media profile to discredit the only real Brexit party willing, sincere and competent to deliver. His new Brexit party split the vote, job done, but in his gain he slandered decent people and damaged a sound party under Gerard Batten.)

    The media yesterday focussed on photographing only desperate men wearing facial expressions agitated at news of the verdict. Men whose refuge is to stand as a gathering (the individuals are picked off), because the govt is assiduously removing their humanity, gender and right to speak out. Police batons were drawn by paid enforcers, to worry and provoke.
    (Worse however were those paid police enforcers who shamefully escorted 300 islam enforcing thugs shouting their alluah akbar war cry into Tommy’s official EU MEP campaign meeting in Oldham in May 2019. Where the islam masked thugs attacked, unhindered, men, women & children on their doorsteps and front gardens with flying bricks, kicks, fists, wood, bottles and scissors brought in with them. They also took to smashing up police vehicles. Tommy evacuated the younger children in his own vehicle and asked for police to escort the children to safety.
    No arrests were made – and certainly no police batons were drawn to stop the islamic violence.)

    It being easier and politically acceptable for police to draw batons on civilised vocal natives of a 1st world western home country rather than 7thC violent behavioural types, that successive UK govts choose to award immunity status against the laws of the land.

    There were the carefully selected and edited images and video clips published in yesterday’s media. One (edited) video clip I watched as it happened.

    The Sun extract featured by GoV has a comment from a female islam follower who complains in a brief clip that “she lives here too” (as media evidence of the “far right thugs”).
    From what was visible on the ground, the lone headcovered woman had been passing along the main thoroughfare in the mid afternoon – there being plenty of pedestrian traffic and tourists passing through the wide road space (for those familiar with the area) on Victoria Street, outside Westminster Abbey and the adjacent building called Sanctuary (indeed).
    Supporters had walked 3 minutes from the Houses of Parliament around the corner to protest outside Sanctuary, which houses the Attorney General’s office. The Attorney General being the govt’s own chief law officer, and who made the decision to bring yesterday’s court action against Tommy.

    The islamic headcovered woman was engaged in a conversation of a few minutes with a similarly aged female Tommy supporter (not mentioned in the article nor shown in the video clip). It was unusual, given the circumstances of the day, to see the lone woman appear and choose to argue the Koran with someone from an expected opposing view (albeit female), on such a sensitive day. She was insistent that there are many interpretations of the Koran, and that “everyone reads books and comes to their own interpretations, don’t they”. The other woman replied that the words are as written, in each translation, and “the meaning can’t be interpreted to read something different” – that which it is not. The Koranic believer maintained and repeated her opinion. Another woman interjected that that the Islamic follower was lying and speaking with a forked tongue. The edited video clip only plays out the Islam follower saying that she “lives here too”. In response to what remark, if any, I do not know.
    From out of sight a man, presumably a co-worker dressed in business clothes, came and walked her away. It had been an unexpected scenario to witness.
    And less than one hour later, on checking media updates, I found the clip on The Sun online page.
    In both internet and print format, readers are requested to send in their footage and information (for financial payment) – and this facilitates immediate publicity for those who seek it, for whatever purpose.
    I didn’t see who was filming the footage, though the angle would appear to be pointing from behind the Tommy supporter, and towards the Islamic follower. Whether it was a scenario staged for effect or was genuine, I don’t know. A difference in views was clearly going to be inevitable.
    The clip was edited and biased, as was the article, unsurprisingly. Whether the clip was published as sold to The Sun, the seller would know.

    Had there been one or two more of her fellow Islamic followers present, they would have incurred the attendance of the police to nanny the routine islamic touchpaper temper that ignites in public.

    There were no hostile actions towards the woman. She had chosen to engage in verbal debate on the day in that protest and was received far more patiently than if the roles could ever be switched. It is testimony to the restraint of Tommy’s and the supporters of fair play & justice that she felt so free to seek out and engage as she did, and to provoke and take advantage of the ‘lone’ minority female position – even though it was another female she engaged with.

    Another passer by, English accented, dressed in business clothes walked past the edge of a small group and bothered to stop to abuse a young male supporter as he passed: “racist”, repeatedly. That no one filmed or reported.
    In any case, that over applied moniker has already dulled to tedium.
    The young supporter was offended at the behaviour, and told the pointy toed deluded hipster that he was in fact mixed race and asked him what he meant by the insult. The moniker was repeated, and again, with no explanation. The young man then advised him to go forth and multiply.
    Which is probably not on the hipster’s to-do list, being more concerned with the carbon footprint of his morning wheatgrass green shot from the silly priced grab & go juice bar that opened just this week. While posting his comments to The Independent. Which isn’t any more.
    The pointy toes skitted and skirted away, weaving along the road from an invisible crocodile.

    Yesterday despite the emotions, the behaviours were very British and calm. I do wonder, if, at what point that will change in the future, given the demonic changes being forced onto the good people of this island.

    Very welcome was this from a Canadian news perspective yesterday. An interview post Tommy’s verdict.
    Gerard Batten, UKIP Brexit party former leader (post May 2019 EU election, where the Brexit voter split transferred to Nigel Farage’s new personality Brexit party-that won’t.)

    Mr Batten says it with truth and substance. He’s up for re-election in September as UKIP party leader. The majority members want him elected but the executive council have barred him from standing. Probably due to his endorsement of Tommy and all the subsequent adverse merciless media pumelling, as if that mattered.

    Without Gerard and his sterling effort to the revive the party after Farage’s departure, the likelihood of UKIP – and Brexit – is moot.
    He continues to speak for Tommy and is rare in courage.

    Lord Pearson, the only UKIP peer in the upper House, and the only person in Westminster to have spoken in defence of Tommy’s wellbeing is tabling a question in Parliament on Monday, asking what steps the govt is taking to protect Tommy while he is in prison. The parliamentary question must be answered by the Prime Minister.

    We await hearing whether Tommy will remain in Belmarsh high security prison (where the killers of soldier Bandsman Lee Rigby are housed). As is Tommy, for contempt. The UK political and justice system really are worthy of contempt
    God bless Tommy and keep him safe from harm.

    And we await Monday’s response to Lord Pearson’s question.

    Thank you taking the time to read this comment. It’s longer than intended.

  14. I always thought that of relatively “free” countries it was India which was “the” class society.

    It was guys like Tommy who (primarily, excluding Winston and a few others) won WWll.
    This is some thanks.

    How the British authorities can send him to a Jihadi jail is like sending Jesse Jackson to a jail where the main imprisoned group is the KKK, is beyond me. I only hope we don’t see how those bums will handle it if something G-d forbids happens to him.

    BTW, thanks Baron for putting in the news feed that Warren plans to end Israel’s so called “occupation.” I hadn’t seen it, even in the NY Post. The non Indian liar is even worse than I thought.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  15. The US and Britain have always had a “special” relationship. That relationship dragged the US into the unnecessary involvement in World War I and II. As reciprocation, the relationship dragged Britain into the phony Iraq War in 2003 and the useless meatgrinder in Afghanistan.

    Perhaps it’s time to put paid to the “special” relationship, and let each country operate on its own merits.

    Just for a bit of a review in history, Britain engineered the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, ultimately dragging the US into World War I on the false premise that Germany was wantonly sinking civilian ships.

    Britain had won the Battle of Britain well before the US was dragooned into World War II in Britain, and so US participation was in no way necessary to save Britain from Germany. The objective was to save the British empire, an entirely different matter.

    It’s quite obvious there is no capital left in Britain’s claim to be a center of human rights.

    Paradoxically, I do think there is a strategic interest in the US working to break up the EU. It is quite obvious that should the EU succeed in consolidating the economic, political and military power of Europe, the EU will be as much of a threat to the US as the USSR was, possibly greater, because the EU is starting with a far greater economic base than the USSR ever dreamed of.

    Tommy Robinson is quite obvious the exact equivalent of the refuseniks of Soviet Russia. Nathan Sharansky’s “Fear no Evil”, an account of his persecution by the Soviet political enforcers and his ultimate freedom through publicity, would probably serve as a good guide for dealing with the Britain of today.

    • Ronald, you must be a fan of The Swamp (aka Deep State) that led the USA to be actively instrumental in breaking up the British Empire to satisfy US greed and cultural imperialism “needs”, and to replace British rule with invariably corrupt states that are nearly always economic basket cases. The US therefore has plenty of expertise to draw on to break up the EU. It’s banks could profit from financing both sides of a civil war, and it could sit on its collective sofa eating popcorn while watching the outcome on live streams muttering as always “nuffin’ to do wiv us”. If you are the best friend that Britain has, I think we could profit from doing without you.

    • The theory that the British engineered the sinking of the “Lusitania” remains just that- a theory. Either way, it was hardly effective, as the US only entered the war in 1917, following revelation of the Zimmermann telegram (proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico), and the Germans’ announced intention of resuming unrestricted submarine warfare.

      In WW2, Britain was probably safe from Nazi invasion after 1940, though we could well have been starved out by the U-boats. Right now, my beloved country’s reputation has rarely been poorer, and not without cause, but- leaving aside the possible results of the US having fought Germany and Japan virtually alone- would you want to live in a world where much of Europe and Asia was still under the proverbial jackboot?

      We could not have turned the tide without the Soviets and the US, but by remaining free, Britain provided the base for the US and British bomber fleets and the invasion of Europe.

  16. Tommy, if you apply for asylum in any country of our V4 aliance we will be honored.

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