The Plight of Jews in the Netherlands

The following documentary about culture-enriching Jew-hatred in the Netherlands comes from MandinerTV, a Hungarian center-right media outlet. The interviews are conducted in English and subtitled in Hungarian, but the questions are displayed on the screen in Hungarian.

Many thanks to CrossWare translating the questions, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Hat tip: László.

Video transcript (questions only):

0:00   Video title: “If you do not want trouble, do not wear the kippah.” — The Mandiner visited the Netherlands
0:02   Anti-Semitism and migration in the Netherlands
0:06   Has anti-Semitism recently increased in the Netherlands?
1:29   Do you experience fear in the Jewish community?
2:40   Has the Jewish community suffered any attacks?
6:26   Is it possible to improve coexistence with migrants through education?
6:55   Would you ever leave the Netherlands?
7:30   What can be done to deal with the problem?
8:14   Is the Hungarian border fence a solution?

11 thoughts on “The Plight of Jews in the Netherlands

  1. I wonder what the thinking was behind adding a soundtrack to this video. Listen at around 4:30 and you will hear a monotonous, pulsating unmusical tone that interferes with the speech presented in the video. Is this droning accompaniment meant to have some persuasive psychological effect? I find it merely annoying.

  2. Sad and also ironic, considering that individual Jews and Jewish organizations have been prominent in promoting multiculturalism and mass immigration to Europe over the past 50 years.

    • Indeed, it’s amazing how many of my fellow Jews are “Western liberals” on steroids, despite likely being the first victims of their own ideology! Partly this is because it tends to be an urban population, and urban populations have these views. Oddly, these views are highly resistant to being crapped upon by fellow leftists AND having had many positive experiences with the right.

      In Israel, this is also true, albeit to a lesser extent, but only among a large subset of the Ashkenazi population. Their votes are thankfully somewhat drowned out by the Mizrachi, religious and (also Ashkenazi) Russian Jews.

      French Jews also seem to also be more aware of the situation – I suspect that this is because a lot of French Jews have origins in North Africa (come to think of it, a fairly similar profile to the Israeli Jewish population).

  3. I haven’t watched the video, but maybe those jewish victims should stand up against their fellow Jews that steer this invasion of Europe. Unless they’re looking forward to another Holocaust or something. Because muslims will hardly go anything short of what the Nazis did.

    • At the very least they should be having harsh words with their kinsman Mr Soros.

      • Benjamin Netanyahu has no use for Soros, and says so in terms similar to those of Mr Orban.

        Soros also managed to annoy Mahathir. As I always say, finally a place for cooperation: the Mossad could kidnap him, the Hungarians could provide the air transportation (having diplomatic relations with all countries involved) and then he could get some Islamic justice in Malaysia!

    • Between Ubersturmfuhrer Mark Zuckerberg and Master of the Universe George Soros my own Jewish identity has taken quite a beating.

  4. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but leaving aside the Muslims, with their inbred (or at least indoctrinated) Jew hatred, why do so many on the Left think it acceptable to blame Jews in general for Israel’s actions (which I mostly support), but almost any criticism of Muslims’ behaviour is condemned as “Islamphobic”?

    The Dutch in general didn’t behave well under the Nazi occupation, unlike the Danes, who got most of their Jews out to safety (at least for the time being) in Sweden.

    • Why do so many on the Left think it acceptable to blame Jews in general for Israel’s actions (which I mostly support), but almost any criticism of Muslims’ behaviour is condemned as “Islamphobic”?

      In some cases, anti-semitism.

      In others, holding Israel/Jews to a “White Man’s Burden” type of higher standard.

      They can be differentiated easily: those who are of the second type usually hate the USA just as much, whereas the first bunch don’t, in my experience.

    • you really expect communists to be fair. the only thing that matters to a communist is the cause and advancing it by any means necessary. lying or telling the truth it doesn’t matter to them, just whatever works.

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