Culture-Enricher in Italy Slits His Wife’s Throat

A Moroccan migrant in northern Italy became angry with his wife and slit her throat. He fled with their children, but was later apprehended by police.

The reporter says the victim was found with “a deep cut in her throat”, which I take to mean that her husband had intended to behead her, but fled before he could finish the job. Over and over again we’ve seen that when Muslim men get angry and kill someone (usually a woman), they tend to decapitate the victim afterwards.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He didn’t say one word from the moment the officers arrived.
00:03   He looked calm: Abdelkrim Foukahi, a 39-year-old Moroccan man, the husband
00:09   of Damia El-Assali, who was found dead with a deep cut in her throat in her house in Borgonovo.
00:15   The man is now in jail in Venice, awaiting interrogation.
00:18   The procurator of Piacenza ordered pre-trial detention, an action that must be confirmed
00:22   by the judge of preliminary investigations in Venice within the next 48 hours.
00:25   He is accused of first-degree-murder. He was arrested yesterday at a gas station
00:29   in San Donà di Piave, along the Treviso-Venice highway.
00:33   His children, who are 2 and 4 years old, were with him, and they’re fine.
00:37   The wife’s body was discovered yesterday at around 9am.
00:40   The police immediately went after the man, who was missing, together with his children.
00:47   “Yesterday we focused on finding the children first. Our objective was to find them
00:51   safe and sound,” said the Chief of the Carabinieri’s operational core, Marco Jannucci.
00:57   The investigations took advantage of the help of highway safety cameras,
01:00   and of the Highway Patrol’s cooperation.
01:03   The children are now in the care of their maternal aunt.
01:07   The wife probably died on Tuesday May 7, although the autopsy,
01:11   which will be performed tomorrow, will determine the exact time of death.
01:15   The victim was found with a deep wound in her throat.
01:18   A knife compatible with the wound was found in the house.
01:21   The house was tidy with no apparent sign of struggle.
01:26   The entry door was locked with a key. The woman’s relatives hadn’t seen her since Sunday evening.
01:31   On Monday she hadn’t gone to work at the glass factory for her night shift,
01:34   and on Tuesday her sisters alerted the authorities.
01:37   On Tuesday the husband had been seen at the kindergarten, taking the older daughter home, as usual.
01:42   Yesterday morning, the tragic discovery.
01:45   Nobody would answer the door and firemen entered through the window.
01:49   The woman’s corpse with the throat slit was lying in the kitchen.
01:53   There are no records of previous reports of abuse.

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  1. Woman, 81, wrongly stripped of DWP pension had just £5 when she jumped to death
    Joy Worrall was left reliant on her savings when her payments were stopped – and promised to throw herself off a quarry if she ever suffered financial problems

    Well we have to be reasonable, compassionate, kind like Jacinda and do the right thing.

    It is Un-New Zealandan, un-Aussiee, Un canadian, Unamerican , Unfrench, Unbritish, unItalian, Unspanish . . . to reduce the welfare of the Supremacists because they will riot and and we dare not confront them. Deprive native people of their livelihood, houses, salaries. No riots. They are meek.

  2. The appropriate phrase is “knife wound to the neck.”
    – The amount of trauma “Muslim” kids endure is mind-boggling. I recall the American woman who was held hostage by Baghdadi – she eventually died in captivity – saying that she was treated better than his own children who were severely punished.
    – A person’s true nature is most evident in the way he or she treats children and animals. Islam fails on both accounts in what it teaches its adherents. It is a religion designed for psychopaths and troglodytes.

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