German Muslims Demand Special Protection

In the wake of Brenton Tarrant’s massacre at mosques in New Zealand, German Muslims insist they are in need of special protection.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   After the Christchurch terror attack our chubby fairy Ayman Mazyek is now demanding an official be appointed to
00:10   investigate complaints of hostility against Muslims. The leftist boss Katja Kipping is also enthusiastic about it,
00:16   “since Islam is also at home in Germany, there should be a defence against Muslim hostility”.
00:21   Hostile attacks against Muslims have risen from a whopping 32 to 54. A dramatic increase.
00:29   That’s about the proportion of Muslim attacks on unbelievers at a German school on a single day.
00:38   At this point I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to find a commissioner for hostility committed against
00:42   Western values, because the attacks on our liberal culture have actually been on the increase.
00:48   Since we’re already on the topic of religion and culture, I would now like to introduce to you a well-known lyricist.
00:57   The guy calls himself Capital Bra, and last year he knocked out a track called
01:01   “Gisele Bundchen” which is really something special.
01:06   “Stab the son of a bitch in his liver because he’s a AfD voter […]
01:10   Reload the gun, pop them all off at the AfD press conference”.
01:15   I’m not alone, even Universal Germany CEO Frank Briegmann is absolutely amazed about Capital Bra.
01:21   “With his unique sound and unmistakable lyrics Capital Bra inspires across genre boundaries.”
01:29   To get a better idea of ??the extent of his lyrical talent, here is a look into another track:
01:35   Rolli glitter, glitter rolli, glitter glitter jabra yes. Rolli Glitter, Glitter Rolli Glitter Glitter Na na na Yeah.
01:47   Rolli glitter glitter rolli glitter glitter yes rolli glitter glitter rolli glitter glitter pow-pow pow-pow woof.
02:00   The land of poets and thinkers. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “German Muslims Demand Special Protection

  1. I do believe the muslims are feeling a paradigm shift in the moods of the western Europeans and are now starting to feel vulnerable as the Europeans are increasingly exerting their nationalistic tendencies. As they say, the fun and festivities are yet to really begin. Let it rain!

  2. To adopt a bon mot:
    Muslim music is to music as Muslim theology is to theology.

  3. Global Islamic leaders needs to renounce all of the written and oral instructions in the Koran and the Haddith and all of the rest of official Islamic instructions on the approval and use of murder, rape, enslavement, expropriation of property, and enforced second class treatment as a tool of conquest sanctioned in the name of mohammed to extend the kingdom of allah. There needs to a global repentance and renunciation for all violence done under this rubric. Then we can talk about equal rights protection for muslims. As of now, muslims individuals and governments have conservatively executed 250 million individuals in the last 1400 years in the name of mohammed and allah—that’s a kill rate of 500 innocent humans per day around the globe.


  4. It seems to me that a large part of the appeal of all totalitarian systems (Islam, Hindu Nationalism, Christian and Jewish fundamentalsm, Fascism, Communism etc) is that they infantilise the mass of the population by allowing them to abrogate responsibility for themselves and the wider culture by arrogating it (hope that’s the right word) to people who claim to have all the answers. This is why the European Enlightenment (with its generally benevolent consequences, such as the US Constitution, and the ones that went wrong, eg the French Revolution) was such an important step in the advancement of human society, in that it makes us all responsible, which many people born within its heritage (let alone those less fortunate) find it difficult and frightening to cope with.

      • Thanks Dymphna, you gave me a chuckle. I believe Maggie was blinkered in some respects, but at least you knew what she stood for, unlike our present PM.

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