What Does the German Man-in-the-Street Think of Angela Merkel’s Migration Policies?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   If could rate the refugee policy of Mrs. Merkel, how many points would you give?
00:05   Let’s say on a scale from 1 to 10? —I can’t give any points,
00:09   because of the way they forced their way in, in 2015, like an invasion.
00:18   Without any sort continuity or regulation, it was uncontrolled. That I can’t tolerate.
00:25   It was all the Chancellor’s fault.
00:32   She didn’t say much about it, about the refugee policy, besides, “We can do it”.
00:37   So from 1 to 10? —Yes. —One is the worst? —Yes. —Then a one. She just let everyone else take care of it.
00:45   And what did she do besides say, “We can do it”?
00:49   It was the volunteers that “did it”. They are worthy of recognition, but not what she did. She kept silent.
00:57   Is this going to be aired? —Mm-hm. —The worst of the worst. —OK. —But that does not reflect on the individual
01:07   groups of people that come here, more about the way the situation was managed. I can’t just walk through
01:12   the security area at the airport, and the way it appears, many people are permitted to come here without
01:17   our knowing who they are. Many of them come here with dreams and visions that can’t be realised.
01:24   For the most part cannot be realised, but shouldn’t be a free pass to become criminal and
01:28   to go around knocking people out or something. —Well, I can’t say, but all those who have done something wrong —
01:34   Pfft — sent right home. Those with families, OK, but not this bunch of young people popping up everywhere in
01:41   packs of five. We women should be able to walk on the street alone at night. I just heard this morning a report
01:49   about what is going on at the ZOB [Central Omnibus station Berlin]. People of my generation are afraid.
01:56   We should help, yes, but in their countries. Not necessarily here. We can’t take in the entire world.

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  1. This thousands illegal barbaric migrants, have to stay in Germany ( Thanks Merkel) Greece, Italy, and others countries where they step in first , tgey don’t want them back !!, how stupid and naive can you be !!, good luck Germany!!!

  2. This is what people say within the confines of ‘free speech’ in Germany – imagine what they’d say outside those confines.

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