The Recidivists of the Islamic State

A recent study by Swedish TV shows that a third of “Swedish” Islamic State fighters who returned “home” have engaged in criminal activities upon their repatriation. I, for one, am totally shocked that ISIS mujahideen would ever commit violent crimes — such an outcome simply never occurred to me.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

One out of three ISIS returnees commits crimes in Sweden

March 14, 2019

Approximately every third returning Islamic State terrorist has been involved in a crime since returning to Sweden, an investigation done by SVT [Sveriges Television, public broadcaster] News shows.

About 150 ISIS terrorists who traveled to Syria and Iraq have returned to Sweden and similar additional number may try to return.

SVT has succeeded in charting 41 of those who have already returned.

About one third of these, 13 men, have been convicted of or are suspected of committing crimes after returning.

These include among others lynchings (murders) in Vivalla and Orebro last summer, when a large group of immigrants attacked a man and a when 31-year-old so-called “returnee” finally killed the person with scissors.

The 31-year-old is believed to have returned wounded from Syria.

He is now suspected of murder and has admitted that he hit the victim in the head, but not to kill him. The returning ISIS terrorist is believed to have slashed the victim seven times in the face. The background was a deal between rival criminals.

“I have saved people. I should get an award,” the 31-year-old said under questioning, according to Expressen. ISIS returnees have also been convicted of, among other things, drug offenses, thefts, receiving stolen goods, fraud, felony extortion, felony assault and money laundering.

Twelve of the returnees studied are women, but none of them have been convicted of anything.

6 thoughts on “The Recidivists of the Islamic State

  1. Time to rip the rug from beneath the feet of the west establishment. Our energies should be focused on them – they are to blame for the rapid decline in our quality of life. Their social engineering experiment has backfired and fearful of addressing the problem they are reduced to blaming the messenger. A classic case of painting oneself into a corner.

  2. If you can say the sentence ” I, for one, am totally shocked that ISIS mujahideen would ever commit violent crimes — such an outcome simply never occurred to me.” without breaking out into laughter (means “without cracking up” the same?) I will nominate you for an Academy Award aka OSCAR.

    And how many of them are not noticed by the cops? Or to say it more clearly, how many may not been noticed by the cops?

    • Just to be clear breaking out into laughter is good English. ‘Cracking up’ is an American expression. America is rapidly destroying the Engish language

      • It has been for decades, william, but I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy; more to do with the ubiquity of US films and tv.

        I still wince at “train station” (it is, of course, “railway station”), but I fear we’re becoming as obsolete as the dinosaurs; anyway it’s hardly important compared with the real threats to our common culture.

        My other bugbear is the rising inflection at the end of a sentence which isn’t a question, which I believe comes from Australian English via tv soaps such as “Neighbours”, yet I hear it from US journalists etc too- have many Americans even seen such programmes?

        • That rising inflection at the end of every declarative statement is a phenomenon I associate with Valley girls, since that’s when I first noticed it. Converts the simplest sentence into a question…I find myself rising up a bit on my feet at the end of each one if I’m in a face-to-face conversation with someone who suffers from that affliction.

          Our NY politician, Occasional Cortex, employs that mannerism a lot. Like, I mean, if you can bear, like, to listen to her for five minutes, parts of your brain die off.

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