Culture-Enriching Brawls in Germany

Each of the videos below concerns a brawl among “New Germans”. Actually, the Turkish rappers in the second video aren’t all that new — they’re probably third-generation “Germans”.

The first video describes a brawl by “youths” at a German girls’ school. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The translator includes these explanatory notes:

Freshly arrived refugees brawl in a girls’ school. A young lady named Jessica, who was then a 16-year-old student at the school, is recounting the events.

As far as I can tell, some of these juvenile refugees actually became students. The school ran out of room, so there weren’t enough seats in the cafeteria, and the brawling started because a couple of these refugee students were complaining that girls didn’t give up their seats to them.

I was unable to find out what school this happened in. There are no details, but it says that it happened in 2015.

The second video shows a YouFeud — that is, a rivalry between YouTube rappers in Berlin that turns into a violent confrontation in meatspace. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

0:00   Hello, Jessica. —Hello.
0:03   It’s nice to have you here. —I’m glad to be here.
0:06   OK, and there’s a special reason why you are here, right,
0:09   which is that you told me that back when this
0:12   refugee crisis began,
0:15   you were 16 years old,
0:18   That’s right? —Yes.
0:21   And back then, directly next to your school
0:24   a container town for refugees was built.
0:27   Yes, that’s correct.
0:30   And now… tell us how your school
0:33   school had become actively involved in this,
0:36   and how it all went down.
0:39   We had… we were put in front of facts,
0:42   our principal walked through all the rooms,
0:45   all of the classes,
0:48   and told everyone that there’s now this container town for refugees
0:51   next to us, and that we should please be there for them,
0:54   that we welcome them… so they feel comfortable here…
0:59   They were allowed to use our cafeteria, and eat whenever they wanted to,
1:02   come into our school whenever they wanted to,
1:05   and, yeah, that’s what that was like.
1:08   So this was a true “welcoming culture”.
1:11   Exactly, yes. And there were actually “welcome” signs everywhere,
1:14   we were told to do that,
1:17   write WELCOME on posters, exactly.
1:20   That is madness. —Precisely. Yes.
1:23   Yes, oh, well, and then…
1:26   you finally saw them for the first time,
1:29   when they came, you saw how all that was built up…
1:32   Uh, yeah, we didn’t really realize that, it was on the other side of the street,
1:35   but they came to us,
1:38   though I think it wasn’t all of them,
1:42   because if all of the refugees had come to us,
1:46   the school — then we couldn’t have entered the school anymore.
1:49   So, yeah, first some just came and looked around,
1:52   and then we welcomed them in the cafeteria with our signs,
1:55   and yeah, like that…
1:58   With those welcome posters? —Yes, exactly.
2:01   And were you told to do this by the teachers?
2:04   Yes, from the school principal, that was her idea…
2:07   Yeah. —Yes.
2:10   And when they came to the school, in what manner did they behave?
2:13   Actually totally normal,
2:16   until something happened…
2:19   So let me interrupt here, what do you mean by normal?
2:22   Uh, so normal, what I mean is,
2:25   basically — they were there,
2:28   everyone heard that they were there now,
2:31   they were talking with each other, but other than that they didn’t really
2:34   make themselves noticeable at first, at least not in the beginning,
2:37   everything was fine in the beginning, and everyone behaved themselves.
2:40   Yeah… —And how did you experience them?
2:43   Were they friendly, were they nice?
2:46   Yeah, I was lucky enough that I had a girlfriend
2:49   Who understood Arabic, and that’s why
2:52   I could converse better with them, and
2:55   actually a lot of them were nice, but what I actually
2:58   noticed was that there absolutely no women came along!
3:01   That really bothered me, that there really only were men
3:04   that came to our school. —Yes, well, that’s what we read everywhere,
3:07   that there were only men, for whatever reason…
3:10   Yes. —Yes. And then you told me that
3:13   something happened on the schoolyard…
3:16   Yes. —Or let me say, there were a lot of girls, right?
3:19   So how did they behave towards you?
3:22   No respect. I simply can’t say any more than that.
3:25   Simply no respect… we
3:28   experienced one instance with my girlfriend,
3:31   when we sat in the cafeteria,
3:34   we ate our lunch, and then these two refugee students walked past us,
3:37   and my girlfriend understood what they were talking about.
3:40   They said, “Why don’t women in Germany
3:43   have to get up when men sit down?”
3:46   Really. —And the other refugee student said, “I don’t know, either,
3:49   what’s going on here in Germany.”
3:52   That’s what they said, these two refugees,
3:55   and it was just entirely too bad that my girlfriend had understood them,
3:58   and she went to… —Your friend was from Syria as well, right?
4:01   Exactly, yes. And so my friend,
4:04   she understood them, and so she
4:07   told a refugee friend because we were so shocked, we couldn’t believe
4:10   that was true, that they could say such a thing, that they thought like that,
4:13   I mean they were in Germany, they should’ve adapted,
4:16   because we wanted to coexist here at the school.
4:19   And uh, exactly, so then this friend of ours
4:22   he went over to them and he said,
4:25   “Excuse me, what was that about? Here in Germany,
4:28   that’s how we do things, and here girls can stay seated if they want to.”
4:31   And that’s when troubles started. That’s when s*** hit the fan.
4:34   And they started to throw trays around, and they started screaming,
4:37   “What do you want from us, what do you want from us!”
4:40   And they were just so agitated, it’s hard to put into words,
4:43   and then they went off on each other,
4:46   and then they attacked our friend,
4:49   until the teachers… they didn’t even know what to do anymore!
4:52   They had… they really were, they were afraid.
4:55   I saw fear in their eyes.
4:58   They didn’t know what they were supposed to do. But that wasn’t all.
5:01   It only started in the cafeteria, but then
5:04   suddenly all refugees, uh, because we have many classes at the school
5:07   that were letting these refugees
5:10   sit in, and be taught German, etc.,
5:13   and there were international preparation classes,
5:16   and all those refugees then banded together with the other refugees
5:19   and they all stood outside.
5:22   The entire schoolyard was suddenly packed with people,
5:25   and then of course our people came into the mix,
5:28   and then they [refugees] started to hit people,
5:31   and we did whatever we could, we didn’t even want to hit back,
5:34   and we shouldn’t forget what this event started with:
5:37   it was all about a seat in the cafeteria!
5:40   And… exactly, and then… —And then they immediately went and got reinforcements right?
5:43   Yes exactly! Within two minutes, like, I’m gonna get my brother, my dad,
5:46   my whatever, but
5:49   that wasn’t the end of it yet!
5:52   When my girlfriend and I then had class,
5:55   class went a little longer that day, until 5:30pm,
5:58   and so after class we walked outside with our friend, and
6:01   then suddenly there stood 20, 30 men,
6:04   men, not boys, full grown men,
6:07   with full beards.
6:10   Where did these men come from? I thought they were juvenile refugees.
6:13   Yes exactly! That is true, but those were the fathers of the juveniles,
6:16   they were the fathers of these guys,
6:19   but not just the fathers, there were more,
6:22   there were brothers, everybody!
6:25   So one really was afraid. I was really afraid for my friends.
6:28   And where they all came from was of course not known.
6:31   Well they came, they were with the people
6:34   that started the fight with us in the cafeteria,
6:37   that’s where they came from,
6:40   they [the guys in the cafeteria] called them all in.
6:43   You’re saying they were acquaintances and relatives
6:46   of people who already were living here in Germany? —Yes exactly. —That is interesting. —Yes…
6:49   And how did this all end? —Yeah, so that one guy at the center of it all,
6:52   of this incident, one month later
6:55   he was kicked out of school,
6:58   for the reason that he also
7:01   started another fight,
7:04   and he couldn’t behave himself, [unintelligible]
7:07   it was the exactly same thing, but I don’t know any more details,
7:10   I just know he was kicked out of school. All I know is
7:13   if we were to behave like this we would’ve been kicked out of school
7:16   a long time ago, that is just really unfair.
7:19   OK, Jessica, this was really interesting, and I hope
7:22   that we can hear from you again, so that
7:25   you can tell us more of stories of your experiences.
7:28   Yes. —We need to hear this stuff,
7:31   and like I said, many thanks to you and until next time.
7:34   Thank you.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   There was a violent clash of people. Philipp Henkel captured
00:03   the images and has the background on the story.
00:06   What is normally expected from rival soccer club hooligans has now happened among
00:10   the fans of two self-proclaimed YouTube stars.
00:13   After a provocation the fists begin to fly.
00:18   The result was a mass brawl with more than 50 individuals
00:22   that could only be brought under control with a large contingent of police.
00:27   A policewoman was injured during the arrest of one of the suspects, who sprayed an irritating gas
00:36   in her face. In addition to that, another police officer was injured,
00:39   and he had to be treated by paramedics.
00:42   Pictured here are the YouTubers Thatsbekir and Bahar_al_amood. Thatsbekir has 260,000 subscribers.
00:48   The rapper seems to have just as many insults in his song lyrics. —“You f***er, why did you
00:52   write to my fans? You’re ten years older and that gives you a h***-on” — Until now,
00:56   the two YouTubers had only verbally abused each other publicly
00:59   on the internet. —“Boy, for you it is only about fame and the internet — that’s your goal.”
01:02   “No, no, no. That’s what you’re all about, fame and whatever you f***ing idiot”
01:06   Their meet-up on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz especially attracted their fans who are young people
01:10   with a high propensity for violence. —We saw how
01:14   the one YouTuber came from behind and then two boys whistled
01:17   and said, “He’s there,” and then people came running. Then it all started.
01:21   Nine people were arrested. The police made an appeal to the public and to the fans.
01:26   Please don’t blindly follow these sort of announcements and each one should seriously consider
01:32   his own actions, because violence is never the right goal.
01:36   It only leads to injuries and severe penalties.
01:39   Police are investigating for grievous bodily harm and aggravated disturbance of the public peace.