Marine Le Pen on Muslim Jew-Hatred in France

In the following video, Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National), discusses the recent increase of Jew-hatred in France, and the fact that it correlates precisely with the increase in the Muslim population.

She also points out what should have been obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention: the Jew-haters of the traditional far right consider her their enemy, presumably because she doesn’t blame the Jews for everything that’s wrong with France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   The president of National Rally, Marine Le Pen, is our guest, Audrey Crespo Mara, good day.
00:08   Good day Marine Le Pen. —Good day. —Why are you refusing to participate
00:12   in the march today, a rally, of the National Union against anti-Semitism?
00:16   Well, Mme. Crespo Mara, because we weren’t invited. — So Olivier Faure [pol from New Left Group],
00:20   who came up with the idea for the rally, said that he didn’t want to sign the letter
00:23   with National Rally, but that you were welcome! —That’s what he said yesterday,
00:28   but, for three days he indicated in the clearest way possible
00:32   that we were excluded. I note incidentally that
00:36   the leaders of the political parties who did sign this call weren’t shocked to see
00:40   National Rally having been put aside in such a way.
00:44   So I don’t go where I am neither welcome nor desired.
00:48   That was the first thing. Second— Even if he tells you today that you’re welcome?
00:52   Second, I don’t want to participate in a political instrumentalization.
00:56   So are you scared, Marine Le Pen to join
01:00   this rally against anti-Semitism? Are you scared
01:04   of being received there in a bad way? —Well, perhaps, by a certain number of
01:08   tiny groups or militants from the Left.
01:12   Definitely; but this is not the subject. We took the decision
01:16   to pay respect, too,
01:20   at the end of today, to the victims of anti-Semitism,
01:24   because we consider that anti-Semitism is best described by its victims.
01:28   And it is they who are the most suited to talk about their hangmen. Because the real question
01:32   Today is: “where is this anti-Semitism coming from?” It’s the essential question.
01:36   And all the parties who will be marching together tonight have been
01:40   the one or the other [the Left and the Right] that have ruled during the last thirty years.
01:44   And they have allowed Islamist fundamentalism install itself [in France],
01:48   which is incontestably the origin
01:52   of anti-Semitism today, which caused more than eleven dead
01:57   Jews on our territory, our fellow countrymen fallen,
02:01   when confronted with those barbarians. However, we refuse
02:05   to point a finger at the true danger. And I think
02:09   that when you refuse to point out the true danger,
02:13   you don’t allow yourself the means to combat it. Do you see me, madame,
02:17   marching side by side with those who will march in order
02:21   to give themselves a clear conscience, and who tomorrow will continue
02:25   to accept, to welcome in their towns, imams who profess
02:29   Jew-hatred, who will continue to finance Salafist mosques,
02:33   who will continue to finance the cultural associations [which are]
02:37   front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood —Marine Le Pen, could I ask you two questions…?
02:41   Muslim Brothers who are the origin, as you know, of the importation of this hatred
02:45   to our country. —Precisely. The president [Francis Kalifat] of CRIF [French Jewish org],
02:49   who has always refused to invite you to this famous annual dinner, which takes place tomorrow,
02:53   agrees with you in denouncing anti-Semitism linked to the
02:57   rise of Salafism. What he is accusing you of is not denouncing anti-Semitism
03:01   linked to the extreme right wing. What would you tell him?
03:05   But, but, I answer this gentlemen that I’ve always done it. But that one more time I’m
03:09   a political leader who is here to solve
03:13   the ills that afflict our fellow countrymen, and in this case our Jewish countrymen.
03:17   The extreme right-wing in France today, the anti-Semitic extreme right wing
03:21   in France, is a couple of tiny group whose number
03:25   of members is totally DERISORY. And again I agree with Mr…
03:29   Which you condemn, those groups? —But of course. Look, I’m their first victim, madame.
03:33   Those groups attack me every day. In their tweets,
03:37   in their writings. So there’s no difficulty there whatsoever.
03:42   But those who kill, those who persecute families
03:46   of the Jewish religion, which are forced to — and they are hundreds of families — to leave
03:50   a number of neighborhoods, because they cannot
03:54   live there safely any longer. Again, we know
03:58   who they are [the anti-Semites]. I’ve been denouncing this for the last thirteen years.
04:02   I said it the first time thirteen years ago. I said that in certain neighborhoods in France
04:05   it’s not good to be Jewish, female, homosexual, and sometimes even to be simply French.
04:14   Well, today, these policies that were introduced and which
04:18   caused this situation are the responsibility of the political parties
04:22   that will be marching tonight. I wish today
04:26   to explain to the French people that they [the politicians] need to realize
04:30   the gravity of the situation; not the French people, but the political leaders.
04:34   The politicians.

8 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on Muslim Jew-Hatred in France

  1. If you are not a Jew but hate them, you are Anti-Jew. If you are not a Muslim but trust them, you are suicidal.

  2. There’s no need to show preference for either of these groups! They are both perverse messianic cults. The idea of a ‘chosen people’ or ‘submitting to god’s will’ undermines true spirituality… something neither group has in the slightest. Just read Schopenhauer’s opinions on both.

  3. Holy crap! The above two comments are really something! I don’t know how you can even compare either of these “groups”. Islam is composed of regressive barbarians; Jews are prime movers of civilization. There will always be exceptions from either camp. But in total, I’d pick the civilization-creators over the civilization-destroyers any day of the week.

    • Heartily seconded, Plum. A couple of years or so ago, a prominent Egyptian physicist died; he was one of only two arabs to have received a Nobel in the sciences, and worked at a Western university.

      Jews have Nobels coming out of their ears (apologies to non-anglophones; this is a common expression in Engish-speaking countries); tiny Israel has four of the top 200 universities worldwide. Whether this is due to relative intelligence or culture, I don’t know for sure; I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

      • Correct. You need only refer to Google or Wikipedia. Of over 900 Nobel prize awards, 20% were won by Jews, even though Jews make up only 0.2% of the global population. In contrast there have been only 12 Muslim Nobel Laureates, 7 of which were Nobel Peace Prizes. The discrepancy is glaring.

  4. Ah ha. An opportunity to say a word or two on ‘chosen people’ – grammar as per Amrit above.

    First though a sentence on ‘submitting to God’s will’.

    Of the two groups mentioned by Amrit, the dangerous one is number two because as we know according to many of the followers of Muhammad they will kill you or enslave you or do all sorts of terrible things to people you don’t even know simply because they want you, in fact, demand you live a certain way. So girls can’t go to school or show a bare shoulder or leave home without a male relative; Jews – ah, forget about it, we all know that story; same of course with other religious groups, should I mention them all or leave it just leave it at Bahais and Christians in the ME; gays? run for the hills boys and girls; women who wear pussy hats, other than in Iran on a dais with the mullahs just get out of town; and on and on.

    Then there are ‘chosen people.’ Strange, to me, it seems every religious group kind of considers themselves “chosen”. Otherwise, they wouldn’t pray to the G-d they believe is their G-d. So Amrit, and not to pick a fight with you but to say in quiet and in good spirit, Jews aren’t a messianic cult. They are a religious grouping, and in that religious grouping are many diverse ways to approach G-d, or the concept of G-d if one prefers. Christians certainly believe in what they believe in, and as long as they are not punching anyone in the nose to believe it too, why good for them. But just because they don’t say it, they feel chosen and honored to I suppose, pray to Christ. Same with Mormons, same with 7th Day Adventists, same with those who practice voodoo, etc. There is, of course, an exception for the Aztecs who threw all those good-looking maidens off their pyramids, etc. And the Hindus, apparently their G-d or gods have told them that cows are sacred. And I bet they feel real good that their G-d or gods have chosen to tell them that.

    So if someone thinks they are part of the ‘chosen’ group you are obviously alluding to and wants to think so, well since I know a few of those people (and most are very nice) I use for you a phrase that members of that group have used since time immemorial and psst! we, or rather they, should have the phrase copyrighted, “what business is it of yours?”

    Now I am going to concede something to Amrit here. One of the problems of organized religion is that once embedded in it one has to find enough free will to change directions if one can overcome their group. Fine with me if one wants to change and/or leave. And I for one wish them luck.


    I was gonna sign off after my little joke, “what business is it of yours” but I got the feeling (since you mentioned only two religions), you have not thought about the consequences of what you said. So with respect, and I really do mean that, what are these ‘chosen ones’ supposed to do to protect themselves where they are, and where they often find themselves not wanted for whatever reason. Since most of them don’t go around hurting people, what are they supposed to do?
    This spiritualism is very nice when you are free to be a blithe spirit with few worldly worries. Hey I ain’t talking about me, I live in a free country, the U.S.A. and I can get spiritual whenever I wish.

    I’m kinda a little sorry that you labeled Jews as a messianic cult. F Schopenhauer.

    And O, three cheers for Marine Le Pen who I never thought was an anti-Semite. (And for the record if it matters to Amrit, I don’t think he or she is either – not that he or she has to care either way).

    Mike from Brooklyn

  5. I empathize with Le Pen. She’s being asked to perform a totally symbolic and useless virtue signalling as an ode to the influence of the establishment Jewish and political groups. While she is focused on the real battle.

  6. The demand by president Francis Kalifat of the CRIF that Le Pen denounce anti-Semitism from the right was not a demand made in good faith but was a blatant virtue signal in its own right and a deliberate insult directed towards Marine Le Pen.

    Le Pen has no blemish on her record of practicing or supporting anti-Semitism nor of seeking support from the ‘Le Pen supporting right’ of Kalifat’s fantasies.

    Kalifat’s motivation would be based, in part, on his wish to publicly declare that for him there are no enemies to the left, a delusion on his part, overlaid with a dose of anti-Gentilism derived from his own religious upbringing.

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